April 23rd, 2015

WEBS Mystery Blanket KAL and CAL- Square Three

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Are you keeping up? Do you have 18 finished squares from February and March? No worries if you don’t! There are no deadlines but there is lots more to come, and we’re almost halfway done.

Knitters: For this square we’re working from the center out and creating a counterpane design, you’ll need double points and a crochet hook for this one!

You’ll start out with Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast on – use the shortest double points you have, no longer than 6″! ( 4″ are ideal) and go for a crochet hook that is one size smaller than your needles. If you typically knit on two circular needles or using magic loop you can jump right in with eitehr technique rather than using the dpns.

You’ll need to know Make 1 Purl stitches (you’ll remember those from Square one).

And Make 1 Knit stitches.

And knitting 5 stitches together through the back loop! While that may sound daunting we’ve got a super easy solution for you that uses a crochet hook.

That’s a big decrease to have in the middle of your work so you’re going to need to add all those stitches back in by working multiple stitches into the same stitch.

If you’ve never worked on double pointed needles before we have some tips for you.

And you’re likely going to finish your first skein during this square, if you’re using Valley Yarns Northampton then you can just wetsplice the end of skein one to the start of skein two and keep going with no ends to weave in!

Remember, we have a playlist for the Knit-A-Long blanket on Youtube to make it all easier (Please note that our techniques videos are NOT the patterns! These videos are here to help you understand the featured techniques, but you’ll need to refer to your pattern for specifics.), and all the squares can be found here.

Crocheters: It’s cable time! Watch as front and back post stitches stack up and cross over each other to form gorgeous cables and create a solid background fabric with linked double crochet!

This square starts with a modified double crochet stitch called a linked double crochet. You get the same height with this stitch but the fabric you create is much more solid!

Then you’ll move onto cables.

And bobbles!

The pattern can be downloaded here (FREE) and to help you with those new stitches we’ve put together some video tutorials, there’s even a playlist for the full Crochet-A-Long and all the techniques on Youtube. (Keep in mind that our techniques videos are NOT the pattern! These videos are here to help you understand the techniques featured in our patterns, please refer to your pattern for specifics.)

As always, please don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell us about your progress! You can do that here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Ravelry, or post pictures of your progress on Instagram and tag them with #WEBSMKAL or #WEBSMCAL


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2 Responses to “WEBS Mystery Blanket KAL and CAL- Square Three”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I don’t see the pattern for the knitting square #3. Am I missing the link or is it not posted?

  2. Sara Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Each month’s pattern appears on the same pattern page on our site, but we’ll add an extra link to clarify 🙂 You can find them all here – http://www.yarn.com/webs-mystery-kal-cal/valley-yarns-643-knit-blanket/

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