February 27th, 2013

WEBS Staff Spotlight – Andrea

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Andrea works in the WEBS shipping department and absolutely loves knitting with Madelinetosh yarns. Today, we’re highlighting Andrea and her talent for turning these hand dyed yarns into stunning projects.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang knit in Tosh Sport in Bloomsbury

What’s your favorite Madelinetosh base to work with?
I’d have to say it’s a tie between Merino Light and Vintage. First of all, I love the way both take the dye.  The Merino Light knits up into a drapey, light fabric that doesn’t pill easily, despite being a single-ply. Vintage is an awesome workhorse yarn – it softens up nicely after blocking and keeps its amazing color, will not pill and can stand up to more abuse!

What colorway do you like to work with the most?
Now this is pretty impossible to answer, but I’ll try. As all Madelinetosh fans know, the colors are indescribably beautiful. Always complex, the color can be deep and saturated – or subtle and soft. I have some favorites, but picking one (or five) is just not possible: Tart, Fathom, and Forestry are usually at the top of my list, but I could keep going…

Top left: Norie knit in Pashmina in Tart
Top right:  The Amanda Hat knit in Tosh Vintage in Mansfield Garden Party

Bottom left: Column of Leaves knit in Tosh Vintage in Forestry
Bottom right: Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts knit in Tosh DK in Night Bloom 

You must have a favorite project. What is your favorite thing to make out of Madelinestosh?
Mostly sweaters, but I have made hats, scarves, stoles and cowls I love just as much out of Madelinetosh.

What is it about Madelinetosh yarns that you connect with? What separates it from other yarns?
Again, I’d say the complexity and saturation of the colors. Of course there are many beautiful yarns out there, but the Madelinetosh colors have their own distinctive character. The process that Amy uses is magical! I think she calls it some kind of “glazing” process. It creates multi-layered, subtle color variations that are fascinating and can be found on every centimeter. The bases are very high quality and lovely – they are the perfect canvas for the colors. I love the yarn itself, but for me the colors are what I fell in love with.
Before I worked at WEBS, I was (of course) a customer. My love for Madelinetosh started a few years ago with one skein of Tosh Sock in the Cedar colorway, which I noticed in the store from across the room – seriously.

Left: Citron knit in Tosh Prairie in Bloomsbury
Right: Francis Revisited knit in Tosh Merino DK in Mourning Dove

Andrea has been knitting for six years and hasn’t yet tried out any other fiber crafts, but weaving is next on the list!

What’s your favorite thing to make out of Madelinetosh yarns?

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  1. Michelle McMillen Says:

    Romi’s (Rosemary Hill’s) small shawls!!!

  2. Barbara Abbott Rall Says:

    Wow! Beautiful work!

  3. Gina House Says:

    I’m so excited to see my Amanda Hat pattern shown in this beautiful yarn!! 😀

  4. Anner Says:

    I made myself an Amanda Hat and loved it…but I really like the colors on the one here.

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