June 24th, 2013

WEBS Staff Spotlight – Meghan

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Meghan is an artist, musician, amateur chef and yes, even a knitter! She has been a shipper with WEBS since October, 2010. “I love the people I get to work with here, and the hours are so flexible. Working at WEBS allows me to peruse almost any artistic endeavor I can think of!”

She is the epitome of creativity and expresses herself through screenprinting, graphic design, painting, photography and music on a daily basis. When asked what her dream job was, Meghan says, “I’d love to be able to sustain myself through art and music someday, maybe even making movie soundtracks! And having my own Vegan restaurant would definitely be a dream!” Meghan’s favorite dishes to create are steamed vegetables (fresh from the farm stand) and rice with a sauce, blueberry muffins, brownies and vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. She even collects vegan cookbooks!

She started knitting about eight years ago, and likes to stick with mostly scarves for her projects. Like a lot of knitters, Meghan gives away almost everything she makes, but was still able to share some of her current projects with us.

How did you learn to knit? Did someone in particular teach you, did you take a class or are you self taught?
When I was growing up my mother used to knit, and I used to watch her sometimes but it didn’t really sink in until recently. My friend Melissa was over my house eight years ago and had a knitting project with her and she taught me how to cast on and do both knitting and purling.

Left: Meghan’s scarves in progress
Right: Meghan working in WEBS shipping. 

What is your favorite yarn to work with?
I am actually allergic to wool, so I tend to use mostly cotton fibers. I think some of the Blue Sky Organic Cotton is really nice and I am also really interested in recycled fibers and started a ribbed scarf with a skein of Berroco Remix that I really like.

Ampere album art created entirely by hand. Paintings were layered over each other to create this stunning effect.

Do you have a favorite fiber project you completed or one you’re most proud of?
I have made a few scarves for friends and for myself. The ones I have been most proud of were a basic rib design that I did for most of them. Being at a beginner skill level, I always really liked doing a rib design on a scarf because it was easy to accomplish and it also looks great!

 What fiber project are you working on right now?
Right now I am working on a scarf that incorporates a lace stitch, which I learned recently from my co-worker Andrea at WEBS. The pattern is just something I came up with myself and it incorporates knitting, purling, ribbing and the lace stitch. I used a skein of Debbie Bliss Eco Aran and I really like how it is coming out so far. I am very interested in lace and would like to do more with that in the future.

Above: Meghan screenprinting pink text for an event poster.

How else do you express yourself artistically? 
I got my first camera when I was ten years old and I was living outside of Frankfurt, Germany. I continued to take pictures through middle school, high school, college and beyond. After graduating from high school I attended Maine College of Art in Portland, ME and started focusing on drawing, printmaking, painting, photography and art history. Currently, I mostly focus on screenprinting. I have also been playing music for a long time and I have played bass and synth in several different local bands for the past eleven years.

Left: Mounment near Snaefellsnes Glacier, Iceland
Right: Around the Vatnajokull glacier, Iceland 

Do you have a favorite non fiber related project you’ve completed?
I screenprint a lot of show posters, especially for shows that I book locally at places like the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA. Recently, I was selected to be a part of a poster tour that a friend of mine organized called the National Poster Retrospecticus. The traveling art tour went to seven different cities for one night only and showcased 75 +  talented screenprinters from all over the country. I submitted five posters for this show and I was really excited about how all of them turned out. They are some of my favorite screenprints that I have made so far.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I play a lot of music, book local all ages shows, and screenprint with a lot of my spare time. I’m vegan and really enjoy cooking and baking at home. I have been a volunteer at Flywheel in Easthampton for the past ten years and am very active in the local music community. I also enjoy hiking, canoeing, traveling and going to art museums.

Meghan creates art, music and amazing vegan food in her free time while living in the Pioneer Valley with her boyfriend, Will. Check out http://meghanminior.com/ to see more of her amazing work.

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