February 10th, 2014

WEBS <3s You!

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WEBS <3s You!

It is amazing to us that we’ve reached 40 years in this business and we wanted to take a week to say thanks. Thank you to all our amazing customers, you are the reason we’re here!

Over the course of the next week we’ll be giving away one $40 WEBS gift card each day on a different social media site.

Winners will be randomly drawn and may only win once, though you can enter to win on each site.

At the end of the week we’ll be giving away a Della Q bag stuffed with 5 skeins of our Limited Edition Madelinetosh dyed Valley Superwash DK in our 40th Anniversary Ruby colorway to one random winner selected from everyone who entered.

Participation is open between 12:00am(midnight) and 11:59pm EST on the day indicated. Any entries posted before or after that time period will be disqualified from entry.

Here’s the schedule:
2/10 WEBS Blog – And our winner is Michele, who commented, “I connect with Webs mostly via Facebook but also check the blog and Ravelry group.” Congratulations!
2/11 Twitter – And our winner is Kristen, who tweeted, “Love Color by Kristin! #WEBS40th ” Congratulations!
2/12 Google+ – And our winner is Heather, who said, “I love Tonia Barry’s designs. From sweaters and wraps to shawlettes and scarves her patterns are always an enjoyable knit, clearly written, flattering and have a great attention to detail. Doesn’t hurt that she is a super-wonderful person as well! There always seems to be at least a few of her patterns in my favorites or my queue.” Congratulations!
2/13 Ravelry – And our winner is jchant, who said, “Last year at the WEBS booth Stitches West I purchased a skein of Kangaroo Dyer BFL Fingering Hand Dyed specifically to knit Kirsten Hipsky’s Burning Branch Shawl. I am knitting the shawl now (I’m on the last leaf) and I’m really enjoying both the pattern and the yarn.” Congratulations!
2/14 Facebook  – And our winner is Shari, who said, “About three years ago my local knitting group became yarn enablers and recommended WEBS. I also found links to WEBS – America’s Yarn Store on Ravelry.com” Congratulations!
2/15 Pinterest – And our winner is Tracie, who said, “I love webs – so nice to have such a variety available and to hear them on their podcast.” Congratulations!
2/16 Instagram – And the winner is thepesin, who said, “#WEBS40th berrocco zazanna, almost done.” Congratulations!

Photo by Amy Stephens

And our Grand Prize winner is Kathleen who entered on Pinterest on Saturday and said, “I love WEBS discounts and the fact that I can find ANYTHING I need there! #contest #WEBS40th” Congratulations!

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1,295 Responses to “WEBS <3s You!”

  1. Caren Says:

    Love WEBS and follow over Ravelry and Facebook. I practically wake up to Steve’s deal of the days and read all the customer comments to expand my knowledge of the vast fiber choices and helpful hints offered on webs group pages. Happy 40th and here’s to 40 more!

  2. Goldengourd Says:

    Although I’m relatively new at using Raverly groups and posts, really finding it a fav! And Im another that fills a cart, dreaming and wishing funds matched.

  3. marybeth kress Says:

    I may not fall off the wagon often, but when I do, my cart usually points to Webs!

  4. Karen Says:

    WEBS is my favorite site to purchase yarns. I check the website several times a week and add to my cart on a regular basis. I have always been 100%satisfied with my purchases! Sometimes I’m so satisfied that I now have a stockpile of different yarns. It is always a major decision as one project is completed, what to work on next. Currently I have a lot in my cart and am itchy to purchase!!!

  5. Robin Barnett Says:

    I like seeing the specials on Facebook so that is the way I interact most often. Facebook to the website.

  6. Teresa Says:

    Can’t wait every year for this sale. Makes my stash large so I can go to shows and focus on impulse buys! Love Pintrest ideas.

  7. curlytoot Says:

    I love Ravelry, but Pinterest is also pretty cool its great for food ideas too 🙂
    My fav way to browse webs is through the sales links and also Steve’s deal of the day on twitter 😀 got some great bargains that way!

  8. Marianne Miles Says:

    I was blest to have been born in Northampton, Massachusetts, present home of the amazing Webs warehouse but I remember way back when I visited the shop on Boltwood Walk in Amherst. I am currently living in Upstate New York but because most of my family is still in Western Mass. (including my ninety-one year-old mother who still knits every day) I go back to visit regularly. So, I am able to fill an actual, real shopping cart as I stroll the warehouse aisles!! The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Thanks you guys!!

  9. DK Says:

    Favorite way to stay in touch with Web’s is through Ravelry and the Web’s group. I also enjoy browsing and reading on the Web’s website.

  10. conpol Says:

    Love Facebook. Also web page, also ravely….all great way to dream of endless yarn love!!!

  11. Kathy West Says:

    My favorite way to interact is with Facebook, I also love getting your Webs emails, then I head over to your site and window shop. So many choices of yarn, just sends me into daydreams of what I could make!

  12. Louise Says:

    love this company!

  13. Dianne Says:

    I spend a good deal of time on Ravelry along with various knitting podcasts on Itunes. Have been a customer of Webs for more years than I want to acknowledge, way back when the elder Elkins would send yarn samples in the mail. Webs has always been my first choice when I am beginning a new project. Every May , my friends and I drive the 2 hours for their annual tent sale.

  14. Francese Says:

    Hello. Have viewed the Feb 11 Tweeter. Not sure how to send the Tweet message.Nothing works for sm Project I am working on is beaded beanie with Rosette flower. Materials bought at Webs. Love that yarn shop

  15. Tammy_4 Says:

    Ravelry for the win! I check in there daily.

  16. Mary Anna Says:

    I love Webs; it’s my go-to site whenever I need new yarn. I follow Webs on facebook and check the blog and Ravelry group now and then, too.

  17. Claudia Says:

    I love to use facebook to look at all the information about knitting in WEBS and other networks.

  18. Margaret Hulbert Clark Says:

    Just love Cascade 220 superwash. Have some left after making my favorite afghan.

  19. Gisela Riemer Gardner Says:

    I bought 5 Skeins Southwick Valley Yarns, 52% Pima Cotton, 48% Bamboo Viscose for a Tahki Stacy Charles pattern: Corn Silk Shell, designed by Rosemary Drysdale. It looks very pretty and the yarn is so soft!

  20. darlene Says:

    two of my must have open tabs- ravelry and webs. webs is where my stash lives!

  21. Alison Routley Says:

    I first saw Webs pop up as a side ad on Facebook and am I glad it came up! I love the inspiration, Steve’s Deal of the Day and looking at all the luscious yarns and dreaming of what I could make with them.

  22. Sharon Says:

    Always lot of yarn to wish for

  23. sylvie Says:

    I like Ravelry and Facebook. I save photos and patterns on my phone. It gives me many moments of enjoyment to look at the photos at random times of the day.

  24. Lynda Gallagher Says:

    I can’t really remember how I heard of Webs but I’m sure glad I did. They have the most amazing selection of years and fabulous prices. Thanks Webs

  25. Cristy Pressley Russell Says:

    As a newbie to knitting I love webs colors and can’t wait to place my first order n

  26. Debby Says:

    I saw it about Year ago on the net while looking for patterns and yarn. I was drooling over everything.

  27. Monday knitter Says:

    I live in a nearby town to Northampton and for years and years I had heard about a knitting store named Webs but had never visited it. I heard about the annual sale and thought “Why not!” and from then on I can’t stay away. Beautiful yarns to buy and feel!!!!

  28. Robin Crittenden Says:

    I found your store from an ad on a search page. You have beautiful stuff

  29. Stephanie Smietanka Risotto Says:


  30. June Says:

    I first found WEBS at Stitches West quite a few years ago now. I was amazed at the variety and quality of yarn on offer and always look forward to seeing them there.

  31. Sarah Severns Says:

    I discovered Webs when I began weaving. My lovely mentor whipped out a color card and said “pick, call and weave.” It’s been love ever since, My beautiful loom, a surprise gift from my husband came form Webs. Bless Barbara for coaching me how to assemble a countermarche loom over the phone!

  32. mharrig2 Says:

    I first heard of webs when I saw the sign on I91 through Northampton while visiting family in western MA. We live in mid-Altlantic states but it almost feels like a local yarn shop. (Not quite– it is hard to feel the yarn through the internet!)

  33. cheryl Says:

    <3 WEBS …troll the website often usually linked from ravelry, and am actually not too far away that I have been able to get there for classes and YARN!

  34. Christine Sloat Says:

    I first heard of Webs on one of the podcasts I listen to. It is SO much a favorite of mine that I always have a tab open to Webs on my browser, even at work (shhh!). I “stalk” Webs for yarn, and when I find something irresistable I search Ravelry for a pattern to use it with!!

  35. JemezMama Says:

    Love WEBS.

  36. Susan Schelkun Says:

    I was looking for baby blanket yarn and than goodness for GOOGLE. It brought me right to WEBS. Now my knitting group all shop on the site.

  37. Teresa Says:

    I love yarn.. I make so many things every day for friend and loved ones.. There is always an occasion along with just because…

  38. Anna Virtue Says:

    My granddaughter let me know about yr site. Wonderful wonderful wonderful selections. I am 70yrs old and still teaching grandchildren to knit and crochet.

  39. Carol Says:

    Honestly don’t remember how I learned about WEBS, but am glad that I did!

  40. Janis Graham Says:

    Love a number of the yarns I’m seeing – it’s a dilemma – so many pretty yarns, so little time to knit …

  41. Shari Rogers Mendonca Says:

    Yippeeeee! I am so excited to be one of the winners! My hubby was out of town for valentines day, so this totally warmed my heart! Thank you, WEBS.

  42. Heather Nyack Says:

    I love the wide variety of yarns and needles available through Webs. I also love their customer service! I have pinned your awesome yarn love heart on my board.

  43. hART Sense Design Says:

    Just re-pinned the ‘WEBS loves you’ pin on my Webs & Webbing Pinterest board.
    I love WEBS because it makes weaving our “tangled webs’ so much easier with a great selection of yarn at affordable prices.

  44. KathleenofCT Says:

    Yay! I’m super excited to be the grand prize winner!!

  45. danna217 Says:

    Just got my catalog today! Yum!

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