February 10th, 2014

WEBS <3s You!

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WEBS <3s You!

It is amazing to us that we’ve reached 40 years in this business and we wanted to take a week to say thanks. Thank you to all our amazing customers, you are the reason we’re here!

Over the course of the next week we’ll be giving away one $40 WEBS gift card each day on a different social media site.

Winners will be randomly drawn and may only win once, though you can enter to win on each site.

At the end of the week we’ll be giving away a Della Q bag stuffed with 5 skeins of our Limited Edition Madelinetosh dyed Valley Superwash DK in our 40th Anniversary Ruby colorway to one random winner selected from everyone who entered.

Participation is open between 12:00am(midnight) and 11:59pm EST on the day indicated. Any entries posted before or after that time period will be disqualified from entry.

Here’s the schedule:
2/10 WEBS Blog – And our winner is Michele, who commented, “I connect with Webs mostly via Facebook but also check the blog and Ravelry group.” Congratulations!
2/11 Twitter – And our winner is Kristen, who tweeted, “Love Color by Kristin! #WEBS40th ” Congratulations!
2/12 Google+ – And our winner is Heather, who said, “I love Tonia Barry’s designs. From sweaters and wraps to shawlettes and scarves her patterns are always an enjoyable knit, clearly written, flattering and have a great attention to detail. Doesn’t hurt that she is a super-wonderful person as well! There always seems to be at least a few of her patterns in my favorites or my queue.” Congratulations!
2/13 Ravelry – And our winner is jchant, who said, “Last year at the WEBS booth Stitches West I purchased a skein of Kangaroo Dyer BFL Fingering Hand Dyed specifically to knit Kirsten Hipsky’s Burning Branch Shawl. I am knitting the shawl now (I’m on the last leaf) and I’m really enjoying both the pattern and the yarn.” Congratulations!
2/14 Facebook  – And our winner is Shari, who said, “About three years ago my local knitting group became yarn enablers and recommended WEBS. I also found links to WEBS – America’s Yarn Store on Ravelry.com” Congratulations!
2/15 Pinterest – And our winner is Tracie, who said, “I love webs – so nice to have such a variety available and to hear them on their podcast.” Congratulations!
2/16 Instagram – And the winner is thepesin, who said, “#WEBS40th berrocco zazanna, almost done.” Congratulations!

Photo by Amy Stephens

And our Grand Prize winner is Kathleen who entered on Pinterest on Saturday and said, “I love WEBS discounts and the fact that I can find ANYTHING I need there! #contest #WEBS40th” Congratulations!

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Marketing Manager at WEBS - America's Yarn Store
Mary has worked at WEBS since 2005. She has been knitting since 2000 and also knows how to crochet, spin, and use a rigid heddle loom.
Her favorite color: bright pink
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1,295 Responses to “WEBS <3s You!”

  1. Katie Longinotti Says:

    What a fun contest! :) my favorite social media is the blog.

  2. Mary Thomas Says:

    Ravelry is my knitting social site. And WEBs is my knitting yarn site!

  3. josiekre Says:

    Congrats on 40 years! I use all the media you’ve included except for Google +. See you throughout the week!

  4. Diane Says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! Woot Woo! My favorite social media right now for my knitting obsession is Ravelry.

  5. Kathy Says:

    I love Facebook best for commenting and sharing ideas as well as Ravelry. But I still depend on WEBS emails to let me know what is going on!

  6. Crochetbyrae Says:

    Facebook is my social media choice and that’s where I follow Web’s

  7. Paula Says:

    Ravelry for knitting and crocheting. Love Facebook to keep up with friends and family and favorite sites – like WEBS!

  8. Anne M. Evans Says:

    I just found WEBS in January! Love it. I’ve Liked your Facebook page (my social media of choice) and I’m a Ravelry member so I’ll have to take a peek there.

  9. DWJ Says:

    Happy anniversary! I love Instagram, I love seeing the yarn and getting a better feel for what’s out there. But I tend to interact with you guys more on this blog :)

  10. ~Cyn Says:

    My favorite social media for knitting is Instagram, Ravelry, Twitter, Webs Blog and my blog. Thanks for asking!

  11. pink bunny ears Says:

    My favorite is Facebook because i know how to use it, but I hate that they don’t show all of Web’s posts, so I tend to follow Webs more on Twitter.

  12. Nichole Martin Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social media site, but I do LOVE Ravelry for knitting. Congrats on 40 years!

  13. jules mcnubbin Says:

    facebook is my favorite but twitter is a close second :) i shop your store wayyy too much LOL my yarn stash is humongous.

  14. Krystal Kara Sewell Says:

    Ravelry is usually my preferred method to dive into all things yarn, although I will check out the WEBS facebook page as well….Love the interchangeable knitters pride sets you have!

  15. PJC Says:

    I use facebook for my personal social media, but ravelry for knitting, as well as mostly the website and email to keep track of Webs

  16. Summer Says:

    I like receiving emails from webs with pictures of new yarns. Although maybe I should join the Ravelry group for updates…

  17. wooliegirl Says:

    Oooh lala! I am so excited for this! My favorite social media is Ravelry but I am also a reluctant Facebooker – the only reason I stay on is to see Steve’s deal of the day! Happy Anniversary, Webs and here’s to 40 more!

  18. Shannon Yeaton Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social media site to visit as well as Ravelry. I love following your blog. Congratulations on 40 years! Wow.

  19. Tarin Says:

    I <3 Ravelry for all my fiber socializing. Facebook is pretty good too, and I'm getting more into google+ as well so it is good to see you on there too!

  20. Liz P. Says:

    Such beautiful things available from Webs Yarn Store. I love the blog and I use Facebook as my favorite social media channel.

  21. Mary Says:

    Facebook, Ravelry and Instagram! :)

  22. Suzanne Ainsworth Says:

    Facebook is my favorite since I ‘re-met’ the man who would become my husband on it 5 years ago. Ravelry is awesome. Nothing like it!

  23. Naomi Wheatley Says:

    Congratulations on 40 years! My favorite would have to be Ravelry.

  24. Stephanie Stoll Says:

    Facebook has been my favorite way to keep up with WEBS online, but I’m getting more familiar with Instagram now that I have a smartphone and will have to make sure I’m following WEBS there too! :)

  25. Bridget Says:

    I use Ravelry for almost everything knitting related although when I’m in need of a specific yarn for a project I often hit up the Webs website to browse by gauge! Then I can go back to revelry to check out that specific yarn before purchasing and see how others have used it. Can’t wait to see Webs at Stitches West!

  26. MaryEllen Klusacek Says:

    I’m sorry to say I have been a steadfast hold-out with respect to social media… Other than Ravelry, I avoid it all! Maybe it’s just a passing fad??

  27. LJ Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are my favorites. Recently discovered your Pinterest boards and enjoy those as well! Congrats on 40 years!

  28. roseofisabel Says:


  29. booklover Says:

    I am not a social media fan. I am on Ravelry and I e-mail but that is all I know. I need to branch out and learn how to use pintrest and facebook, I will ask my computer whiz of a daughter to get me started. This contest is the jump start that I need, so look out.

  30. Kathryn Kun Says:

    I enjoy using twitter most – it manages to brighten my life in quick doses without trying to eat my life. I never regret the amount of time that Ravelry eats, though, and Webs has a great Ravelry group.

  31. Pamela Griffith Says:

    I am addicted to ravelry!

  32. Dawn Says:

    Webs is my favorite yarn store in MA and my favorite vacation destination!

  33. MaryinTN Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook. Congrats on 40 years!

  34. Michelle Lange Says:

    Raveled is my favorite although I am on Facebook. Thank you for doing such a fun giveaway!

  35. ML Says:

    Hi. I get most of my information from the blog. I am so happy you keep it updated on a regular basis. M. L

  36. Mossway Says:

    I spend way to much time on the Webs website!

  37. DJ Says:

    I lovw WEBS…great prices, yarns, and service

  38. Heather Bucci Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook! Happy 40th!

  39. Natalie Says:

    Ravelry is my knitting social site. I love getting WEBs emails.

  40. Melodie Dustin Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I love your Facebook page, but would list Ravelry as my favorite.

  41. Chris C. Says:

    I really love this website. Over the past year I’ve purchased all my yarns from the site using the comments as my guide to buying the best yarn for my project. Thank you.

  42. Elizabeth Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I like following the Webs blog’s RSS feed – your staff have such great ideas and recommendations!

  43. Jennifer Says:

    Check daily: Blogs, Facebook, Ravelry. Still easing into: Twitter, Pinterest.
    Happy Anniversary!

  44. Cindy Stubbs Says:

    I love my e-mails from Webs and I like to go to Facebook. I didn’t know Webs was on Ravelry. I like to order by phone, what nice people they have to order from.

  45. frogcreekwoods Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite social media channel for knitting. There is such a incredible wealth of information there. And it is designed so well to easily meet other fiber artists and share information and like interests.

  46. CRE Says:

    Rarely bother w/ Social Media, I’d rather knit! Happy 40 years of Webs. Here’s
    to the future.

  47. Suzanne Says:

    Email is my favorite, Facebook would be my second.

  48. c8h10n4o2 Says:

    Definitely Twitter. I check it every morning to see the deal of the day.

  49. chrisknitz Says:

    I get my WEBS fix through twitter and FB. But you all need to stop! Cause I see too many lovely things I just have to have!! LOL

  50. linder Says:

    facebook is my preferred social medium, but for WEBS I would like it to be Ravelry

  51. lokroma Says:

    I also am on Ravelry and have used email to talk to WEBS, but don’t use other social media. I consider myself amazingly lucky to live in Easthampton MA. I can pretty much wander over to WEBS any time I feel like it and I congratulate you on 40 years!

  52. Catherine Conrad Says:

    I love Ravelry for interacting with Webs. I also read the Webs blog. I do cherish my knitting time and try to limit time spent with social media each day. Go Webs!!!!

  53. Francine Hudgens Says:

    I keep up mainly with Facebook. Love Webs!

  54. Liz V Says:

    Pinterest is definitely my favorite! It would be great to see WEBS have a page where they post great yarn and projects!

  55. Steph Says:

    My favorite social media platform is instagram!! And of course the WEBS blog – Happy anniversary!

  56. Linda L Says:

    Favorite social media Facebook, Ravelry and Pinterest. I get most of my WEBS info via email and Ravelry

  57. Cat McClaughry Says:

    My preference would be e-mail then Facebook

  58. Rachel Says:

    Ravelry is the only social medium I really use and I am on there every single day.

  59. Alma Pacheco Says:

    I love instagram its an easy way to share and meet others with similar projects. For Webs I use Ravelry and the shop to purchase yarn.

  60. Diane Says:

    I like Instagram – love all the photos!

  61. ThomKnits77 Says:

    My preferred social media platform is Facebook. My favorite way to interact with WEBS is via email and their website.

  62. Margit Says:

    Happy Anniversery, WEBS!
    I do like to receive your eMail updates. For knitting, I utilize Ravelry, and I also enjoy your FB updates. Thank you for great fiber, patterns, and service. Keep up the good work.

  63. felis44 Says:

    I’m not a big social media fan, but do use Facebook to follow companies I like. I would like to use g+ because I can control it more, but not everyone’s on there! I subscribe to the Webs blog to be sure I don’t miss anything.

  64. Mary Jo Mikesell Says:

    I am on Ravelry (if you are into fiber you better be into Ravelry!) and Facebook. When it comes to Webs, I read the blog, drool on my computer when looking at the website and email or call the toll free number when I have a question. The best people work at Webs!

  65. Kathy Says:

    I have a facebook account dedicated to my hobbies. Email is best otherwise.

  66. Annette Says:

    Happy anniversary, excellent range of yarn and supplies

  67. Juliana RestrepoSanin Says:

    I love instagram and pinterest. I want to buy all the yarn when I look at the pictures!!

  68. Heather Ricco Says:

    Happy Anniversary…I would have to say my favorite is currently Ravelry.

  69. Anita Dodds Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! My favorite social media is Ravelry. I just dont participate in the others in the same way. For WEBS I rely on emails and occasionally the blog. Also a faithful listener to Ready, Set, Knit. Thanks for everything.

  70. Candice Hope Kush Says:

    I’m a stay at home mom, I use Facebook a lot. Probably too much, but I need it to help me remember I’m not the only adult in the world.

  71. mizzjenny Says:

    I love Instagram, but I also love Tumblr for connecting with knitters! For WEBS, Ravelry is the best :)

  72. Renae Summers Says:

    I actively use Facebook,Twitter, Instagram & Ravelry. I get my WEBS fix via email & Twitter.

  73. Barb Says:

    Facebook is definitely my favorite. Happy Anniversary! I love to shop on line for yarn and patterns.

  74. Linda Armstrong Says:

    I love Ravelry and Pinterest. I love WEBS. I have ordered yarn and have received great service and fast shipping. I would love recieve the gift certificate

  75. MaineDruid Says:

    Congratulations, WEBS! 40 years is impressive, and if you keep doing what you’re doing now, there will be many more anniversaries to come. I’m not really a social media sort of person, but I have been known to spend all day on Ravelry. It’s the most supportive and informative community I’ve ever found on the internet.

  76. India Says:

    I use Facebook and Ravelry; interact with WEBS via email and FB.

  77. Larry Edman Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Started with you back in the day when I was primarily a weaver and received your notices via snail mail! Love browsing your catalogs and web site. Read your e-mails and follow on Facebook daily! Congratulations!

  78. caroline baker-drake Says:

    i love sorting through the website and reading the blog.

  79. Maria Says:

    My favorites are Facebook, email and Ravelry. Love your website and the vast amount of products you offer.

  80. Anne-Marie Says:

    I like the Webs website and Facebook

  81. Heather Says:

    I get my Webs updates on Facebook, Ravelry and email. I love Webs!

  82. trnchd Says:

    Twitter is my drug of choice.

  83. Cheri Coe Says:

    Happy 40! Thanks for sharing the love. My favorite social media would be Facebook. This blog is great!

  84. shazza Says:


  85. Quietspirit Says:

    I use Ravelry, Facebook and some times Twitter.

  86. Kim Says:

    Just ravelry for me. Happy bday!

  87. Traci H Says:

    I use Facebook more than any other, though I do have a Google+ account and my own blog. I mainly use them to connect with other disabled people and write about adapting to the disabled life. Facebook, though, is my hub for family, friends and groups.

  88. Lynn Says:

    I look at email, Facebook and Ravelry. I love Pinterest too

  89. Debbieamy Says:

    I am on Ravelry every day (love it), but I would have to say that my most constant social media connection with WEBS is on Facebook. I also love getting your emails. Every time I get one, I take a little break and sigh over your yarn offerings. I think that although I get inspired by your Facebook posts, I most often make a purchase because of one of your emails.

  90. Cara194 Says:

    My favorite social media channel is twitter – short and to the point. My favorite way to interact with Webs online is right through the main webpage where everything is in one place.

  91. Judy Black Says:

    I love the email updates/catalogs! Definitely get my yarn fix there. Facebook is my other favorite.

  92. Hapi Says:

    What a great way to spread the WEBS love!
    I probably use Ravelry most, then Facebook and Pinterest, though I tend to be more a lurker than a poster.

  93. justanotherbrick Says:

    Hands down – Ravelry for anything fiber related.

  94. Debby Says:

    I love this site, often spen way too long just looking at yarn! Thanks for a great on-line store.

  95. AnnaH Says:

    Thank you so much for a chance to win a great prize. I would have to say that I spend more time on Facebook than anywhere else, don’t really use Twitter. I also go to Ravelry quite a bit when I am researching a new pattern or yarn. I love WEBS yarn, recently received an order and have started a new project!

  96. taiga hilliard Says:

    Lots of fun, I love WEBS

  97. Teri Says:

    Happy anniversary! I use Pinterest and ravelry both several times a day! I use my iPad and iPhone to search and order from Webs! It is always a click away.

  98. Manon Lessard Says:

    I like the facebook/twitter/blog/g+ quatuor. Rav might see too much action whereas the others might just let me make the choice of what I’ll read…

  99. Caroline Wise Says:

    I am on Facebook and Ravelry every day, but my favorite way to get WEBS news is through your emails.

  100. Ellen Says:

    Mostly Ravelry and Facebook for me but I also follow you on Twitter. Keep up the great work!

  101. Janet Q. Says:

    A little bit of Pinterest, a smattering of Facebook, and a whole lotta Ravelry!!!

  102. Jessica Says:

    primarily email, but I keep up on Rav as well.

  103. Colleen Dorgan Croce Says:

    I’m on Facebook all day long, so I’m always up to date whenever something is posted there.

  104. Eleanor Says:

    I love Ravelry and Pinterest. I interact with WEBS via email mostly. Happy 40th!

  105. Laura Says:

    I use Facebook and Ravelry constantly, and I interact with WEBS daily through the website, email updates, and Facebook.

  106. Aimee Shelton Says:

    Email updates & catalogues are great, but WebWatcher on Twitter is the #1 influence on my growing stash!

  107. Donna Says:

    I use your email alerts to remind me to browse for yarn. My social media fav is Instagram

  108. Ingrid Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry. I log on multiple times a day to get great ideas for future projects and especially to shop for yarn. Otherwise, I typically log directly onto WEBS website and shop from there. :)

  109. Annie Rota Says:

    Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry—any and all of the above! Happy Anniversary, Webs!

  110. Heather Says:

    Ravelry, hands down. I use Ravelry daily ( embarrassed to say more like hourly!), I poke around Pinterest regularly, mostly knitting inspiration. I have a twitter account, but tend to just lurk- I have never tweeted. I reserve Facebook for maintaining friendships! and rarely friend or like a business.

  111. T.N. Says:

    I love Ravelry. I also love pouring over the Webs website. Happy anniversary!

  112. Susan V Says:

    Happy 40th. I love your email updates and am on Ravelry. You have
    made my fiber world larger!

  113. Gina B. Says:

    I’m a fan of Pinterest and Ravelry. In fact, I like to pin my favorite Ravelry finds on my Pinterest boards. Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

  114. Alpacamama Says:

    I love ravelry and Pinterest. Happy 40th!!

  115. Joanna Yoho Says:

    + ravelry — most dedicated content

  116. Shelly O Says:

    I love the emails because you come to me, I don’t have to go looking!! Not because I’m lazy…..I’m just very busy knitting!!! Yeah, that’s it! I enjoy Ravelry and Pintrest as well. I like all the videos at our beck and call!! Thanks, great company.

  117. Kathy Says:

    I like the email updates and blog for leading me to new things to try.

  118. Eileen Vito Says:

    An email from Webs is always a great treat …and an hour or more of gorgeous yarn is exploration!

  119. Maureen Says:

    I do not do many of the social media venues. But I do read blogs and I am a follower of people on Bloglovin and on GFC. I do not personally have a blog but I participate in other family member’s blogs. I also interact via email. I have a number of family members who either live in other states and or countries and it is a way for me to keep in contact.

  120. Gretchen Says:

    I like Facebook, b/c I love seeing the yummy yarn scroll across my feed. :)

  121. Julie B. Says:

    I primarily use email and Facebook. There is so much social media I just can’t keep up with all of them.

  122. Addie Jackson Says:

    My favorite way to keep up with WEBS is on Raverly. I am on there all the time and it is an easy way to check in and see what’s going on. ♥

  123. Erin S Says:

    Facebook is my favorite since I already use it daily I always get WEbs updates in my news feed. I also like emails from webs that sprinkle yarn into my day unexpectedly.

  124. Karen Guenther Says:

    Ravelry, definitely. It has everything I need as a knitter.

  125. Sherry Says:

    I want to win and since i don’t really use social media, this is my big chance. I find the emails you send me very helpful. Yarny love.

  126. Julie Lewis Says:

    I love Facebook – I always find lots of knitting inspirations there!

  127. Hannah Jasmine Hilgendorf Says:

    I like connecting via Facebook!

  128. Guest Says:

    Ravelry, Ravelry, Ravelry is the addicted knitter’s drug of choice

  129. Christina Christopher Says:

    Happy Anniversary….I don’t do much with Social Media, but I do look at the emails & follow on Ravelry.

  130. danielle jennett Says:

    I would have to say ravelry and facebook! They are my go-to’s!

  131. Kathlee Says:

    I like Facebook & Instagram. It’s so inspiring to see pictures of what others have knit. I love to use the Webs website & ravelry.

  132. Judith Jones Says:

    I use Facebook on my fan page and your website as ways to communicate with Webs. I purchase your yarn for the items I weave and sell.

  133. Dottie V Says:

    Ravelry, Ravelry, Ravelry. It is the addicted knitters drug of choice..

  134. barbara Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite (and only!) social medium. It’s fabulous

  135. jae510 Says:

    Facebook for me & the emails

  136. D Zupko Says:

    Ravelry only. Follow your blog.

  137. Sue Says:

    Happy 40th… Love Ravelry and spend too much time there every day!

  138. Jennifer Radcliff Says:

    I am doing Facebook more and more, but Ravelry is my online home.

  139. Penny Says:

    My favorite way to connect with WEBS is through the podcast, which I really enjoy. I also appreciate the weekly (?) e-mails.

  140. Chanda Kim Says:

    I’m a Facebook person, I’m on there multiple times a day when not working

  141. sabrina Says:

    I love ravelry. But I pretty much just visit your site daily, and then slap my own hand so I quit tempting myself. Can’t wait to see you at Stitches. Every time I’ve gone the last 5 years, I pretty much just buy from Webs!

  142. Tracey Says:

    Facebook is my most visited social site. After that is Pinterest, but I don’t interact much on Pinterest. I just pin! And of course, Ravelry, but I don’t interact much on it either, but like all my patterns in one place.

  143. Andree-Anne Says:

    E-mails and Ravelry

  144. Lindabea Says:

    I prefer Facebook for random content. Ravelry is a more lasting resource.

  145. Christine Says:

    Ravelry is my go to site. I also use WEBS to check out yarn gauge.

  146. Carol Kamin Says:

    Ravelry is my first choice by a long shot!

  147. Phyllis Says:

    Love Facebook, Ravelry and Pinterest!

  148. Barbara Thames Says:

    I’m not fond of social media because of the risks of having personal information purloined for someone else’s use; however, I do keep up with numerous blogs and podcasts as well as Ravelry, of course.

  149. Peggy Says:

    This blog, your emails and RAVELRY. No other social media leaves more weaving and knitting time.

  150. Penny F. Says:

    Facebook is the only one I use. I love browsing through all the yarns at WEBS and my only interaction is through ordering and ordering and ordering. I would love to see a “wish list” option by the way. Then I could place one larger order when I was ready. Good luck everyone!

  151. Jessica Hartwig Says:

    I love Ravelry when I’m looking for something specific, but I find more inspiration from Pinterest about things I didn’t even know I was looking for!

  152. Julianna McD Says:

    Facebook for me, I only have time for one social media site!

  153. Dawn Says:

    Ravelry, of course, is my favorite social media. But I like to interact with WEBS on Facebook. Questions are always answered there really fast

  154. Shannon Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry for me. I check each a few times a day.

  155. Tracy H Says:

    I use Facebook mainly. I search the website daily…too afraid my pocketbook couldn’t handle a trip to the brick and mortar store

  156. Jennifer Lewis Justiss Says:

    I’m right there with Tracey. Facebook comes first, but i’m not a frequenter of social media in general. I like Ravelry, and I’m using it more and more. I enjoy my emails from Webs about what is new and on sale.

  157. Linda Says:

    Ravelry is the best but I just might have to check out facebook too!

  158. Wendelika Cline Says:

    I spend way too much time on Facebook – and I love seeing pics of beautiful skeins of yarn!

  159. RubyDear Says:

    I use FB for quick updates and links to yarns on sale; I like blogs for longer discussions of projects, yarns, techniques, etc. Wish we all could win! :-D

  160. booksNyarn Says:

    I am a Twitter girl through and through!

  161. Chrissy Rival Says:

    For all things knitting I love Ravelry! But Facebook is good too.

  162. allisonreviews Says:

    Great contest! I’m a big fan of Twitter. I get short updates from all my knitting favorites and can read more when I have time. I also love WEBS emails. I add everything to my wish list and then place one big order.

  163. Zabbers Says:

    Ravelry for sure! It’s our space, it’s innovative, it’s responsive, it doesn’t BS.

  164. Sharon L Says:

    Facebook for updates and information. Ravelry for ideas!

  165. Nanette Says:

    My favorite is Facebook. I check the Webs internet website on a regular basis and have found some awesome deals. Its been a great way to try out various yarns I might not have purchased otherwise.

  166. Lynne Says:

    Ravelry is my main go-to, but I check Facebook every now and then. I also enjoy reading several blogs a day.

  167. Andria Schwortz Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t include Tumblr in your social medias. Of these choices though, Twitter’s my fave.

  168. kelliinkc Says:

    I am an email subscriber of Webs and go to the site when necessary. I do not do social media much. I am on Pinterest and Ravelry though.

  169. knittingboykit Says:

    Facebook. Ravelry when I am looking for patterns.

  170. Cyndi Says:

    Facebook for ease of sharing, Pinterest for fun ideas.

  171. mary Zeman Says:

    Google plus is my favorite channel- I like the format, and my smart fiber people are there to talk about WEBS!

  172. Debby Says:

    E-mail & facebook

  173. Monica Says:

    Definitely facebook!

  174. Susan Sitze Says:

    My favorite is definitely Ravelry, although I spend too much time on Facebook as well.

  175. Rae Pinkston Says:

    I prefer to use Facebook, but I think that is since I didn’t know you were on Ravelry! I guess I need to find out more, I love your yarn!

  176. Kylie Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry are my two favorites. I love seeing WEBS in my newsfeed on Facebook and finding out about all the sales and all new in WEBS yarn world. :)

  177. Diane Says:

    Anything yarn related, I go right to Ravelry. I poke around a little on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but Ravelry is my go-to knitting/spinning/yarn place!

  178. Polly Says:

    The only social media channel I check daily is my RSS feed, with the WEBS blog. My second favorite is Ravelry. I have Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts, but I never use them!

  179. Carole L Says:

    Facebook is my favorite; I spend way too much time on it!

  180. Jen Says:

    I follow you the most on Facebook. I’m already on there most of the day; it’s easy to keep up with you!

  181. Kim Schweinberg Says:

    Facebook ! All the eye candy is inspiring and I can also stay in touch with my family while drooling over the gorgeous yarns and patterns!

  182. kaaminii Says:

    I was doing well with whittling down my stash and then i found WEBS yikes!

  183. Angie Saylor Says:

    I connect most through FB and your emails. I go to your online shop almost daily, looking for new deals to build up my stash with interesting finds, looking for ideas.

  184. Shanna Says:

    Twitter is by far my favorite social media outlet, and really the only one I’m on. But I love Ravelry for interacting with Webs and other fiber-related businesses/people.

  185. Heather Kaup Says:

    I love twitter & Facebook.

  186. Emily Says:

    I love following WEBS on Facebook – it’s such a pick-me-up to see your gorgeous photos appear in my news feed!

  187. Mama Nuru Says:

    Love you, WEBS! Ravelry and your website

  188. heather Says:

    Ravelry is my yarn-related go-to, though I definitely waste a lot of time on fb, too!

  189. Heather T Says:

    I’m on Facebook, must more than I should ever admit…

  190. Lynne Baker Says:

    Facebook for updates, Ravelry for inspiration and information.

  191. Stephanie Says:

    I read on Facebook most often. My friends keep my newsfeed full with links to interesting stories.

  192. Emily Marshall Says:

    Facebook for sure!

  193. Gretchen Says:

    I don’t do social media, but I do like to receive your emails and Ravelry is my favorite for all things knitting!

  194. Elaine W Says:

    You’re in my Facebook feed. But I use computer to look at yarn color and to order.

  195. Brenna برنا Says:

    My fav is twitter. All is short and sweet on twitter!

  196. Sherry Says:

    Facebook and emails, WEBS always has something that interests me.

  197. Sara Says:

    Facebook and email!

  198. Kim Ibarguen LaPolla Says:

    Your FB posts and emails with my “favorites” make it way to easy to buy more and more yarn!

  199. Ada Lovelace Says:

    I would say Facebook and e-mail updates.

  200. CarolynEll Says:

    I spend most of my time on Ravelry, although I never miss a Webs blog post!

  201. Anna Hj Says:

    I like to read what’s going on with WEBS on FB.

  202. Kat Says:

    Facebook…but now I”m going to start following you on Pinterest too!

  203. Melissa Bramble Says:

    Definitely Twitter! The daily sale announcements are always a temptation…

  204. Kitty Hill Says:

    Instagram! I still check Facebook but everything goes on IG.

  205. MJ Says:

    E-mail and Facebook for me. And then the website. I joined the WEBS group on Ravelry ages ago, but I rarely (if ever) look at the groups there.

  206. Cherri Says:

    I’m a Facebook user, and I also love Pinterest :)

  207. Jen Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite, followed by pinterest. So many pretty ideas and inspiration!

  208. zukeknits Says:

    I love Facebook and twitter, oh, and Pinterest when I have hours to spare because I get immersed in it too easily! Oh and Ravelry, which makes me buy more yarn, from WEBS of course!

  209. Katka Says:

    I like Ravelry best, so much to discover…

  210. Ashtan Albright Says:

    A tie between facebook and email.

  211. Jacki Says:

    Today is my birthday and I think webs has a huge selection of yarn and the staff is very knowledgeable. Love that bag and yarn happy anniversary! I have you on facebook and my e-mail so I don’t miss anything new

  212. Christine Says:

    I check Facebook and your blog daily, until now, I didn’ realize you were on Google+.

  213. Pam Says:

    Facebook, email, and check website daily for new and exciting yarns!

  214. DonnaM Says:

    I check Web’s FB pages nearly everyday – for the coupon specials, patterns and of course, news.

  215. Christina davila Says:

    I would say Facebook hands down since I don’t use other forms of social media!

  216. WeaverKnitter Says:

    I discovered the blog by clicking through an email from Webs, and now I’m going to bookmark it. I don’t keep up with Facebook all that much, so I miss a lot of posts on that. I love Webs, and hope to visit the physical store one day.

  217. Jennifer Simoneau Says:

    I like to see updates from Webs on Facebook!

  218. Kitty Purls Says:

    I am a facebook addict when I have the free time but I am starting to like twitter more and more I love all the instant news!

  219. Kristen Silvia Says:

    Pinterest is the most fun!

  220. Amber Balch Says:

    I prefer Twitter in general, but like FB for following WEBS

  221. Carolyn Priest-Dorman Says:

    Google+ for me, without question; I am there every day. I don’t use my Ravelry account for social media purposes; it’s my project notebook and stash management tool. I don’t even have accounts on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

    But I’ve been shopping at Webs since the storefront was on Main Street in Amherst.

  222. Petra Cosgrove-Tremblay Says:

    I’m all about the G+, and the amazing fiber community over there.. where it’s pretty much guaranteed that if I miss the Webs post, someone will share it and I’ll catch the repost!!! :)

  223. K K Says:

    I get the WEBS emails. I read thru them each time. If I see something I need, I go to the web site. Of course, I go there directly when I’m ready to order. I follow several things on Ravelry. Didn’t know WEBS was on it. I’ll check that out. Although I signed up for facebook, I never use it. Haven’t seen the need. Never have seen Twitter. Congratulations on 40 years. You have a great store!

  224. caiking Says:

    Ravelry for the knitnews. And… WEBS we love you back!

  225. Shari Says:

    My favorite media channel is Facebook. I live in Albany, NY – close enought to WEBS to make frequent day trips, but my daughter and her family live in Vancouver, Canada. I get to see my grandson and learn of all their doings through her frequent postings.

  226. Susan Mary Frank Otte Says:

    It is a toss up between Facebook and Ravelry…I love them both. I love an email announcing a new yarn or a sale!

  227. Tracy Altieri Says:

    I visited your store last year after having done online purchasing for some time. I’d have to say that “in person” is my favorite interaction with WEBS! That being said. I love the e-mails, Facebook posts and podcasts!

  228. diffdrum Says:

    Facebook is where I spend my time, mostly fiber related sites in my newsfeed

  229. Heidi Says:

    Both Facebook and Ravelry – I’ll have to call it a tie between those two. Facebook tells me what’s new, and Ravelry shows me what’s happening with it!

  230. Janice Says:

    Facebook and email updates are my choices :)

  231. jen Says:

    Totally addicted to Twitter…..

  232. Hazel Vaughn Says:

    I use Twitter most often because it’s quick and I do social media in all doses.

  233. Denise Royal Says:

    Facebook and getting emails from Webs.

  234. Ann Says:

    Facebook is it for me. If I wasted any more time on social media, I would forget to eat. Wait! That might not be a bad thing. Sometimes, I will follow the Webs status, but mostly, I link to Webs through email alerts.

  235. Debbie Briggs Says:

    What a lovely idea – a giveaway to celebrate your 40th anniversary. Love it!!

  236. fheller Says:

    I love Facebook, and that’s how I like to keep up with Webs online. Also, I am addicted to looking through the great yarn bargains.

  237. Phoenix Tarampi Says:

    My most-used social media site is Facebook, but I love Ravelry. My favourite way to interact with Webs is on Facebook or the online store’s livechat!

  238. aglass5 Says:

    Like so many people have said before me, I check Facebook and Ravelry several times a day and especially love seeing “Steve’s Deals of the Day” – not so much so I can shop but so that I can give my eyes a break from boring work stuff and gaze at pretty yarn.

  239. Patti Weeks Says:

    I use Facebook the most, but I check WEBS blog a couple of times a weeks also.

  240. Susan Says:

    I see you every day on Facebook – so many beautiful yarns! I also have a Pinterest account and enjoy spending time on Ravelry!

  241. kellyskurla Says:

    Definitely Facebook. I also like checking the Webs group at Ravelry.

  242. Brittney Woods Says:

    I love instagram. I love seeing yarn pictures and creations! my username there is WillWorkForYarn, lol

  243. Kim Nobles Says:

    I think I like Instagram the best!

  244. Heather Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, WEBS! I am not on any social media except Ravelry. I love it!

  245. Nancy Nathanson Says:

    Facebook is my #1 social media outlet ;)

  246. Melissa Skurzewski Says:

    I look forward to the deal of the day via Facebook!!!!

  247. Rachel Warren Says:

    I enjoy Facebook. WEBS deal of the day is what I look for

  248. Linda Dickinson Says:

    Facebook, definitely!

  249. freres Says:

    My favorite currently is Facebook, but with their recent changes, it’s been harder to follow certain businesses.

  250. Deb Says:

    You are a winner! Your website is my go to place for all things knitting and crochet. I love the variety of yarns, the layout of the site and most importantly the service. I have Namaste products and love them. Your podcasts are great…..I’m hooked. Would love to win.

  251. Sassafrass Says:

    Facebook is by and far the way I read my social media, but I like blogs and Ravelry too!

  252. DanceMama Says:

    Facebook is the social media site I use most often. I checks WEBS there and of course all the emails are nice too! I head to Ravelry when I need ideas or need to learn how to use my WEBS purchases.

  253. LaurenM Says:

    Good old website for me. I don’t do any social media except Ravelry and that’s mainly for patterns and my queue/stash.

  254. Barb Rossiter Says:

    Facebook for me!

  255. Webbie Says:

    Another vote for Ravelry and email

  256. UneekGique Says:

    Facebook, for sure; I’m not a “tweeter” or “pinner.” :-D

  257. kmb Says:

    My favorite electronic social media for knitting is Ravelry, however, none can take the place of in person social media. I’ve been a fan of Webs for 15 years now and have been lucky to live close enough to take in some classes which were great, although I do take advantage of shopping on-line too since the drive is over an hour for me. Wonderful to have a yarn shop that offers so much. If you have not been to the shop, be sure to make a trip some day!

  258. Jen Says:

    Ravelry is definitely the best, with facebook in second place, in my opinion. I love going to yarn.com to check out whats going on. I also enjoy listening to ready, set knit.

  259. Michelle Cowell Roebuck Says:

    Facebook is my Achilles’ heel… But I love the interaction with longtime, faraway friends (not to mention rad giveaways from my favorite companies). I use Instagram regularly and Ravelry occasionally.

  260. michelle h Says:

    Facebook. It check it a bit too often haha, but it’s the platform I use to find out the daily deal. :)

  261. Melanie Sparks Says:

    Facebook !

  262. Anna Says:

    I love Ravelry–especially the WEBS group!

  263. Becky Says:

    I don’t use Facebook, but occasionally look at Twitter and Google Plus. Mostly I use Ravelry for knitting info and of course the yarn.com website when I’m in the mood to shop!

  264. Tiffany Poon Says:

    Facebook is the only one I check every day, but Ravelry is my favourite go to place for all things yarn related. :)

  265. Mindy M Says:

    Ravelry has changed my knitting life. I love being able to see how people have used different yarns in their projects so I can decide which yarns and projects I want to try. For keeping up with WEBS though I use Facebook!

  266. Donna Says:

    It’s Facebook for me!

  267. AA Says:

    Definitely facebook!

  268. Cynthia A. Says:

    I’m entering because honestly, my stash isn’t big enough (well according to me, not my husband). Happy anniversary!

  269. dystini Says:

    In general I prefer Google+ with Twitter a close second. For knitting/yarn specifically, it’s Ravelry although I’ve collected a nice and interesting circle of fiber people on Google+

  270. llyfr Says:

    I spend way too much time on Facebook, but I really love Ravelry (like just about everyone here)! I also spend time with close friends on a Twitter-like site called Plurk. Everywhere I go, though, I talk knitting! :-D

  271. Kelly Schmidt Says:

    I like seeing the quick entries on Twitter.

  272. Jackie Jaquette Says:

    Although I spend way too much time in Facebook…. Lately, Instagram is my favorite!

  273. Emily Says:


  274. Michele Costigan Says:

    I connect with Webs mostly via Facebook but also check the blog and Ravelry group .

  275. TLM Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry are my favs so far. Just introduced to Pinterest so I’ll have to see how it compares!

  276. Deb Says:

    I like following Webs on Facebook and especially enjoy Steve’s Deal of the Day. It is often more temptation that I can resist and I end up pushing the “order” button.

  277. Gail B. Says:

    I spend tons of time on Ravelry! Don’t know how knitters survived without it!

  278. SW Says:

    Happy Anniversary! You’re on my FB page and my Ravelry forums, although I’m not sure which is my favorite. Rav is more informational and FB has all the pretty yarny pics.

  279. Anne Marie Says:

    I follow the blog by RSS feeds. I avoid most social media.

  280. Victoria Lechler Says:

    I am on Facebook the most but for all things knitting I look first to Ravelry.

  281. Linda Belvin Says:

    I look at my Facebook page several times a day and it is mostly companies that I am following that I am looking at. I am also on your email list and get recommended emails from you everyday or every other day and I always find something to look at.
    Linda Belvin

  282. Tracy Says:

    I spend way too much time looking at yarn and dreaming of projects on webs.com. There are so many fibers I want to try someday.

  283. Suzi Fischman Says:

    I love raverly and Facebook. Knitting paradise is new to me also.

  284. Betsy LaBounty Yung Says:

    I think facebook gathers the most attention. Lost my “stash” a month ago in a fire… so I’m on yarn withdrawl until I can afford more.

  285. Emily Boyd Says:

    I love Facebook and Pinterest for connecting with Webs.

  286. Leah Midgarden Says:

    Love is the answer

  287. Emily Says:

    Best website for yarn I’ve found!

  288. Julie T. Says:

    I use Facebook. Took many years for me to join FB. Still don’t have twitter or Instagram, etc. May look at Ravelry. Congrats on your anniversary!

  289. Karen S Says:

    Facebook is by far my favorite. Photos and posts, along with the ability for shopping through things like Soldsie directly from a Facebook feed. Love it!

  290. Sarah Cote Says:

    Ravelry & Facebook!

  291. Claire Getzewich Says:

    i love Webs yarn store, I’ve never been disappointed with any yarn I’ve purchased. I love going on Facebook to check out the yarn sales and Pinterest gives me loads of ideas for future projects..But one site i absolutely love is Ravelry..just love all the knitting patterns located in one spot, and the information on tons of yarns, and various groups to join..makes it a knitters/crocheters paradise.

  292. Luv2spin Says:

    Ravelry & Facebook are my go-to places with morning coffee.

  293. Emmanuelle Garcia Says:

    My favorite ways to interacting with knitting on social media are Instagram, Twitter and Ravelry. I only recently made my first purchase at Webs and although it hasnt arrived yet I am sure it will be amazing.

  294. Betsy LaBounty Yung Says:

    Facebook for sure!

  295. Sally Campbell Says:

    Pinterest and the blog for me. That is when I can’t get to the physical store.

  296. Sarah W. Says:

    Ravelry is the best! I love to browse the WEBS website directly!

  297. Rachel R. Says:

    Definitely Facebook – it’s so easy to follow different blogs, knitters, and Webs!!

  298. Olivia :P Says:

    And we love you back! I also love my Facebook updates from WEBS.

  299. Margo Says:

    Ravelry is where I go most often. I am on the the Webs mailing list, receive the blog in my RSS feeds, occasionally look in on Facebook and Pinterest. Happy Anniversary.

  300. Leslie Greene Angerer Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Instagram. I’m a visual person by nature, and I love seeing other people’s lives thru their own unique lens. I love seeing WEBS on Facebook – it’s so fun!

  301. Karen Says:

    I spend way to much on line.But on Facebook and Raverlery and pintrest plus
    Though my emails that I get from webs.I just love yarn.

  302. Kerry Says:

    If we’re talking knitting, then definitely Ravelry. But I get most of my updates through Facebook.

  303. Hannah Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry. I like interacting with Webs from your emails!

  304. angie s. Says:

    I looooove Pintrest! So much visual inspiration.

  305. Christina E Says:

    I love ravelry, I enjoy getting newsletters from everyone and then finding and adding the patterns to my library so I can do them at a later date.

  306. Lauren P. Says:

    Since I’ve followed you on Twitter, this has been my favorite way to interact with you. Sometimes I do not have time to go through my Facebook posts or check my Instagram. I find that Twitter is a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date with things I’m interested in. I can investigate further if something really interests me! Good work with your Twitter feed, I always find something interesting in your postings.

  307. Stephanie Says:

    I’ve been hooked on Instagram lately. I’m loving today’s WebsYarn pic!!

  308. Julie T/MI Says:

    I love following Webs on Facebook, especially Steve’s deal of the day (sometimes I stay up just past midnight to check out what the deal is for the next day!) and I love ordering online!

  309. Debbie S. Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry! Love it and all the awesome folks there.

  310. lydia Says:

    Twitter is my favorite site :) Short and sweet.

  311. RubyStitches Says:

    Ravelry because it is all “knitting” what could be better.

  312. Ellen Says:

    I’m on FB most often followed closely by Ravelry, Google+, then your blog.

  313. Jackie Says:

    I prefer Rav, that way I can see projects knit up and order more yarn at the asme time!

  314. Eli Says:

    I use Facebook, but the best online interaction with Webs has been the amazing customer support through email.

  315. Linda Says:

    Favorite? FB

  316. Erica Browne Grivas Says:

    I like FB

  317. gina Says:


  318. juliebie Says:

    My favorite social media channel for yarny things is probably Ravelry, although I tend to find out about things more quickly on Facebook.

  319. Lorna Says:

    I love the Ravelry website… I spend so much time looking at potential patterns and then I hop right over to Webs to see what yarn works best! I can’t tell you how happy I am for the online resources Webs provides. Brava for 40 years!

  320. Maria J Martinez Says:

    I’m always on Ravelry but check Facebook as well. Happy anniversary :)

  321. Tracy Kilpatrick Says:

    I love the blog! Second would be Pinterest. Seeing (and reading) what you are up to makes me happy. Happy 40th!

  322. CatherineS Says:

    When it comes to my knitting projects, I spend most of my time on Ravelry and Webs’ online yarn shop. I also like getting Webs updates on Facebook and using Steve’s Deal of the Day promo codes. :-)

  323. Neen Says:

    Love the webs yarn site especially for patterns but don’t understand anything about all social media. Like a dog too old to learn new tricks.

  324. Amy Lenoce Says:

    I love Pintrest and Raverly to find new projects and new yarns. But I never buy online- the personal service and selection at Webs makes each trip a much anticipated day out that only gets better with each stitch of the new project.

  325. Kim Frosaker Says:

    I want to congraulate you ton 40 years on business. That is such a great thing for all of us who have found you thanks to the internet and social media sites.
    Thank you for always getting my orders right and sent in a timely fashion.
    Webs rocks in my book.

  326. Janice L Gritz Says:

    Liat Gat on KnitFreedom is my go-to source for instructions; but WEBS is my go-to when I’m looking for a yarn or how to figure out which yarn. Since I make mostly socks, hats, scarves this has become not too tricky. I recently downloaded a sweater pattern from WEBS, bought a whole bunch of yarn and have started it. But I live in a town with no local yarn shop so no help at all. Ravelry scares me because it is so big.

  327. bjb Says:

    I love the WEBS site best, appreciate your emails which drive me to your online shop. Ravelry is also Great! Happy Anniversary!

  328. Elizabeth Says:

    Facebook is a great way to get updates on what’s new at Webs but ravelry is my absolute favorite! I always use Ravelry and Webs in tandem to investigate various yarns and choose projects.

  329. kristen Says:

    Ravelry 100%

  330. Chrisoula Roumeliotis Says:

    I like getting emails from Webs, but do spend some time on FB and Ravelry as well.

  331. Krissy Camposano Says:

    Finding your site has been a wonderful experience. Sometimes I feel that my LYS is getting too expensive for my budget but, with this site I can experience wonderful fibers and textures at an affordable price! I still buy from my LYS to support locally owned shops. I’m on Facebook & Twitter all the time to see what’s out there.

  332. taffy2 Says:

    Follow on facebook and rarely blog,but pe4haps I should noe. Lots of worthwhile tips…Enjoy ravelry,beautiful and knitting

  333. Patricia Kooy Says:

    I am new to knitting (reborn), I am so excited to learn that you have a blog – I love Ravelry, getting bored of Facebook and looking forward to reading your blog. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  334. Martha Ericson Says:

    I like Ravelry, and Pinterest, but I am probably on Facebook the most. I do Instagram also. I just love knitting.

  335. virginia Says:

    email is my preferred medium, since I don’t have a smart phone, and live 3 hrs-drive away. Luckily, I have family in town, so I get to come in person every other month or so. Congratulations on 40 years!

  336. margie204 Says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! Ravelry is definitely my fave…millions of like-minded, creative, inspiring people freely sharing. As for Webs, I check you guys out on Pinterest and Ravelry.

  337. Alison Hendry Says:

    My fav social media for knitting is also Ravelry, but for everything else I head to Facebook. I tend to find out about sales or special events in both places.

  338. Tina Michelle Moser Says:

    I love giveaways, but not as much as I love Webs online yarn shop! My favorite social media is one that I visit several times a day is Ravelry. That tends to be one-sided though– I’m looking at things, searching for things, etc. Sometimes a conversation will crop up as a result of my activity. One that I am active, back and forth, and a favorite for finding out what my favorite yarn shops– local and online–are up to is Facebook. Happy Anniversary, Webs!

  339. woolythyme Says:

    the blog, no doubt!!! although I haunt you on ravelry, too. I’m trying to learn some of the other social media (old dog here and all!!)—this week will be a good excuse. thanks for 40 years of great service!!!

  340. BJR Says:

    Facebook is the social media channel I use exclusively. However, I truly enjoy several knitting blogs.

  341. Marsy Says:

    Ravelry is where I go for all my yarn info. It’s made all the difference for me as a knitter.

  342. Theresa Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook. But I LOVE Ravelry for crochet and knitting projects!

  343. Carol Wood Says:

    Fb and Ravelry!

  344. Phoebe Reeves Says:

    I love seeing the WEBS yarn deal of the day on Facebook every morning. Nothing like a little fiber temptation to start the day!

  345. Karen Cohen Says:

    Happy anniversary! Ravelry for me — closely followed by FB.

  346. Karen Says:

    I’m a huge Ravelry and Pinterest fan myself!

  347. cmoehl Says:

    I love Ravelry to keep my crocheting under control. I use Facebook to keep up with family and get updates from yarn sites.

  348. Shannon Coates Flagg Says:

    I would have to go with FB for favorite social media, especially for seeing what Web’s is showcasing for the day. I miss living down the road from the store, but even in MO, I can still shop at my Webs……………..

  349. Ann B Says:

    I am split between Ravelry and Facebook.

  350. Michelle Knotts Says:

    Ravelry is by far my fav for all things yarny! But following closely is Pinterest for ideas and Google+ for the knitting groups! Facebook is great too!

  351. Abie Says:

    I keep up on Facebook!

  352. Renee Leverington Says:

    I would say Facebook is my most used social media channel; I usually interact with WEBS via email.

  353. Debbi Says:

    I am all about Facebook and Twitter. Between the two of them I can get all of the information I need about WEBS! Keeps me connected!!

  354. Josephine Says:


  355. MJ Says:

    Depending on the day/week/month, my favorite social media channel is either Facebook or Ravelry.

  356. Sophie Anderson Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook. But to interact with companies, I prefer twitter because I seem to get quicker answers and more interaction that way. Cheers!

  357. Angie Says:

    My second favorite social media is Ravelry. As a visitor to Webs for too many years to count, I am amazed when I encounter people from other countries who envy what I have taken for granted- my proximity to Webs. My true favorite “social media” is the old fashioned face to face interaction with other knitters in classes or at other Webs’ activities.

  358. Vivianne Audiss Says:

    I usually read through the stuff on Rav and follow on FB as well.

  359. Laurie Says:

    I use Ravelry and Pinterest A LOT!! I also order A LOT of yarn from WEBS. I wish I had unlimited funds. :)

  360. Lori Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love Ravelry and find it’s the best place to get the information I need to succeed.

  361. Kelly Says:

    I use ravelry and the blogs; not a social media fan. Use online shopping; Webs is the best!

  362. Beth Moschella Schmidt Says:

    I love Ravelry for my knitting social media fix. Webs is the best source to pick up all the yarn and accessories I need….the perfect combo!

  363. JCG Says:

    I’m on Ravelry a lot but connect with Webs mostly via FB or your blog. I’ve been to the store twice because I live really far away – but want to get back there again. Happy Anniversary!!

  364. cin Says:

    I love Ravelry for learning and sharing about yarn, knitting and Webs! Happy 40th Anniversary!

  365. Jennifer Olivarez Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for this great opportunity. I’m a big fan of all social media, but with different reasons for each. For me, Facebook and Twitter have proven to be a good way to find out about sales and new products, Pinterest is of course a great place to go for inspiration and ideas, Google + keeps me connected with yarn communities, and Ravelry is great for maintaining my stash and my intentions. :) I love your Facebook page the most.

  366. srd249 Says:

    Favorite social media: Facebook and Ravelry. I am also a big fan of the Yarn Harlot’s blog, although I don’t know if that qualifies as “social media”. One day I would like to visits Webs’ ‘brick and mortar’ store!

  367. Diana Says:

    Definitely Ravelry!

  368. Christie Mazurek Says:

    I bounce between ravelry and facebook!

  369. kristi Says:

    I love Ravelry and Facebook, they are my favorite social media. Ravelry is good for looking up patterns and seeing how other people have knitted them. Facebook is a good place to find posts about free patterns, and some of them are on Ravelry. I interact with Webs on Facebook, they are quick on answer any post I have sent. But personally I love going in the store the best!

  370. Lisa Mosley Says:

    Such a great giveaway! I actually ordered some of the 40th Anniversary yarn in the Fragrant colorway last week. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  371. susie7321 Says:

    I love Ravelry, but also connect via Facebook.

  372. Ginny Given Says:

    My favorite way to connect with Webs is facebook. Though I do frequent the website, and check the discussions on Ravelry often as well.

  373. Marion Martin Says:

    Raverly for knitting and facebook for social stuff. I also recently joined pintrest.

  374. kiki_grogan Says:

    What a fabulous way to celebrate! Congratulations on 40 years of success and here’s to 40 more!

  375. Cassy Mohos Tomlinson Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry but, I’m also on Facebook quite a bit. My Mom and I usually make it to Webs for the blow out and tent sales. I also like to shop online :)

  376. Dorothy Says:

    I use the blog and Ravelry to keep up with what is going on at Webs.

  377. Tiffany Jewell Says:

    I’m a sucker for Instagram! However, I always love catching up with your daily adventures on Facebook! (Although, in truth, nothing beats visiting the store on my lunch break!)

  378. Kelly Says:

    Other than Facebook, I’m kind of new to social media, but over the past year or so I’ve become more active. So far my favorites are Twitter and Tumblr. Twitter for quick updates on some of my favorite things or from my favorite people and places (especially Webs!) and Tumblr for some great picture blogs and interesting things happning in the world.

  379. beth Says:

    40 years! I only found out about Webs 10 years ago. What have I missed?

  380. KarenD Says:

    Tough choice, but I’d have to go with Twitter.

  381. Jan Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Facebook, but my favorite way of interacting with Webs is the Ravelry group. (Of course, my very favorite way of interacting with Webs is in person!)

  382. VirGinny83 Says:

    I love Instagram

  383. Kent Says:

    Happy Anniversary….. as a new knitter, I’m thrilled with your yarns!!!! I enjoy Ravelry and Facebook.

  384. RJ Says:

    It’s easiest to look up at pictures and patterns on Raverly, but I contact Webs through Twitter.

  385. Dawn Sorenson Says:

    G+ is my Fav…Great pics and ideas..

  386. LaTanya Bennett Says:

    I prefer Facebook…

  387. Ann Dutton Says:

    Facebook and Google Plus. When I am in ravelry, I am usually obsessing about patterns.

  388. Cindy Bartasawitz Wysocki Says:

    It’s a toss up between Ravelry and Facebook.

  389. penny Says:

    that’s a tough one, each type of media has strengths and weaknesses and depending where I am and what device i’m using, that influences my choice of stream during a moment of downtime. The blog is great to see what -you- are doing/planning/celebrating, so is instagram (whoops, how could I almost forget that?). Different links and inspiration on twitter, facebook, and g+ help expand the sites I visit. Browsing through the ravelry group to see what others are doing with valley yarns and other yarns purchased at Webs can cause my wish list to fill up. i also like the inspiration that pinterest boards can provide (and how they’re diffferent than looking at projects in the Ravelry group). I like how there is some overlap between all the media, but its not necessarily simultaneous. With so much out there in the streams (and a huge Webs fan base) it’s nice to have a second chance to see things I might otherwise miss. ;)

  390. zether Says:

    Who doesn’t love twitter? <3

  391. Jocomo Says:

    I love visiting Webs in person, but appreciate how streamlined their on-line orders have become! I like Facebook and Pinterest. Ravelry amazes me.

  392. Leah Johnson Says:

    Mine currently is Facebook. It used to be pinterest, but I’ve done a lot more on facebook lately.

  393. Nancy Grant Mazgajewski Says:

    It has to be Ravelry for knitting. I love searching for patterns, yarns, and pictures of projects that have been made… I could go on and on and on….

  394. Barb Colvin Says:

    Blogs are my favorite social medium. I follow way too many via bloglovin, and some even come via email. My favorite way to interact with WEBS is via the email newsletters.

  395. diamondsparkle Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I keep up with WEBS on Facebook and Twitter. And look forward to seeing you at Stitches West later this month.

  396. sq2 Says:

    Congratulations I remember when you were in Amherst. Love the daily emails noting the special deals. I shop much more than I should but you make it painless

  397. Theresa Schabes Says:

    Ravelry is really the be all, end all, isn’t it? But I’ve recently gotten into instagram and have been enjoying that. I follow your blog through my blog reader, bloglovin’.

  398. Lorrian Ippoliti Says:

    I’ve learned so much about knitting because of Ravelry…I just love it! Everyone is so nice, it works so well, helps me organize and learn and discover new things every day.

  399. Caitlin S Says:

    Facebook! I love seeing beautiful yarn and info about sales pop up in my newsfeed.

  400. Kaddyshack Says:

    My favorite social media site is Ravelry followed by Pinterest. When I want to see what’s up at Webs or do some online shopping, I use your website.

  401. Jennifer Powell Says:

    I like the blog and I like getting emails with updates. I’m on Ravelry, but don’t have much time so I wouldn’t use the store group unless there were a specific event. I prefer to use FB for friends and family rather than commerce. I use Twitter for business rather than hobbies.

  402. LindaCV Says:

    Facebook is the only non-specific social media site I use. I’m on Ravelry probably as much as Facebook. I am very new to Webs but it looks like I need to check the site out a lot!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  403. Nancy Says:

    I love Ravelry for all things knitting! (I’m not on any other social media sites.) I have been to the Webs store once, on a New England road trip, and loved it. I also have shopped at their booth at Stitches West and online. Happy 40th anniversary!

  404. Sabrina Says:

    I love Pinterest! I check your blog and website.

  405. Msalison Says:

    I like to use facebook, the best way to interact with WEBS is through your online shop.

  406. Sandra Di Donato LaPorte Says:

    My favorite electronic social Media for knitting is also Ravelry. But I do like facebook to keep in touch with family and friends

  407. Jessica Says:

    Facebook is my favorite way to see what’s going on with WEBS!

  408. Jane Says:

    Oh my it’s hard to choose just one! I interact on Facebook, Ravelry and the Webs web site….. It’s almost like having to say which yarn is your favorite! Happy Anniversary and many, many more…

  409. LauraH Says:

    I use Ravelry the most. Happy Anniversary!

  410. Joanna Kowalik Says:

    Definitely Raverly for knitting! I do also love pinterest.

  411. Emme Says:

    I’m on facebook most frequently, but it’s not my fave.
    I would say pinterest is?
    I follow the WEBS Blog!

  412. msstacy Says:

    My fave is Twitter. Always lots of links and pictures of projects. Ditto for Instagram.

  413. Anne Says:

    Facebook, for sure!

  414. Terri Says:

    Facebook is the most convenient for me, I love checking out the daily specials and of course that leads to hours of yarn browsing :)

  415. Rose Hunt Kelly Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are the most common ways I comment about or learn about yarn. I shop online for yarn or tools almost exclusively with WEBS, and have since 1995 or so.

  416. Bostonbobbie Says:

    Ravelry, for sure. I only found out about Webs recently and by accident despite living in the Boston area for 25 years! Glad I found you. Happy Anniversary!

  417. Pam Says:

    I like Ravelry best and then facebook second.

  418. Amy Says:

    Congratulations. I use Ravelry, visit your website and get your emails. I’m too far away for a shop visit, but i would love to do that someday.

  419. Lori Says:

    I would say that Facebook is the form of social media I use the most. I interact with Webs through your e-mail advertising the most.

  420. Jan Werner Says:

    I would have to say Ravelry for my patterns and webs for my needles!

  421. Margaret Robinson Says:

    My favorite social media site is Facebook, but my favorite website is Webs- so I can buy beautiful yarn!

  422. SAR Says:

    My favorite is email followed by Ravelry. Not much of a social media fan.

  423. Malinda Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook – it allows me to connect with everything and everyone I love including Webs. My favorite way to interact with Webs is via Facebook, although I do use Ravelry from time to time.

  424. Maxiee Baker Says:


  425. deanna dunn mey Says:

    ravelry is wonderful. i love it. it adds so much to my craft and saves me tons of time. plus, i get to connect with wonderful people all over the world with the same interests and obsessions as i.

  426. Patricia Krause Says:

    I’m relatively new to online social media. I work with computers everyday as an IT tech but it’s usually the easy stuff like bad hard drives or gum wrappers in the dvd. :) I am really enjoying knitting after an extended, forced “vacation” due to carpal tunnel surgery. It’s great to be able to go online & see new fibers, colors & especially the new patterns that are available on WEBS & elsewhere. Keep supply us with information, inspiration & doing a great job for another 140 years!

  427. maureen moffat Says:

    Love you on Rav, FB and on your own website. Thanks for this opportunity.

  428. Karen Chassels Says:

    Love Ravelry. Spend a bit of time on Facebook – mostly play scrabble and check what friends are up to.

    Pretty well whenever I have a project in mind and need yarn I check out Webs for yarn possibilities.

    Happy 40th!!

  429. Sandy Foster Says:

    I’m still a beginning knitter, so Ravelry is my go-to for ideas, patterns, color, etc. I’m not a Facebook fan at all, but I do read blogs and some Twitter feeds.

  430. Ellen Baileybrown Says:

    I spend most of my social media time on facebook, but I would say that ravelry is my favorite overall.
    The facebook posts from webs about sale yarns are consistently tempting! I almost always click on them and have a little drool session.

  431. aml Says:

    My favorite is definitely Ravelry, for the excellent fiber resources and patterns, and the WEBS blog for news about all the latest trends and products…

  432. Jennifer Chaput Says:

    I love Twitter, quick and easy access to links and news!

  433. Diana Long Hugo Says:

    Congrats on 40 years and Thank You for sharing with us!! Regular email messages and Facebook are best for me. I go to Ravelry maybe once a month.

  434. Natasha Says:

    Facebook first, then Ravelry.

  435. suburbancorrespondnt Says:

    Facebook, of course!

  436. Andrea Stevens Says:

    My favorite way to interact with Webs is Facebook, with Twitter being second. I’m not a big blog reader & forget to log into Ravelry regularly. Keep up the great work. Webs is one of my favorite online places to shop – great prices, selection & service.

  437. tmo Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry, followed by an avid interest in lurking pintrest!

  438. Marcy Says:

    I love the Webs website and use it to brighten dreary days. But as for regular social media, I am fond of twitter for its brevity.

  439. Carol Says:

    I like reading the blog and getting your emails. Love Ravelry, but try to stay off other social media. Too much of a time suck, then no time for knitting! Happy Anniversary to you all!

  440. Amanda Says:

    Ravelry for sure. I am on Facebook, but it’s so hard to make sure you are seeing all of a company’s posts.

  441. Carolyn West Says:

    Well, for yarn and patterns, Ravelry!! I have friends who post a lot to Facebook and Google + and I read but rarely post. Someday I’ll get around to pinterest. I love shopping on line at Webs. I always have a shopping cart going, often parallel to my Raverly finds, and push the buy button often enough to have a fine stash. I look forward to seeing Webs at Stitches West next week. Will you have the Anniversary yarn there? Can’t wait to see it!

  442. Teresa Says:

    I’m a Facebook junkie..I use it on my phone and pc. For research, Ravelry is my go to place.

  443. yarnloops Says:

    For knitting, Ravelry though I’ve really benefited from and enjoy the Knitting group on facebook too. I watch for WEBs specials via email and on my fb newsfeed.


  444. Andrea Ruffin Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite social media. I get to chat with other knitters and get inspired. I have been following the Steve’s deal of the day via forums and that has spurred my shopping at Webs. Love to see which Valley yarn is on sale on the weekends, and I place an order if I find something I want. Congrats on 40 years.
    lilobell05 on ravelry.

  445. Sue Whitmore Says:

    Grateful to receive emails from Webs regularly….which usually prompts me to check out what is new with them….which can add to my wonderful stash of yarn! Ravelry is a great source for yarn projects, and I do love seeing pictures of everyone’s projects.

  446. Yumico, Says:

    Ravely is the SNS, I love best, for knitting.
    But I often use Facebook, twitter, and Google+, too.
    Happy the 40th Anniversary to WEBS !
    And, If Boston Redsox win the next season, I would like to be free shipment to Japan, too :P

  447. Andrea Wendley Says:

    Facebook is my favorite place to follow you. I can get several updates/day and love to see all the colors of the yarn you post. I also follow you on Ravelry and your blog. Everything about knitting excites me! Thanks for the wonderful give aways and your continued success!

  448. mj Says:

    I love your website..it is always open in my browser…;)

  449. Tucson Says:

    I like Ravelry for knitting, wish I could visit the store!

  450. Ann K Says:

    My favorite media is Facebook….I do look at other sites, but mostly it is through Facebook as I can catch up on everything on there…Thank you…!

  451. Dee Allen Baker Says:

    My favorite social media outlet for knitting is definitely Ravelry, but I like this blog, too. I only wish I lived close enough to Webs to take some classes, or even visit the store. I have to get my fix shopping the website and waiting in anticipation for my yarn to get to the wilds of Wisconsin!

  452. Jami Says:

    My favorite social media site for finding inspiration is Pinterest but for actually socializing it is Facebook. I follow Webs on both!

  453. Joyful Threads Says:

    Forty years ago, on February 10, 1974, I could knit and sometimes purl. My knitting journey has taken me down many roads and I have loved them all! Thanks to Webs for travelling with me, and supporting my adventures with incredible yarns and patterns. I will continue to see you down the road….in emails and on Ravelry!

  454. LauraPR Says:

    I am torn berween Twitter and Facebook! Twitter is great because you get the important stuff in fast when youdkn’t have a lot of time. However if you have more time to spare, Facebook allows you to see pictures and comments crom everyone in the same place.

  455. elmom Says:

    i also love Ravelry –so easy to ask a question and see what people are up to. I’ve even donated items to charity projects through Ravelry.

  456. Cheryl Baker Says:

    This is a great prize! I would love to win as I am ready to start a new project. Love Webs.

  457. Shelley Reid Says:

    Facebook is great for getting news quickly and efficiently, but I love Ravelry for meaningful discussions about the news afterwards.

  458. Sally Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite, followed by my online WASIQ group.

  459. violinknitter Says:

    My favorite social media site? Twitter. Favorite way to interact with Webs? Snooping around on Yarn.com, of course!

  460. Danielle Baines Says:

    Ravelry for patterns. WEBS for yarn and needles (although I like to get sock yarn directly from small-business-type dyers if I can and ETSY is great for that). PS — I have to say that your customer service people are fabulous.

  461. Daniele Hamlin Says:

    I spend most of my time on Facebook, but I also love Raverly and Pinterest!

  462. Meg A. Says:

    My favorite social media to communicate with you is Facebook then Ravelry. Don’t really use the other platforms frequently enough. Congrats on 40 years in biz!!!

  463. Kaitlyn Yeager Says:

    My favorite social media channel for interacting with WEBS is Facebook: I get to see lovely yarny photos in my feed, and don’t miss posts if I don’t see them immediately like with Twitter.

  464. Leslie Says:

    WEBS has always been my weaving supply store, and I love its web site. But for weaving, I’m mostly weavolution, and just dabbling in ravelry.

  465. Tammy Says:

    Ravelry, for sure!

  466. Jennie Santopietro Says:

    I love interacting with Webs on Ravelry! It’s great to see posts about new products carried in store and to see everyone’s finished objects with supplies purchased at Webs! (And I’m one of the lucky ones–I was able to visit once when my SIL was in school nearby!)

  467. rebc Says:

    Happy anniversary Webs! You are awesome!

  468. karyn Says:

    Rivalry is my favorite site. I love to see how others use yarn and patterns. It inspires me. I appreciate the emails as they remind me to check on my stash. I love. that a wonderful online shop is someone else’s LYS.

  469. QueenofCupcakes Says:

    I love Ravelry for knitting, facebook for regular social media. I like your blog!

  470. Sarah Says:

    I would say Ravelry first and Google+ second.

  471. Lukal Says:

    40 years is amazing!!! My mother and I have been knitting that long and we are thrilled that while there are many new yarn shops, that you are still here and going strong. I love keeping tabs on you via Facebook and visit your website at least once a day! Congrats and here’s to many more years!

  472. barbara Says:

    go on facebook, started so I could see grandchildren pictures. I like to go on webs online site, but do look at their facebook page to see the deal of the day

  473. karyn Says:

    Ravelry is now in my auto correct. Sorry for the typo.

  474. WyoNana Says:

    I really enjoy Ravelry and Webs is my first choice for yarn. I always find inspiration from the Webs postings on FB.

  475. WhatAreYouMaking Says:

    My favorite way to hear about what WEBS is up to is through your Facebook updates. A lot of my friends & family use Facebook extensively for event planning, so I keep it open most of the time in case something pops up. I like that the posts from FB Pages that I’ve liked stay present in my news feed, rather than disappearing with time, so regardless of when I log in I’ll always see the WEBS post for the day.

  476. Candace Bergerson Anderton Says:

    I love WEBS beautiful selection of weaving yarns. I shop online and always find that prefect color and material for every project. My favorite social media is Pinterest because I find photos of other’s projects inspirational :)

  477. Linda Randall Says:

    Ravelry, without a doubt. I can get by without facebook, or Yahoo groups, I don’t Tweet or blog, but I need my Ravelry!

  478. K.ReneeKnits Says:

    I catch you on Twitter every morning with coffee. What could be better than coffee and yarn in the morning?! Happy Anniversary, and hope yo have 40 more!!

  479. missmoxie Says:

    I spend a lot of time on Facebook but I love the blog. It’s my favorite lunch reading!

  480. Knitteree Says:

    I look forward to the Facebook postings the most, but I love to browse on the pinterest boards for ideas too.

  481. reed1987 Says:

    I have been knitting for about 5 years. We didn’t have a LYS for several years in my town, so WEBS became my go-to place for yarn and patterns and info. I love the social aspects of our current LYS but Ravelry is my online favorite social media site. Thanks for this contest WEBS! Happy Anniversary!

  482. Paulette Says:

    Ravelry is by far my favorite social media. I do Facebook as well, and Pinterest, but Ravelry is the winner. I only have a small nearby yarn shop, so online shopping is a wonderful option.

  483. Crystal L Says:

    I love to follow WEBS on Facebook! The Deal of the Day is so nice to see every morning and quite possibly led to at least 2 impulse buys.

  484. Jody Skalski Says:

    I go to Ravelry quite a bit. Took a Crochet I class at Web’s and absolutely love it. I am lucky enough that I live only 20 min. away from Web’s :) Thanks for the wonderful class and getting me “hooked”.

  485. Lori Mills Says:

    For me it’s Pinterest. I spend the most time on that site. Runner up would be Ravelry.

  486. Anna Says:

    I use Facebook, but I am on Revelry and Pinterest daily! I enjoy following Webs on Pinterest especially.

  487. LEHaynes Says:

    Happy 40th Anniversary, WEBS. You are my favorite go to store for those wonderful Valley Yarns. I hope to be able to visit your store I love your Facebook site.

  488. Susan Raine Sellers Says:

    Ravelry, Pinterest, Facebook are my preferred methods. But my real favorite are the direct emails I receive from WEBS. I have been purchasing all my Noro from WEBS for 5 years.

  489. JR Says:

    My favorite social media to interact and share my art with is facebook. I always post my finished projects to facebook and I love the positive feedback from friends and family. I might even be teaching some how to knit because of it. :)

  490. Laurel Says:

    I tend to visit Webs on Facebook and Ravelry but my favorite is to visit the store in person !! Love yarn, love WEBS. I am awfully glad I live nearby !!!

  491. Jody Skalski Says:

    I took a class at Web’s (to learn to crochet) and was told about Ravelry.com and I go there a lot! I am so glad I took this class because I am definitely “hooked” and I’m so lucky since I only live about 20 mins. away from this wonderful yarn store!

  492. Megan Says:

    Facebook is my favorite! I’m always there, so I always see updates from WEBS! Though nothing will ever compare to visiting the store in person :)

  493. LDearie Says:

    A definite Raverly person here! (Facebook only occasionally — ) Otherwise, too busy crocheting and designing to mess with ‘social media’. Let me play with my yarn!!!
    A venture eastwards to visit the store is a wonderful adventure in YARNINESS, and not to be missed. I =LOVE= WEBS!!! Stick around for another 40-years and we’ll all be happy!

  494. WM Says:

    My fave way to interact? Facebook! It has the latest updates.

  495. ELLD Says:

    My favorite electronic social media for knitting is Ravelry, Facebook and newsletters/e-mails. Also like perusing the website, WEBS is my first destination!

  496. KimA Says:

    I just found you on Pinterest, and am excited about the visuals I’ll get to access there!

  497. Savannagal Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry, though I follow your blog in Netvibes. I use Pinterest once in a while, but not for social interaction as much as for keeping track of things I like. The others I do not use.

  498. sheilakars Says:

    I get E mails I like that I can order and live close enough to pick up, Of course I never just walk out with only my order.

  499. tracey Says:

    I think I split my time between Facebook and Ravelry …but its always the yarnie eye candy from Webs on Facebook that catches my eye

  500. Nicki Says:

    My favorite social media connection is Ravelry, for sure!

  501. Kali Says:

    My favourite (love/hate anyway) social media is Facebook but for knitting related things it is ravelry hands down (and all love). As for WEBS it is mostly browsing the website and sales especially – you are responsible for 90% of my 10+ year stash…

  502. tajar Says:

    Love twitter and look for WEBS daily deals. I’ve gotten lots of great yarn …when I wasn’t even thinking I needed any:-)

  503. Kate McNierney Says:

    My favorite used to be Facebook, but I prefer Twitter and Pinterest more now.

  504. ephrielle m Says:

    I am not a big social media fan but I absolutely love online shopping from WEBS. I do wish I could have a tiny sample of so many of the yarns. But then I guess that would make it all the harder not to have to buy them all once I could see and hold each beautiful strand.

  505. Laura Says:

    Through Ravelry and Facebook, but I love the website and blog as well! Mostly I just love WEBS!

  506. heidiknits Says:

    I love instagram. I follow WEBS on twitter though. It’s a great way to keep up to date on your sales, weather related closings, new yarn offerings, etc. Keep up the good work.

  507. Sheri Says:

    I’m enjoying instagram a lot right now. Congrats on 40 yrs.

  508. mwr8 Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry, hands down. Webs in also my favorite online store. My only regret moving to the midwest from Boston is not being able to take classes.
    The blogs and podcasts are the best way to keep in touch with Webs happenings.

  509. drg Says:

    I enjoy interacting with WEBS through Facebook. I also visit the WEBS website often.

  510. Maggie G. Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are my preference :)

  511. Ann Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite electronic social media for connecting to WEBS. When I see a project with a particular yarn that interests me, I just zip over to the WEBS website. But I also follow WEBS on Facebook.

  512. Cindy M. Says:

    Love the WEBS website the best; otherwise I use Ravelry and Facebook.

  513. Margery Meyers Haber Says:

    I seem to spend more time on Facebook, but I visit Twitter, Ravelry and Pinterest, too. FB is my fave.

  514. TeleIng Says:

    My favorite “yarn” related social media is Ravelry. But overall I’m mostly on Facebook.

  515. sampoulter Says:

    I’m a twitter fan — short and sweet!

  516. Amy (Waunaknit) Says:

    My favorite media is Ravelry, followed by blogging.

  517. Morgaine Le Fay Says:

    I hope I’m not posting twice but my favorite social media site is instagram. It’s a fun way to show of my work in progress.

  518. lynnf Says:

    My main source is Ravelry although FB works well too.

  519. Marianne Says:

    I look forward to your posts on Facebook and benefit from the Tuesday tips. Love the pictures!

  520. Ergoni Says:

    Of the ones mentioned, Ravelry is the most likely, although I rarely or never go to any of them.

  521. tracyplustwo Says:

    considering how much time i spend on ravelry each day, i think that has to be my answer! happy 40th, WEBS! <3

  522. Andrea Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook. I enjoy Ravelry for knitting, but that isn’t a site I can just pop into for a minute.

  523. Emily Says:

    I use Ravelry, Pinterest.

  524. Diana Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry, but I rarely miss a day at Webs online.

  525. Michele Moskaluk Says:

    Ravelry is the best, by far, but I really like Twitter for keeping up with people and getting shop updates.

  526. Nika Kramer Says:

    I see different sites of social media as a toolbox. Raverly undoubtedly provides the most complete and the most unique view on everything knitting. FB and Tweeter are great for head line news and call for action :-)

  527. Jeanne Says:

    I love getting emails from Webs and then pop onto the web site to check out yarn, then place an order when I can! Ravelry is a great resource for ideas and patterns.

  528. Liz LaBrocca Says:

    I love facebook for all of my social media interactions. It has a stream I can control and if I like what a brand is doing I do interact with their posts a lot.

  529. kcaknitts Says:

    My favorite way is Ravelry. That is where I go for my knitting information, KALS and knitting chit chat

  530. Kendra Hofrichter Says:

    Definitely Facebook. I find it the easiest to keep track of all of my favorite brands and websites in one place (like this contest :))

  531. Nikki Escalada Says:

    I have been going to Webs since I was 16 and I first got my license. A friend and I lied to our parents one weekend about where we were going and drove up to Webs 2.5 hours! We got caught. Needless to say, they did not believe us that we were going to a yarn store they assumed we were partying at Umass! My favorite way to interact with webs is through their website! I can browse for days and days.

  532. Synchit Says:

    I use various website for online media knitting information, specifically Ravelry since both my sister and I are members and an avid reader on member’s projects. The site enable me to see other member’s blog site including both personal and business site. I used Ravelry because there are many male knitters members that has experienced in project for the male gender. I am a male knitter and the patterns for men are not as prodigious as the female counterpart. I do like your site and I almost exclusively buy most of my yarns from yarn.com.

  533. Whitney Says:

    Facebook for sure!! I love WEBS and have been a long standing customer

  534. Stephanie Says:

    I am a Facebook gal, but I read the blog through my feedly account. But my favorite way to interact with Webs is to get a package in the mail :) Makes my day!

  535. cbroat Says:

    My favorite social media in general is facebook, but I like pinterest for yarn and knitting!

  536. Phyllis D. Says:

    I use Facebook on a daily basis for social media to contact with friends and family. If I’m not on Facebook it means I’m somewhere with friends knitting and gabbing. We do a lot of kibitzing and helping each other with patterns and techniques. I like to see what others are crafting on Ravelry, too. I love, love, love looking at pictures of the beautiful yarns (and often purchasing them) available on Webs — I know I keep you busy packing yarn and needles mail for me!!!

  537. Stash Haus Says:

    Happy Anniversary, WEBS!
    Ravelry exceeds all other social media for me. But I also heavily rely on the emails from WEBS for alerts for sales, new yarns, etc.

  538. chris Says:

    I’m afraid I’m not the biggest follower of social media. But I do love Ravelry for knitting – patterns, ideas, research!

  539. Susan Knizek Says:

    I love webs. I have introduced many knitters to your site.

  540. Meemaw Says:

    First… Way to go!!! 40 years quite an accomplishment especially nowadays!!:) received 8 skeins from Webs this week of the jewel cascade Peruvian yarn! Beautiful and soft! Lots of Christmas projects in mind and meemaw needs budget help. Thank you for giving me a chance to win some more of your Gorgeous yarn!!

  541. Grace Says:

    I keep up with you guys on Facebook!

  542. Heather Bee Says:

    My favorite social media is twitter because it’s easy to have conversations with like minded knitters and sewers.

  543. Virginia S Says:

    I spend a lot of time on Ravelry and Facebook. Love to drool over all the new yarns and patterns.

  544. Marseille Bunk Says:

    It’s a tie for me, between Facebook and Ravelry. Depends on my mood. :)

  545. dottyw Says:

    My favorite social media is ravelry. I am on facebook a little but mainly just trawling. I go to twitter whenever something is happening in the world but I am on ravlery almost all the time… when I am not knitting.
    Congratulations on 40 years of bringing us beautiful yarn and great tools!

  546. Amanda Says:

    Favorite form of social media is Facebook, but if we’re talking specifically social media and *knitting*, then the answer is Ravelry. Hands down, my favorite site for anything knitting.

  547. Meemaw Says:

    Sorry.. So excited forgot to put my favorite social media!! Lol it is Facebook or pin interest!! I have crocheted for 40 years!!!

  548. Karen Balcerski Says:

    I use Ravelry and your blog as well as Facebook to keep on top of what is going on with WEBS!

  549. svjanis Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry are my preferences

  550. Sierra Says:

    I love, love, love Ravelry. But I love Pinterest too. Anything that can get your imagination flowing is a wonderful thing.

  551. Carol Egnaczyk Gauthier Says:

    I do love me some Ravelry as well as Web’s FB page!

  552. JulieC Says:

    I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; I think my favorite is Ravelry. I usually interact with WEBS through your website, after I’ve seen a Facebook or Twitter post.

  553. Cindy Silkworth Says:

    My favorite social media in general is Facebook. It’s how I stay connected with my far flung family. But for knitting, my go to site is Ravelry. Love Webs, have been a customer since their beginning. Counting down the days to a visit to Northampton for a Lake Street Dive concert on April 4th. Can’t decide if I should visit Webs before or after the concert. Mmmm, maybe I’ll do both!!

  554. Pink Says:

    Congratulaltions in running a successful business for 40 years. I personally only use Ravelry and Pintrest. I love visiting your website and looking at all the beautiful yarn available for purchase. I’m also apart of your group on Ravelry.

  555. Sheri Says:

    Ravelry is probably my favorite social media. I love browsing the WEBS site.

  556. Allison Kelsey Says:

    The blog is my fave, although Twitter I am on fairly reliably every day. Congrats on 40 years!

  557. Kristen V. Says:

    WEBS, you always hook me with your Facebook posts.

  558. Flossie Says:

    Ravelry is, hand’s down, the best. But in terms of WEBS, you can’t beat your blogs—they are my go-to when I’m problem-solving or trouble-shooting, because you have the best tips!

  559. Virginia Says:

    I prefer both Facebook and Ravelry when it comes to social media.

  560. Priscilla Z Shin Says:

    Finding WEBS has saved my crocheting/knitting life! It’s wonderful being able to find NICE yarn that doesn’t always break my bank and I always love the sales! One of my favorite social media sites for yarn and etc., is Facebook.

  561. KallieKY Says:

    I use Ravelry and Facebook as my social media. I love getting FB updates and go straight to the Webs website :)
    KallieKY (ravelry)

  562. Titania Says:

    Ravelry, by far. I watch the WEBS forum there religiously and don’t do much with any of the other social media site…Facebook, Google+ and the like.

  563. AnnieTSka Says:

    I use FB and Ravelry- My morning highlight is to check FB for the daily deal! I check the blogs for tips and tricks too.

  564. Hedge Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry. It connects me with people from all over the world and constantly inspires me to be a better knitter and to try new things.

  565. Tamar Says:

    I mainly go on Ravelry. But I love skimming the Webs website

  566. robin Says:

    My favorite by far is Facebook. Always love seeing what is shared. Pinterest too.

  567. jazzytupes Says:

    My favorite social media for all things Webs is Ravelry, although Facebook is a close second.

  568. Jordi Waggoner Says:

    The blog and ravelry.com tie for my faves. It depends whether I am looking for something specific or just checking in because I have a minute which one I use

  569. Nancy Paris Says:

    I have to say Ravelry.

  570. Laura C Says:

    I like the blog although what I really like most are the emails you send out. I always read those. Thanks for the chance to win some yarn!

  571. Sarah Says:

    I like Ravelry best and consider Facebook as a necessary evil. Happy Anniversary!

  572. Surey Rodz Says:

    Facebook would have to be my favorite way to interact with WEBS, simply because I see any updates right on my News Feed. I usually wind up visiting the blog or website thanks to a FB post.

  573. RNKnitter Says:

    I am addicted to Ravelry and Facebook. I follow Webs on Facebook each day. One day I would like to visit your actual brick and mortar store, as I am sure it is FABULOUS!

  574. Sheilakay Says:

    I use Facebook to keep in touch with my grown daughters but other than that, I am often on Ravelry. I also read knitting blogs and collect knitting and crochet inspiration and techniques on Pinterest.

  575. Kayteau Says:

    I’m someone who appreciates the layers that a blog gives, although Ravelry has eaten an enormous amount of my time each week. WEBS is one of the websites I use as a “reward” – do something I’m less than excited about, spend 10 minutes looking at the yarn.com site – and making a visit to the physical location is on my bucket list.

  576. Ruth Beatty Schoof Says:

    My favorite would be Ravelry!

  577. Andrea Says:

    I spend way to much time on Facebook… and Ravelry.

  578. Caitlin Says:

    I have an RSS feed set up to get updates from the Webs blog, so between the blog and Facebook, I usually get all of the updates on all of the wonderful things going on!

  579. Robin H Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry are my favorite places to follow WEBS.

  580. Alice Says:

    My favorite social media is facebook – though I’m more of a lurker than a contributor. It is lovely watching the yarn appear in my feed. Thanks WEBS!
    As for interaction, I’d have to say your catalog. When I want details, that is the place to go!

  581. Brianna Thornton Says:

    Thanks for hosting such a fun contest! your facebook page and emails are what keep me the most up to date on all your events/new sales/new yarn. The facebook page post about the contest was how I found out it was going on this week.

  582. Anna Blaikie Says:

    I prefer Rav or Facebook but just browsing the store is fun too!

  583. Wendy Janett Says:

    For social media, I love Ravelry the best, but for those poor souls among my friends who aren’t fiber arts fanatics, I stay in touch with Facebook. My favorite way to interact with Webs online? Your website and shopping cart – DUH! Absolutely no willpower to resist it.

  584. Erin Kennedy Says:

    I like the podcast but I guess that doesn’t really count so I will say Ravelry. Thanks for being so generous on your anniversary!

  585. Jo Burr Says:

    Congratulations on 40 years!! I know I am glad you are out there:) My favorite social media is the blog.

  586. loulew Says:

    I mainly use Ravelry, but I also love looking through Webs website regularly

  587. KMJ49 Says:

    Love the colors of the madeliintosh died Valley Superwash DK! And use both Ravelry and Facebook…

  588. Lori Says:

    I am most often on Facebook but also love to spend time on Ravelry and Pinterest. Webs is always a favorite and I am so anxious to make the windchill cardigan with the yarn I win. I will post the finished results in every social media giving Webs credit of course. :-)

  589. Martje Hague Bryce Says:

    Facebook, then your blog!

  590. Garrettsgramma Says:

    A knitting diva friend introduced me to WEBS and I have been a fan for about 5 years. My favorite social medium is Facebook, but Ravelry runs a close second.

  591. chfknits Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite, but I also follow facebook.

  592. Peggy Chutoi Says:

    I must admit I’m in the FB crowd. I do miss Twitter but just don’t have the time and prefer the ongoing group conversation format of FB better.

  593. Mary Says:

    It is a tossup between Instagram and Ravelry. I love the photos from Instagram but love connecting with people on Ravelry.

  594. Altheath Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite, and I moved to Colorado a couple of years ago from the Northampton area and I miss Webs so much! I’m glad that I can shop online, but nothing beats actually being able to go to the store.

  595. cholz Says:

    I love Ravelry.

  596. Karen Droms Says:

    Must go with Facebook, although Ravelry is great for specific needlework topics. My favorite way of interacting with WEBS online is through the shopping cart…

  597. NicLizD74 Says:

    My favorite way to connect with Webs is Pinterest. The beautiful pictures that lead me straight to the patterns and colorways I see is the perfect way for me to pick and choose for my knitting board.

  598. strych911 Says:

    I love Ravelry, but for WEBS FaceBook is the best way to get updates to sales and promotions.

  599. Margaretk Says:

    I use Facebook, revelry and email. I sometimes get lost in your online catalog, browsing the lovely yarns.

  600. Stacey Elliott Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook:)

  601. Littlebrownmare Says:

    My favorite is ravelry, so many great pics and patterns!

  602. Carla Hibbard Says:

    I love instagram!

  603. mz Says:

    Facebook, because I check it anyway. The WEBS coupon codes on FB are good deals and are pretty to look at so late in the day when no one else is posting about yarn : P

  604. Heather Says:

    I love Twitter. I always check out the daily deals. Without Twitter, I would have no idea what is the latest with yarny goodness!

  605. donaldsg Says:

    My favourite is definitely Ravelry: all knitting, all the time!

  606. Yarndork Says:

    Favorite all time social media site is Ravelry. It’s the first thing I check when I turn on the computer. I love seeing all the projects and looking for inspiration. I love that I can ask a question and get several responses of assistance within an hour. And I love that I’ve meet some real-life knitting/crochet buddies thanks to a post I put up years ago looking for a meet-up in my area. I can honestly say that Ravelry has changed my life. And mostly for the better…

  607. Julie Flahive Says:

    My favorite social media sites are instagram (I really enjoy pictures) and ravelry. I don’t interact with Webs much online as I live 8 miles away from the store (lucky me). I do follow Webs on pinterest, facebook, and twitter. I suppose I like pinterest the best as they pin cool projects.

  608. Marjorie Says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Favorite social media: Facebook
    Favorite knitting social media: Ravelry
    Favorite way to interact with WEBS online: yarn.com

  609. jeffiknitter Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Ravelry, but I like interacting with
    WEBS through Facebook- love seeing the specials come up in my feed!

  610. Misty Dotten Says:

    I am probably on Facebook more than anything but I love Ravelry too. :-)

  611. Emily Ringelman Says:

    I like Twitter, because there’s always a deal of the day!

  612. Karen Rarich Says:

    Ravelry. Hands down!

  613. bfmama Says:

    I love shopping Webs for yarn and hooks! I like twitter a lot, but nothing beats ravelry for crochet fun!

  614. Kelsey Holmes Foster Says:

    I love Pinterest! I don’t know what we all did before it existed. Looking at all the fun projects is so inspiring and motivating! (Ravelry is a close second, however!)

  615. Janice Kang Says:

    My favorite way to interact with WEBS online is through FB. I also follow you on Twitter, but so many tweets flies by during the day, I might miss one of yours.

  616. Janet Kirby Says:

    I honestly love receiving WEBS emails with the message “Here are our picks for you.” I could spend hours on your website. In fact, one day I just may have to relocate to Northampton for retirement to be closer to my favorite yarn shop!

  617. Juanita Quinones Says:

    Because I’m constantly crocheting my favorite social media is Ravelry closely followed by Facebook afterall that’s how I found out about this!

  618. appleblossom Says:

    Happy anniversary! You have such a wonderful selection of yarns. I love coming to your web-site and browsing.

  619. CrazyKids Says:

    I’m a Facebook person. Some of that is because I have a dumb phone and many of the other mediums seem better suited to the smart phone.

  620. Zita H Says:

    facebook is my favorite

  621. Bknits Says:

    FB and ravelry!

  622. StephBF Says:

    Facebook is by far the easiest means of communication, though I really like Ravelry for ease of finding interesting new projects, etc. in a niche area. Pinterest is fun for clothes, art and accessories, but I don’t find it useful for much else. Twitter will eventually drive me mad and who really cares who follows who, anyway? Instagram is fine for interesting pics on Facebook.

  623. Elaine Hamilton Says:

    Hands down, my favorite social media channel is Facebook. Although Pinterest is definitely a go-to site for visuals. I love interacting with Webs on Facebook and Twitter.

  624. Amanda Martinson Says:

    Ravelry and Twitter – I like Ravelry for its greater detail but Twitter for its quick looks into what’s going on at Webs.

  625. Kristin Says:

    I’m a Ravelry person, too, but I dabble on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Anniversary!!!

  626. Bonnie Says:

    I love this custom appreciation of love webs is doing! While I have been in stash down mode this is still one of my favorite places! Honestly, my favorite way to interact with social media and Webs is Ravelry forums.

  627. PinchOfSalt Says:

    While I have Ravelry and Twitter accounts, I prefer to interact with WEBS via Facebook. I love the pictures and being able to click to read blog entries, check out a sale, or learn more about new arrivals.

  628. Kim Says:

    Ravelry and Webs-site via email promotions.

  629. Fran Says:

    Facebook is my go to social media. I’ve got a knitting/crocheting page which is where, but liking great sites like Webs, I get inspiration for new project ideas, as well as keep on top of great yarn deals :)

  630. mdbstitches Says:

    Facebook is the channel I use most often. If I want to interact with WEBS online I go directly to your website.

  631. Irene Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite way to stay up to date on happenings in the knitting community. It’s a great hub for all the sharing, and nicely organized and easy to search!

  632. Kara Says:

    My favorite social media site is definitely Pinterest. Its full of so many good ideas, and I use it to save, organize, and comment on projects of all sorts. Plus, companies that pin to Pinterest usually pin things I’m more interested in reading than other social networks.

  633. Suzanne Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry-all knitting, all the time. It’s a great way to keep up with what is going on in the knitting world. If I had to pick my favorite yarn store, it would be WEBS. Your store always has what I am looking for, and although the website is fabulous, I always love to shop your store in person. Your staff is always very friendly and helpful.

  634. susank Says:

    I am a huge fan of Ravelry but honestly I use all kinds of social media so I guess you could say I’m an equal opportunity offender.

  635. Mary Brown Says:

    I like Twitter. There is something about only having 140 characters that forces you to tighten up but still get the message across!

  636. RCheli Says:

    My favorite is probably Facebook, followed by…seeing people in person. There are too many different social sites to keep up with! I can’t be bothered.

  637. Becky Says:

    I use Ravelry,FaceBook and the on-line Webs site to find out what Webs has to offer as far as yarns, equipment and tutorials. I live in an area that has no local sources for anything having to do with knitting so I do all of my shopping on-line. I’ve been very pleased with the items and customer service from Webs and will continue to shop there whether I win anything or not.

  638. Sarah Says:

    Ravelry is my general favorite site, but for Webs I usually go straight to the source on yarn.com.

  639. Janice L Gritz Says:

    Facebook is my chosen social media site, but for knitting I try to connect with KnitFreedom and Liat Gat. Occasionally, I look for a video from WEBS or Ravelry for a technique my pattern requires. My favorite way to interact with WEBS online is to comment on FB. I am not a Blog type person or at least I haven’t found one that spoke to me.

  640. Sheri Says:

    My favorite media channel is Ravelry but I do check Facebook a few times every day.

  641. Pat W Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Favorite social media is Ravelry. That’s where I keep up to date with news about yarn, special offers from stores, including WEBS, and chat with my online friends.

  642. Karen Shannon Says:

    I like Facebook, because I don’t miss any posts!

  643. KN Marshall Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Twitter, but my favorite way to interact with WEBS is through Ravelry or Facebook for all the beautiful yarn and project pics.

  644. Elsha Wolf Says:

    My favorite way to interact with y’all is Twitter (because it’s the easiest for me to catch your updates) closely followed by FB (they make it harder to catch everyone’s posts).

  645. MaryAnne W. Says:

    Facebook for me!

  646. Sydnie Wauson Says:

    Ravelry, without a doubt!

  647. MP Says:

    I’m new to WEBS, and I love the Week of <3 idea–count me in! What a great, yarn-centric way to celebrate Valentine's week and get WEBS' social scene rockin' at the same time!

  648. CLW Says:


  649. Caron LaVallie Guigli Says:

    I guess I’d say Facebook for the Rigid Heddle Weaving page. And I love the deals of the day from Webs

  650. Elizabeth Venman Says:

    My favorite social media outlet is Pinterest, though I use Facebook the most. I find with Pinterest, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing, but isn’t always time-appropriate, sigh. I also love Ravelry, and haven’t looked around on there lately, but want to get back into it, to find new projects and designers of things to knit.

  651. Hansi Says:

    Ravelry is just the best. It’s nice to be able to see the lovely things that people make with their Webs yarn. And I enjoy the Webs group on Ravelry.
    Of course, I also spend way too much time on the Webs site drooling over all the beautiful yarn.

  652. Orangerussian on Ravelry Says:

    I love Ravelry!

  653. Emily Says:

    I’m addicted to Pinterest and Ravelry. Between the two, I have more to-do projects that I have free time. Facebook is a close second as it lets me keep up with friends and family. I’ve always used the Webs website for all my interactions.

  654. Heather Sullivan Says:

    I like the blog and FB!

  655. LIbby Pomfret Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social media channel, followed by Twitter. I tend to interact with Webs via posts from the blog that are aggregated by the app “Zite” under the topic knitting. And of course, by shopping on your site!!

  656. CLW Says:

    Sorry about the false post. My favorite way to interact with Webs is through Ravelry. I don’t do much with social media but I love WEBS–you have a great yarn site with great yarn at great prices and so many patterns…Plus you listen to us and add yarn we ask for. Happy 40–My husband and I celebrate 40 years in June.

  657. Elizabeth A. De LONG Says:

    I love Ravelry, ! I also spend time on Facebook and Twitter.

  658. androgyn141 Says:

    I love using the blog and Ravelry to interact with Webs.

  659. joanie Says:

    My favorite social media channel for Webs is through Ravelry or Facebook for all the wonderful yarn and project to sort through. I also enjoy the tips and techniques that come along. Happy Anniversary Webs. Count me in

  660. Bri Says:

    I really love Instagram and Twitter but I’m really starting to figure out all the social aspects of Ravelry. I love seeing all the project pictures, especially ones made with yarns purchased from WEBS!

  661. Andrea Says:

    My favorite way to communicate with Webs is through The Ravelry group since I’m always on there more than other social media sites.

  662. LK Says:

    I love all the social media! But for my knitting it has to be Ravelry. For WEBS, it’s Twitter.

  663. LA Says:

    I love Instagram for eye candy, Facebook for interaction and updates, and Ravelry for both.

  664. snowpawz Says:

    I believe each social media has it’s good and bad points. Ravelry is my favorite place for anything yarn related, but I don’t visit it every day. Google+ is my chosen place to check on my friends (and WEBS) multiple times per day. I love seeing the pictures of yarn in my feed. I also use Twitter to catch up on random things, but I don’t check it as often unless I know there is something I want to keep an eye on. Twitter will jump to my most used during Stitches West, though :)

  665. Alexis Says:

    Ravelry! I’m tktl

  666. Eliza Cruz Says:

    I use Facebook the most, but I enjoy getting emails from Webs, if I happen to miss a post.

  667. Anna M. Preziosi Says:

    My go to is FB. I just wish you would stop advertising all your specials there…my wallet can’t take it!

  668. rgrace Says:

    I’m not on FB or Twitter, but I spend way too much time perusing Ravelry for new knitting and yarn ideas!

  669. Elizabeth A. De LONG Says:

    I love Ravelry ! I also spend time on Facebook and Twitter.

  670. Lillian Bennion Nehring Says:

    Congratulations, Webs for 40 years!! I love your website and buy most of my yarn from you. Service is always fast! My preferred social media is Facebook.

  671. Isa Says:

    I have two favourite media channels, Facebook to connect with friends, and Ravelry to connect with other knits, I don’t share knitting projects on facebook

  672. Nicole Hancock Says:

    My go to social media is facebook. Its the best way to connect to my crochet friends!!

  673. Ami Says:

    I like Ravelry for interacting with Webs.

  674. Debbie Says:

    The only social media space I regularly check is Ravelry. I also have feeds to many blogs and podcasts (such as Webs) that I enjoy on a regular basis. As for interacting online with Webs, I have used email and been very satisfied. I get updates from Webs almost daily to keep up with what’s new and on sale. I have also ordered from Webs online and have been pleased with how easy it is and how well it works.

  675. kylene Says:

    Pintrest … I see lots of great ideas!

  676. anne Josephy-Zack Says:

    I love Pinterest and what WEBS has shared on Pinterest. I also really love your podcast.

  677. Jenn Wisbeck Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook!

  678. Karen Says:

    Ravelry is still my favorite social media site for all things fiber. :)

  679. Lynne Phelps Says:

    Blog! I love the blog. I also like email notification for big sales.

    I don’t tweet and rarely visit Facebook. I love Pinterest but you can’t really get a message out that way.

  680. elizabeth blake Says:

    What a great contest! My fave social media outlet is Twitter. When bad weather threatens, it’s a great source of info!

  681. Lisa Blank Says:

    Congratulations on your milestone anniversary!

    I prefer to communicate with WEBS on Ravelry. I don’t use FB, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

  682. CH in SF Says:

    I’ve been shopping with WEBS since the early 90’s – back when I used to get a wonderful thick envelope of samples of the closeouts. I LOVED those envelopes! I now follow you all on Ravelry every day. And now that I weave as well as knit, I have that many more reasons to love WEBS! See you at Stitches West in a couple of weeks.

  683. drmaguire Says:

    My favorite social media channel is probably Pinterest, but I enjoy interacting with Webs via Twitter and Ravelry as well. Basically, I connect in any way I can get my yarn and pattern fix!

  684. Ellen Says:


  685. Kat Gatzke Says:

    Ravelry, absolutely! I spend way too much time there!

  686. Dawn Patch Says:

    I remember the days of yarn shopping from sample packs which were sent in the snail mail! Happy every day to look at http://www.yarn.com to see what new yummy I need…

  687. Rachel Says:

    I check Facebook way more often than I should, but I love the blog posts and direct emails. Although nothing beats a drive up to see all the gorgeous yarn in person!

  688. Knitter Kitter Says:

    Twitter and Ravelry are probably my favorite, though I do check Facebook at least once a day. Thank you for the chance to win!

  689. Michelle McMillen Says:

    Goodness, I’m not even sure I know the meaning of “media channel”! But I do love Ravelry and I think that counts. :-) As for interacting with WEBS, that would be email, and your blog.

  690. Allison Says:

    My favorite is actually Facebook. I think I’ve “liked” enough of their posts that I see all the updates.

  691. Barbara Abbott Rall Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite.

  692. hotknitter Says:

    I don’t really use social media. My fave way to interact with WEBS is via yarn.com or via the phone if I want to ask questions.

  693. Nephele Boetia Says:

    I’m all about the Ravelry boards when it comes to yarny socializing. I follow knitterly tweeters but rarely say anything myself.

  694. Julie Smith Says:

    Happy 40th Anniversary! Of all of the social media sites, my favorite has got to be Ravelry. I’ve made so many friends, both in real life and online through Ravelry. I also check in to the Ravelry at least once a day, something I can’t say about any other social media site.

  695. Sue K. Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Facebook. I like to catch up with what family and friends are doing.

    I go directly to the WEBS website to browse and order yarn. I can get lost for a long time looking at yarn. SO much yarn, SO little time.

  696. JKnits51 Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry.

  697. VHuddle Says:

    I am on Ravelry most of the day so that is my favorite social media and also my favorite way of interacting with Webs although I do enjoy the emails and this blog as well.

  698. Heidi Crockett Says:

    Congrats on the 40th anniversary! My daughter & I both LOVE shopping at WEBS – thanks for the inspiration! Most of my social media interaction is through Facebook, although I interact with WEBS in various ways.

  699. Madeleine Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook. Get to see all the Webs postings there too! But for all things yarn I’m a Ravelry addict.

  700. Donna Parroné Says:

    Ravelry and email for me.

  701. Jaclyn Knack Says:

    Facebook is really all I use, so that would be my favroite. It’s nice to see all the pretty colors from Webs, makes me want to spend way too much :)

  702. Maliasue Says:

    Instagram is my favorite social media. I love seeing all the pictures of families, scenery, projects. For WEBS my fav so far is facebook. I didnt actually know you had an instagram account. So I’m off now to find it :)

  703. Annie Says:

    Facebook, Ravelry and the Blog–Facebook especially! I love getting project and technique ideas from it–sale items don’t hurt either! HAPPY 40th!!

  704. Lise in NJ Says:

    I love WEBS on Ravelry, and I have loved you for years!

  705. Poppylachoy Says:

    Pretty much the only social media I use is Ravelry, so that’s my favorite! All my favorite knitting things are all in one place :)

  706. Melissa Savoy Says:

    My favorite social media site is Ravelry, but I use Facebook probably just as often. I’m on both sites daily, and find it hard to choose bewteen them, as they offer different content.

  707. Maria Peas Says:

    I use Ravelry and Facebook most, almost too much, but who can quit looking when all these beautiful handmade items get posted.

  708. Morgan Panich Says:

    Pinterest is my favorite social media site. I get all kinds of inspiration for colors, yarns, and projects. Ravelry is also pretty amazing and a great way to meet like minded knitters or get help with tough projects.

  709. Talia Karchem Says:

    I’m getting more into Google+, but I still depend mostly on Facebook. Pinterest is always awesome.

  710. Collatini Says:

    The blog is great. But I spend more time on FB and I might not be thinking about yarn and fiber, but then a post catches my attention.

  711. Kelly Ungelbach Says:

    I spend all day long on Ravelry. I love being able to see pictures of the yarn and what people make with it.

  712. Katie S Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Pinterest, but I’ve only interacted with WEBS through Facebook. I often click through to giveaways and free content blog posts.

  713. Nikky Says:

    Favorite social media is for knitting is Ravelry. but Facebook & Pinterest also rate high.

  714. Debra Getz Says:

    My favorite is the podcasts. They are my radio!

  715. MDH Says:

    Twitter, hands down. But Facebook seems a little better for interactions: no length limits.

  716. TC Griswold Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry! There’s so many things that can be done there, find out about and message with like minded knitters.

  717. Christina Simms Conway Says:

    I love using ravelry to share knitting ideas

  718. amber kane Says:

    I love Raverly…. Almost as much as I love Webs. I love the fact that I can get online at anytime and get something I need…or just want….without having to drive somewhere and hope they have it.

  719. BThelp Says:

    Happy 40th Anniversary WEBS–I love you, too! Your blog post is a great way to tell WEBS customers about your contest and help us celebrate with you. I’ve never wanted to be “randomly” chosen SO MUCH in all my life! :-) My favorite social media channel is Ravelry and it’s also my favorite way to interact with WEBS online.

  720. LadyLala Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook. I discovered Webs by exploring friend’s likes and here I am. Congrats for 40 years in the business!!!

  721. Marieke Doherty Says:

    I only use Facebook and Ravelry, but I like Facebook best as the pictures and tips you provide on there are a nice surprise amongst my friends’ activity.

  722. Heather M Says:

    I keep up with WEBS through Ravelry. Though, I confess that Pinterest occupies waaaaay too much of my time.

  723. Stephanie Smietanka Risotto Says:


  724. Yarnardent Says:

    My favorite social media for all things yarn is Ravelry. I really prefer just clicking on the main site though. My least favorite is twitter. I don’t use it at all.

  725. Yarn MInded Knitter Says:

    Facebook is my favourite social media for quick updates, but Ravelry is the way I go for more information, and to connect to the Webs crew.

  726. Lucy Says:

    I love Ravelry! And I frequently check out WEBS on Facebook. And, of course, WEBS is bookmarked on my computer. I’m there so often my computer just goes there automatically…..or it should.

  727. Marsha Says:

    Definitely G+! I like the people on there, and I keep meeting new knitters. Also love the format for its versatility.

  728. SharilynR Says:

    My favorite for WEBS and knitting is Ravelry though I just popped my head though the pinterest door and I like what I see!

  729. vstarborn Says:

    I spend as much time looking on Ravelry as I do knitting! There are also several blogs that I check everyday.

  730. Penny F. Says:

    OK…ignore part of my earlier post about “wish list” please….pretend I never, ever typed that out :)

  731. Caroline Says:

    I like Instagram best because I can SEE what my friends and favorite companies are up to :)

  732. Ami in Ky Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook.

  733. Amanda Barnhardt Says:

    My favorite social media site of knitting is probably pinterest. Since I spend so much time gawking at other DIY projects on Pinterest, it is easy to search for knitting while I’m at it. One stop shopping baby!

  734. Laura Ricketts Says:

    Hmmm… Twitter is my favorite, but Facebook I use more commonly.

  735. dithespy Says:

    I like facebook the best, though instagram is definitely gaining popularity in my eyes. I’m all about the gorgeous photos of delicious yarn!

  736. Julie Gutierrez Says:

    I’m a Facebook girl. i do use Ravelry on occasion, but more as a pattern/material resource than as a social site. I refuse to join Pinterest in interest of having a life offline. :-)

  737. Carol M Says:

    I usually go to the Webs pages but if I see Webs on Facebook I will follow the link there. Love the yarns.

  738. Knittingknerd Says:

    My favorite social media site is Twitter. Its easy to use, keeps me updated and it fits in my busy lifestyle.

  739. Francese Says:

    I lost my lst comments to you….LOVE your store, your inventory, your staff and all your planned activities…..EVERYTHING! So much so…it takes away from my knitting time with the browsing I do. I have to watch that… I live an 1 1/2 drive away and I cannot just drop in. My visits are just moderate, but I do get down there for the bigger promotions. Thank God for online. Please keep up the wonderful, inspiring work and don’t ever go away….

  740. Donna Says:

    I only use Facebook but I will join the others to get a chance to win. This is a very informative blog – I will use this again.

  741. Angeleena Says:

    My favourite social media by far is Ravelry. But I am rather active on Facebook

  742. Sara Says:

    I like Facebook the best. Hope I win!

  743. janlee Says:

    My favorite is Facebook.

  744. Amy Says:

    Twitter! Short, sweet bites do very well keeping me updated.

  745. Talia Says:

    Happy Anniversary to my favorite yarn store!

  746. Carol b (Cln crs) Says:

    I only use Pinterest .
    Carol b (Cln crs)

  747. Carol Says:

    I spend the most time on Ravelry, rarely using any other social media. Interacting with WEBS? I think the hours and hours spent drooling over the yarn at your website, dream shopping by filling the cart over and over probably qualify for interacting. I always check WEBS first whenever I need/want new yarn.

  748. Lukeknitwalker Says:

    My favorite is Facebook…..more reading than posting, but then I love Ravelry! Hard to decide!

  749. knittingmom9 (Ravelry) Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Ravelry. My favorite way to interact with WEBS is the actual website. Too much yarny goodness!!–Knittingmom9 on Ravelry.

  750. Jessica Tropp Says:

    Ravelry is by far my favorite social media site, but I get most of my WEBS info through email and the blog.

  751. SKYoo Says:

    My favorite yarn related social media is Ravelry but I would rather interact with other yarn lovers in person if at all possible – much more personal. WEBS is a great site – love the reviews of the yarn – really helps when picking out yarn as I don’t have a LYS in my town.

  752. Anneh Says:

    My favourite social media venue is definitely Ravelry! I post to Tumblr also, which I like for following people who post great photos.

  753. Peggy Dellasala Says:

    I love staying in touch via Facebook, Ravelry, Pinterest and of course WEBS website.

  754. Donna Tritz Says:

    My favorite social media, despite all its’ shortcomings, is Facebook. I like being able to conduct more in depth conversations because we’re not limited to 140 characters. It’s also my favorite way to follow Webs because I spend lots of time on it.

  755. Tina Miller Says:

    I don’t spend a lot of time on social media, but I visit Ravelry regularly and host my own Meetup group. I enjoy getting the emails and posts about WEBS on Ravelry.

  756. Kathy Says:

    My favorite is Ravalry. But I do enjoy skimming through the photos on Instagram also.

  757. Karen Barrows Says:

    My favorite social media for Webs is Ravelry.

  758. Donna Tritz Says:

    And I thought I was the only one to repeatedly fill a Webs cart & spend hours dreaming, drooling over the yarn.

  759. Melissa Allen Rodriguez Says:

    My favorite social media site is a toss up between Pinterest and Ravelry because of all the lovely photos of projects that inspire me. However, my favorite way to interact with Webs is via Facebook.

  760. Nan Palmer Says:

    Favorite way to connect with WEBS? Either email, or Facebook!

  761. Karen Rippere Lampe Says:

    Both Ravelry and Facebook work best for me!

  762. Alevtyna Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook

  763. vek Says:

    I got a WEBS gift card for Christmas! Loved the sale right after Christmas! I was able to use the gift card and then some! Completed my first project and looking forward to many more! I love sharing my projects on Facebook!

  764. Francese Says:

    I LOVE everything about WEB’S….the store, the inventory, the staff, all the planned activities and my easy access to the store using Interstate 91. It is about 1 1/2 hour drive for me. As long as my wheels keeping turning, I’ll keep coming down,
    can’t help it!! I use Ravelry and PinInterest, mostly, to browse for knitting books and patterns. Then I skip over to Web’s, online. You folks are an oasis in the desert. You quench my thirst. Please keep up all that you do for inspiring knitters.

  765. Fran SJ Says:

    I use Ravelry and Webs website. Webs is great and I am lucky to live within driving distance!

  766. Jeanette Says:

    Personally, Facebook is my go-to for socia media, although Ravelry is my go-to knitting home. However, I don’t quite interact on Ravelry except when it comes to commenting on patterns. As for WEBS, well…I’m with some of the others here in that it’s a first stop shop when looking for new yarn to purchase or just spend hours “window” shopping!

  767. Mariaeb Says:

    I love Ravelry because it leads me to other social media, especially blogs and podcasts which come in a close second! Congratulations, Webs on your 40th! Great job!

  768. Kelly Halley Says:

    Most of my web shopping is stimulated by the emails I receive from you. Ravelry is definitely the social media I use most for knitting. For WEBS specifically, Facebook.

  769. phinaborgeson Says:

    Google plus is what I check most frequently. Sometimes Facebook; once in a while when I am looking for project inspiration, Ravelry.

  770. Dawne Says:

    I am a newcomer to webs and am looking forward to making my first order. Can’t wait to try some of the gorgeous yarns for my next project. I would love to win this contest.

  771. SerafinaCakes Says:

    My favorite way to interact with Webs, is through the direct website- LOVE the yarn reviews, and to be able to look up the stats on a particular skein when I’ve lost my tag :(
    Grandpas Garage, amd the closeouts are amazing, as I am able to try out different yarn companies and patterns without breaking the bank. My favorite social media site is Pinterest- I’d say Ravelry, but not sure if that really counts.

  772. Sitkarose Says:

    I like looking at the daily deals via Facebook!

  773. Janice F Says:

    My favorite social media is facebook and I love to either email or use Ravelry to stay in contact with my favorite yarn shop Webs. Cant wait for my next birthday pilgrimage to the shop in May.

  774. LorettaJean Says:

    Ravelry & Facebook are my favorites. I use webs to find yarn I can’t get locally. Wonderful selection

  775. iansgrammy Says:

    I am in a group of knitters who have been trying to come to your shop, this is the
    second thursday and yet it sounds like another snow storm on thursday ! Hope to see you all soon ! I get your e-mails !

  776. Suzi Says:

    I am Ravelry but not much and do not use any of the other social media – I am a reader and not a commentor mostly. BUt I LOVE Webs! Thanks for doing this drawing.

  777. Amy Duchsherer Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Instagram– It is so concise! Likewise– my favorite way to interact with Webs online is through instragram… the beautiful yarn photos that come across my feed always brighten my day!

  778. Corlene Forde Says:

    I spend an absurd amount on time on Ravelry…so I guess that makes it my favorite. I usualy interact with WEBS through their website. It is my go to site whenever I need to buy yarn or just when I just want to look at yarn and dream.

  779. Peg Says:

    I’m a social media hound, so I use them all. However, I enjoy the blog quite a bit, then Facebook. I spend time on the site, searching for yarns that I’ve not tried, then going to Ravelry to see the projects that have been created with the yarn. It’s really fun for me and gets the creativity rolling for me!!

  780. Ashley Says:

    I love keeping up with Webs deal of the day on facebook! It just pops up on my feed!

  781. KAChampagne Says:

    Ravelry is my go-to social networking site. I check Rav (including the WEBS forum) several times a day. I check FB only once a day, and I don’t use other sites. When I want to know what’s up at Webs, I always check the Rav forum.

  782. Carol Hatch Says:

    I love the information that I get on Facebook. That is my preferred Webs contact. Even when I don’t purchase anything, I love to see the choice of the day

  783. DebMomOf3 Says:

    I’m on all of them, but my favorites to interact on lately are Facebook and Instagram. I’m trying to get involved with Ravelry more too. :)

  784. Eunice Says:

    I read your blog for webs information.

  785. Christine G Says:

    I use Facebook most often to catch up on the latest WEBS news and promotions! Ravelry is a close second, though :)

  786. ajoye Says:

    I usually say my favorite social media channel is twitter, but I haven’t been using it much lately (in fact, I’m not even sure I follow WEBS? If not, I will now!). I interact with WEBS most often on Facebook, where I always look at the deal of the day!

  787. athnaz Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite social media site and I enjoy webs facebook presence.

  788. knitsewpretty Says:

    My favorite site is Ravelry and I rarely visit social media. I am checking the WEBS site just about every other day. It is the “go-to” place when I am looking for quality yarn and accessories. I am never disappointed with what I see in selection and price.

  789. Diane Var Says:

    I also spend way too much time on Facebook.

  790. txvoodoo Says:

    I spend most of my time on Ravelry and twitter! If I *had* to interact, I’d probably choose email. Mostly, it’s enough to lose an hour or so web-shopping. :D

  791. Jendaub Says:

    I love spending time on ravelry to plan my next project, however Webs on FB is what sends me over to webs website where I find lots of stuff I can not live without. I fill my cart one day, continually go back to it, analyze it finally place my order and watch my mailbox like a hawk! I love the online catalogue that webs puts out as well.

  792. misarom Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry!

  793. Cindy in un-Happy Valley Says:

    Love, love Madtosh…and love Webs variety and speedy delivery.

  794. Ellen Says:

    Hi, my favorite is Ravelry. And of course, just keeping up on Webs site.

  795. Laura Says:

    Knitting social media- mostly on ravelry and a little bit on twitter. I interact with WEBS through the delightful promotional e-mails that remind me of a yarn I like that’s on sale, a new yarn I might like, or fun events like this giveaway! I am also lucky enough to live within driving distance of the fabulous warehouse where I have splurged outrageously on sweater quantities and new-to-me sock yarn

  796. marycpeck Says:

    I’m on Facebook way too much! I look at Webs mostly via http://www.yarn.com. Wish I lived closer. The 3 hour drive makes it a very special field trip.

  797. Selena Says:

    Ravelry and the Webs website!

  798. Julie Says:

    Of course I love Ravelry but I mostly track Webs through this blog which I read religiously.

  799. Barbara Says:

    Definitely Ravelry!

  800. Barbara Mac Says:

    I spend all of my time on Ravelry since I don’t have any accounts on the other social media sites. I am fortunate enough to live close by (45 minutes) so if I need to see a particular yarn in person rather than looking at it online, I hop in my Jeep and head to Northampton!!
    Congratulations on achieving 40 years and here’s to many more!!!

  801. Pat Lewis Says:

    I love the updates on Facebook but my favorite source for knitting knowledge is the Webs website. I have learner so much from browsing and researching on Webs. Grandma1pat@gmail.com

  802. Addie Moe Says:

    FB is my social media of choice, tho I do use Ravelry to find patterns. Enjoy browsing WEBS for cool yarns and tools.

  803. Amanda Says:

    If Ravelry is a social media site, that is my favorite, and the only one I really use at this point, though I have a Facebook and a Pinterest account.

  804. michelle gray Says:


  805. SweetBay Says:

    I love Ravelry but use Facebook for general contacts. I spend a great amount of time on the Webs site dreaming of all the projects I could complete with all the lovely yarn there.

  806. Kristen Says:

    Ravelry is my top pick, with the blog a close second. Long live Webs!

  807. Carol Says:

    My favorite way to interact with WEBS is through Ravelry. I’m on Ravelry every day, several times a day! Love WEBS’ vast selection of yarns and great customer service!

  808. Blossom Says:

    I use Ravelry and Facebook. I don’t really use any other social media sites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  809. Kelly Kerr Says:

    I’m a facebooker for this kinda stuff!

  810. Cathy McIntyre Says:

    My favorite social media for knitting is Ravelry, but when it comes to anything wool related I will use them all!

  811. KathyS Says:

    I use Facebook most often, but I listen to the Webs podcast for yarny enjoyment. During the podcast, I go to the Webs website to take a look at the yarns which Steve mentions. I can tell that I’m going to have to join your Ravelry group later in the week, too.

  812. Rosemary34 Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite for finding any knitting news, but I also subscribe to a lot of facebook page sites for yarn producers, stores, and designers. Then I go straight to the sites when I am looking for anything referenced there. I just ordered 3 pairs of circular needles from Webs this weekend to keep my sock knitting moving along.

  813. Naomi Says:

    I use Facebook for Webs information, my email notifications from Webs and Ravelry!

  814. Amor Rays Says:

    facebook for me. l love yarn and creating so much, I just recently starting working with silk and bamboo, It would be nice to win one of the 40 gift cards

  815. Lauren Seidl Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are where I spend the most time…

  816. Katy C Lowder Says:

    I prefer twitter for news and quick updates, although Facebook is great for keeping up with family and friends. However the social media platform that I spend the most time on would definitely be ravelry.

  817. Krista Says:

    Congratulations on 40 years! I prefer facebook

  818. Mary Says:

    Congratulations on being in business for 40 years! Thanks to you, we can be amazing customers, because you have an amazing team, an amazing yarn shop and an amazing website!! My favorite social media channel is Ravelry. I love to see what everyone is working on or has completed and to see all the patterns. My favorite way to interact with WEBS online is by emailing customer service. Everyone is so kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks, again, for being such an amazing yarn store!

  819. Susan Says:

    I seem to spend a lot of time with my cyber friends on Ravelry. That is where I look for Webs information and faithful to Podcast.

  820. MeinOhio Says:

    Facebook is my favorite, since lately I’ve been glued to getting information about certain world affairs. I love getting the twice weekly emails. I check your blog every couple of days. Also, taking this opportunity to tell you I appreciate WEBS’ wonderful customer service staff.

  821. allison j Says:

    I love the Facebook posts. Especially the tosh anniversary yarns. So so yummy!

  822. Carol Says:

    Email always works and ravelry is terrific!

  823. Mary-Ellen Burnett Says:

    I use Facebook, twitter, and Raverly to find out what is happening at webs! I belong to some weaving groups on Facebook which often post about webs. Happy 40th !

  824. Tina Schultz Says:


  825. craftyk Says:

    My favorite social media site is Facebook, but I’m trying to get adjusted to using Pinterest as well.

  826. Jaki Schmitz Says:

    I have to agree with everyone that Ravelry is the easiest way to interact, but for quick updates or checking the deal of the day I chose facebook.

  827. LAGirlfromBmore Says:

    Facebook is probably the easiest for me. I’m rarely on Ravelry, and I’m a neophyte tweeter. :)

  828. Nese Says:

    Facebook is my top social media and I regularly visit Webs website along with the emails to keep up to date.

  829. ljgargiulo Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite! As for webs… Your website is so easy to use that I’ve never had to interact. I guess the webs site would be best.

  830. Deepa Says:

    I love Ravelry as well, my social medium of choice. I like receiving email from WEBS and it’s always fun to see what new and interesting yarn is on sale. I trust the customer reviews. Congratulations on 40 years!

  831. Tammy_4 Says:

    I’d love to win this, what a generous and fun prize! WEBS is the “go-to” online store for my family of 5 avid knitters

  832. Julibeth Says:

    Pinterest and Ravelry help me find great knitting projects to either knit or dream about. I follow Webs by your blog and Facebook and at least 3 road trips a year from my home in Rhinebeck,NY…always worth the trip.

  833. Dakotaaj Says:

    Congrats on 40! My preference is Ravelry – all my knitting needs in one spot.

  834. Jack Says:

    I like your blog and your website. I don’t play on most social media sites. Ralvery once in awhile. The best time I interact with Webs is when I’m at your store!!!

  835. Daniela Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry are my two favorite. Just love the pictures of finished projects and yarn. Gets me dreaming about my future projects!

  836. Knittingnmaine Says:

    We LOVE you too!!

  837. Deborah Burger Says:

    Thanks for a great contest series! My favorite social media site is Ravelry, followed closely by facebook. I’m very active in Ravelry, moderating several forums there, and spend at least an hour a day, often much more, in reading and posting there. I’m a member of the All Things WEBS group in Ravelry, too, though I lurk there more than I post. I’m also one of 3 moderators in a facebook group devoted to yarn play, and spend an hour or so a day on facebook.
    My favorite way to interact with WEBS, though, is through your website and your print catalog.

  838. Show and Tell Meg Says:

    I’d have to say Facebook – it’s not necessarily my favorite, but definitely the one I’m on the most.

  839. Johanna Says:

    I’m a member of your Ravelry group! It’s my favorite way to learn what’s new at WEBS.

  840. Trina Says:

    I guess my favorite social media is Ravelry. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or anything else. I do read the blog a couple of times a week. Thanks WEBS for a chance to win a gift card to your wonderful company.

  841. Sarah KnitsAndThinks Says:

    I use Plurk the most to keep in touch with friends, but Facebook and Ravelry for general and knitting info.

  842. Kristine Yarnaholic Says:

    My favorite way is going straight to the website for wonderful yarn selection!!! Other than that, Ravelry is the way to connect to all my fellow yarnies….

  843. Ellen Says:

    I spend time on Ravelry and a little bit of time on FaceBook. I, too, drool over yarn, changing my mind many times. Webs always has beautiful yarn at great prices. Thanks for that. And a huge thank you for celebrating your anniversary with giveaways for us. How sweet is that!

  844. Stitchinstacey Says:

    I love ravelry and twitter, but I interact with webs most on facebook

  845. Jennifer MacGregor Rider Says:

    I like both Facebook and Ravelry.

  846. Cathy Henry Says:

    Facebook followed closely behind by Ravelry and Pinterest are generally where I go to gain inspiration. I usually connect with WEBS through email. I look forward to the emails letting me know about sales and specials and new yarns.

  847. Deborah Says:

    I love the selection at Webs and stop in every chance I get! I use Facebook and Ravelry as my main social media sites. I think I log onto Ravelry the most. I also like Pinterest an awful lot!!! Deborah

  848. giaguara Says:

    I drool at the yarns on webs site, and then look at Ravelry to see how the colors I am thinking of and the yarn work in different projects.
    My favorite way to interact right now would be to just get 3-4 skeins of Noro Taiyo Lace, knit a fancy thin sweater with it, and post many awesome pics of it in Ravelry, Instagram etc. ;)

  849. Margaret Says:

    I spend most of my knitting time on Ravelry. The site is a gold mine of inspiration. Then I love buying beautiful yarn from your website Because your prices are fair and the service is the best.

  850. LynnWA Says:

    My favorite social media is ravelry, followed by facebook. My favorite way to interact with WEBS is to peruse the website, dreaming up ideas for my next project.

  851. Sara DeWaay Says:

    Facebook! For sure. But, really, I like getting emails.

  852. Tracey Dunn Says:

    My favorite social media channel to connect with WEBS is through Ravelry. Although I live quite far from the WEBS store, my mom and I visited your store for the first time last weekend. My shopping cart is always full on your website!

  853. lizknits Says:

    Right now my favorite interaction with WEBS is the emails. Oh – except I never miss a podcast (not social media-hunh?) I’m using this week to explore the other ways to interact with WEBS and I’m excited about it!

  854. Gerri Graves Says:

    I like Facebook and appreciate the emails as well.

  855. Abigail Says:

    I definitely spend the most time on Ravelry – it’s the only social media site I really care about. My favorite way to interact with WEBS is actually through the regular email updates I get. I love both the “recommended for you” yarns as well as updates about what’s going on sale. It really brightens my day when I see a WEBS email in my inbox and I know I can spend the next few minutes browsing through beautiful yarns. Ravelry is definitely my second favorite way to interact with you all, though!

  856. EvanstonMichelle Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry! But my dream is to someday take a trip to the Mother Ship…that is, to WEBS in person!

  857. Kristin H Says:

    I spend the most time on Ravelry or Twitter.

  858. Kate Says:

    Ravelry and WEB’s facebook site, my favorite two knitting sites. Other than that, all that tech cuts into some quality time with my favorite yarn.

  859. Denise Says:

    I follow you on Ravelry and also on Facebook. I love seeing all the new yarns and new patterns. I have difficulty deciding what I will make next and what yarn to use.

  860. Louise Cote Says:

    I spend more time drooling over yarn than I do on knitting blogs. I like FB, but I’d rather visit the WEBS website for information.

  861. Peggy Johnson Says:

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  862. Pam Vickers Says:

    I usually watch the Facebook feeds, but my all time favorite is interacting in person!

  863. Jessica Says:

    My favorite social media platform is Ravelry, but I love checking in with Webs on your site and Facebook

  864. suzy2u3 Says:

    Happy 40th & here’s to the next 40! I get stuck on the flypaper which is Facebook more than I’d like but my favorite social media channel is Ravelry. Love the Webs website (which I only recently found) where I’ve found exactly the yarns I was looking for. Love your prices, selection & speedy service.

  865. Jillian Sapanaro Says:

    I love everything WEBS! I like interacting with WEBS via Facebook and Ravelry the most. I love seeing new patterns and getting inspiration from others.

  866. Kimmers0316 Says:

    Facebook is my favorite, but I also love Ravelry :)

  867. Deb Says:

    LOVE WEBS! I love this contest and hope that I win. I interchange between FB and Twitter and am always searching and finding new resources and information. I search a lot of sites and blogs and love social network. Crossing my fingers that I win! Congratulations on 40 years!

  868. Rebecca B. Says:

    Ravelry. I love seeing the patterns. They everyday prices are good, but the dicounts are great and allow me to afford the quality yarns I love.

  869. Heather Says:

    I probably interact with WEBS the most through Pinterest, but I do spend a fair amount of time on Ravelry also. I always order on-line as lucky for my bank account I do not live close to the store

  870. julie Says:

    I love looking at all the showcased yarns on the Facebook page! And going to Ravelry, I can get lost for hours!

  871. no Says:

    I love ravelry! I use it to keep track of my projects, find projects and yarn! I interact with Webs online on pinterest, twitter and ravelry, but mostly through the online store =)

  872. Chris Wass Says:

    Ravelry is my go-to spot, but I’ll now join you on Facebook as well.

  873. Bonnie Connolly Says:

    Facebook is definitely my favorite. I do a little on Pinterest and a little on Ravelry but I am Facebook every day.

  874. Agela Says:

    I love pinterest, especially for new knitting and crochet ideas. It’s a good break from the hours of ravelry surfing :)

  875. KathleenofCT Says:

    Ravelry! As for interacting, I just go to yarn.com

  876. Peg Cagle Says:

    Use Twitter for work, Facebook for play & Ravelry for dreams. And who doesn’t love to fantasy shop the gorgeous offerings at WEBS?!

  877. Charli Says:

    Favorite social media channel: it really depends on the specific topic. Because so many of my Facebook friends are also knitters, I will use that for talking about knitting, but I also keep a separate Ravelry account to keep track of my projects (I don’t use it to interact with other knitters much).

    Favorite way to interact with WEBS online: the website, including the blog. It’s easy to find (i.e. won’t get lost in my news feed), and I like being able to check it as a reference.

  878. Janet Williams Says:

    I spend most of my knitting time online with Ravelry where I am felixsisknits. I Love WEBS!

  879. Nola Richardson Says:

    I love Ravelry and Facebook! Would love to win a gift card! :)

  880. Sarah Says:

    I’m a blog reader. No time for everything I want to do.

  881. Kara Elizabeth Moloney Says:


  882. kam Says:

    I mostly interact with WEBS through their website, but I do get updates on Facebook, which is great. I spend way too much money on yarn, but with WEBS, I get a great deal and great customer service!

  883. CassidyLP Says:

    Ravelry mostly, with some interaction on Facebook.

  884. Tara Furkey Says:

    I am currently taking the knitting 2 class at webs and am loving it!

  885. Shari Rogers Mendonca Says:

    Facebook is probably my favorite for social media because of the broad range of my friends and relatives and topics it incorporates. (However I spend most of my time on Ravelry for all knitting related goodness!)
    I love getting my Webs e-mail updates for instant access to the websites sales and news!

  886. C. Drew Macan Says:

    I interact with WEBS primarily through Ravelry and Facebook. I have also had great luck with good, old-fashioned email. Love you guys!!

  887. Sonya Says:

    I love both Ravelry and Pinterest. They give me ideas of what the current trend is.

  888. Judith Says:

    Social media channel favorite- Ravelry. Favorite way to interact with WEBS – drooling over yarn on the website.

  889. Joy Giles Urwiler Says:

    I use Facebook and Ravelry the most.

  890. Sully JR Says:

    Facebook. Love seeing posts from webs. Always want to see the deal of the day! I also go to ralvelry a lot for patterns etc. happy knitting all!

  891. JenRN Says:

    I am on FB a lot, but I always go to Ravelry when I’m looking for a pattern.

  892. acidfreeze Says:

    Fav Social Media? Pintrest. Followed very closely by Ravelry. Favorate way to interact with WEBS? The site, or email. I’m not fond of being sold on social media – that’s for friends.

  893. Marsha Wood Says:

    My favorite way of keeping up with friends and family (including my knitting family) is Facebook.

  894. Brooke Smith Says:

    I interact mostly via Facebook because the app is right there on my smartphone, but if Ravelry ever came up with an app, I’d eschew FB as my primary social media.

    My favorite way to interact with WEBS however, is via Pinterest. You guys are more than just a yarn shop – you offer online tips and tricks to help too!

  895. CJEdgar Says:

    Congratulations on your 40 years!

    I don’t have much time to spend on social media. Ravelry gets the vast majority, And I do spend a lot of time dreaming over the WEBS yarn selections!

  896. Jennifer Rich Says:

    I utilize Facebook and Ravelry the most. As for keeping track of WEBS, I love the blog. Congrats on 40 years!

  897. Judy11 Says:

    I prefer to keep up with Webs through their blog. Though I do follow them on Facebook also. And yes I am addicted to your website too!

  898. SheilaK Says:

    How wonderful to celebrate 40 years in business. I hope WEBS will be celebrating at 80 years and 120 years! And to mark this amazing milestone with generosity is lovely for all the knitters and weavers who enjoy every visit to WEBS’ great website. Congratulations and thank you.

  899. marimami Says:

    Ravelry! I’m not on any of the others.

  900. Diane Meyers Says:

    I use Facebook, but I prefer to shop the website.

  901. EAPatterson Says:

    Ravelry is by far the best and most often used social media for me! I interact with Webs by receiving your emails and I immediately click and investigate further on your site. I also interact through your group on Ravelry.

  902. workwoman Says:

    Ravelry is definitely my fav social media site! But as much fun as it is to browse all those beautiful projects and yarns, it’s not as great as actually shopping for yarn in person at Webs! Happy Anniversary!

  903. els Says:

    I began following facebook and later found the joy of pinterest…love learning and sharing new ideas…

  904. Sara Byron Says:

    I read your blog, and am a fan on Facebook. I am a part of the other social media sites but don’t really participate often.

  905. Traci Kennedy Says:

    My favorite social media is facebook I do think I see more people talking about WEBS on Ravelry though.

  906. Sheila Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite, of course. Does your podcast count as online? That’s where I most hear about WEBS stuff.

  907. Pauline Brechlin Says:

    I love interacting with WEBS on Facebook. I have them on an interest list so I can go directly to you all right away! I love Facebook interaction due to the live stream of all things wonderful from WEBS. I also love the emails I get each day! WEBS ROCKS!

  908. Denise Gulley Reniger Says:

    I love Facebook. I love Ravelry. But my favorite is Pinterest. I could spend all day there, but then I’d never get any knitting done!

  909. Maryellen C Says:

    Facebook would be #1 followed by the blog.

  910. Meg Gross Howard Says:

    I love getting all the WEbs updates on Facebook, even tho I’m not a big FB fan in general…I think of it as “fiber porn”-can’t ever get enough!! I spend a lot of time drooling over all the beautiful colorways, fiber and patterns!

  911. Debbie Farrell Says:

    What a wonderful gift! A Della Q bag and Madelinetosh yarn in the color if the month. I love going directly to your website, but from now on, I’ll follow your blog.

  912. sherry craig Says:

    Love this store..It is my go to place for all things yarn…use facebook and ravelry

  913. Rusty M Says:

    I use FaceBook quite a bit and also your website.

  914. Robin Says:

    My favorite would be Facebook first and then Ravelry.

  915. Ruth McGrath Says:

    I think my favorite social media is Pinterest. I spend hours just browsing for ideas and looking for new crochet patterns. I also use Facebook quite a lot, probably only because that is the first social media site I learned to navigate. I also use the WEBS website to search for yarns, patterns and other items. But I don’t order on the website, it’s too much fun to actually go into the store.

  916. Helen Says:

    My favorite social media is Pinterest, but the way I interact most with WEBS is through your web site, I love looking at the yarn!

  917. Starkat Says:

    I use Facebook and Ravelry. I log in to them about twice a day. I don’t care for mass ‘instant’ messages so I don’t use Twitter.

  918. MB LaRosa Says:


  919. Jennifer Court Says:

    Definitely Ravelry. It’s helpful to be able to see pictures of projects done in a yarn or colorway I’m considering, especially when it’s a yarn that will look very different knit up than it does in the skein. More than one purchase has been made from Webs after seeing the lovely things other people have created.

  920. Devi Says:

    I don’t do a whole lot of social media, but it am on Pinterest and enjoy finding inspiration there : )

  921. Anna Says:

    Facebook or your blog :)

  922. Colleen Kulp Says:

    Facebook is my down and dirty way to look through things quickly and easily! If you have a good enough teaser, I’ll be checking the website!

  923. Aleda Says:

    Hm, that’s a toss-up between Ravelry and Facebook. With Facebook, I pretty rarely miss a post, but with Ravelry I feel like I get more of an in-depth connection. So, both? :)

  924. Catherine Kahrs Says:

    Facebook is my favorite! Congrats on your 40th!

  925. Jean Says:

    My favorite source of WEBS info is via the blog! Love the tips and pattern highlights as well as the weekly podcast and other highlights from the store.

  926. Patricia Says:

    I only use Ravelry on a daily basis. I receive WEBS emails and check out the website weekly.

  927. Sandra Yuen Helsley Says:

    I’m on Twitter a lot, and tend to check out daily deals from Webs on my Twitter feed!

  928. Pam Burda Says:

    Facebook is where you’ll find me! As a tax accountant, even tho this is knitting season, it’s also my BUSY season! I do enjoy taking a few minutes out to skip through the latest yarns and patterns, tho.

  929. Suzanne Says:

    Love to use Ravelry to find a pattern, then Webs to find the yarn.

  930. Debra Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook. My favorite way to interact with Webs is by looking at the emails and clicking on the stuff that interests me.

  931. Mari Says:

    My favorite is twitter. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! Congrats on 40 years!

  932. uli Says:

    I do the same thing (spend too much time dreaming up projects), looking at the yarns is almost therapeutic. I enjoy the reviews as well.
    Pinterest is the only social media website I use. I hate all the other stuff. It seems less superficial to look at what people created than sharing their lunch menu or their show off vacations/prize winning children…..etc

  933. Jamie Says:

    My favorite is Facebook or ravelry.

  934. Stacey Says:

    Congratulations on 40 years! I remember my first time seeing Webs at Stitches East, and have shopped your website ever since.

  935. Lynn Hammond Says:

    I receive your emails, but you’ll also find me on Facebook, the website and also on Ravelry. I am a bona fide Ravellaholic and check it multiple times a day (and night).

  936. prymnumber Says:

    My favorite social media is Google+ but I’d rather interact with WEBs on Ravelry. Ravelry is where I’d prefer ALL my crafty interactions!

  937. Karen Hohmann Says:

    What a great idea! Thank you WEBS! My favorite social media method is definitely Facebook!

  938. Diane Says:

    My favorite? Ordering on line, of course! My second favorite way to interact with Webs isn’t on line, but to see you at Stitches West. See you in 11 days!

  939. scootercoknits Says:

    ravelry & Pinterest for social media…. once in awhile, twitter. never, ever, ever Facebook. but my favorite way to check in on webs – the podcast!

  940. Katie Says:

    My favorite knitting social media is Ravelry! But other than that My favorite is Facebook

  941. Kate Says:

    My favorite overall social media is Ravelry, but for interaction with Webs I like the blog. I started listening to the podcasts a few months ago, and now that’s part of my Saturday routine.

  942. Kira Says:

    Ravelry & Facebook & yarn.com!

  943. Nancy Says:

    Like most often check out WEBS through the website as it is listed in my favorites or connect through the emails I receive. I have also connected through Ravelry as well. Love to look over your yarns and find them to be very true to color and the descriptions given. After seeing this I think I’ll check out the blog more often!

  944. Kira Sparta Says:

    Definitely Ravelry, but I enjoy the Webs website as well. I really like the way the search features work.

  945. Felecia Says:

    I primarily operate via facebook to get all my WEBs fill. I also repin a bunch of stuff from the WEBS pinterest boards. I like these both the best because it gives me something to ogle at.

  946. Stacidsl Says:

    I use Ravelry most often as my favorite social media site but to interact with WEBS I go straight to the website and spend a lot of time looking at all the pretty yarn. I’ve had to give myself a WEBS budget!

  947. Barbara Says:

    I get the blog through Feedly so I really keep up best that way since I check that everyday, so my favorite way is through the Blog. I also check Instagram daily but was not following you there, but I will now. I mostly visit the WEBS website on Ravelry if I am looking for yarn to purchase and Facebook, I find, is a hit and miss thing-Sometimes I see new posts, sometimes not.. Don’t use Twitter.

  948. Cindy Marsh Says:

    I will have to say Facebook since I spend far too much of my time there. Ravelry is definitely moving up in the ranks though.

  949. Amy Says:

    I use twitter to keep up, but love getting your emails.

  950. Beatriz Velez Says:

    This is one of the best places I have found for yarn! I bought this wonderful lace yarn for infant mittens and it’s been awesome, as I’ve used it on several pairs of mittens! This is the first place I check for the yarn I need! I think I qualify for this contest :)

  951. Maryl43 Says:

    Electronically it has to be Ravelry. But physically I truly enjoy my weekly knitting group! As for Webs-I’m never sure if it’s a good thing or not the way i wait for the email!

  952. Pj Gaumond Says:

    I think Ravelry is my favorite site for yarn and thread related projects. I love looking at all the great fibers on Webs though. I’ve been to the store once and wandered around for literally hours and had a wonderful time.

  953. ana Says:

    I like ravelry or pinterest, I just love the pictures in pinterest

  954. whooping Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social medium, aside from Ravelry.

  955. Diane Powers Says:

    Just discovered your blog. Thanks for the Namaste article and yarn suggestions.

  956. Geraldine Scott Says:

    Facebook is my go to site to find out what’s going on…and FB gives me a heads up when there’s a new WEBS blog post to read….a winning combination!

  957. Marsha Says:

    spend a little time on Facebook and usually link to the store from there, then shop and shop some more…am accumulating yarn like I did with fabrics for quilting ! Check Ravelry mostly to find patterns

  958. Shannon Masters Says:

    I interact with Webs on their website! I love to shop for different yarns and colorways! But, i do like when Steve’s deals pop up in my Facebook newsfeed!

  959. Amie Says:

    My favorite social media site when it comes to knitting and yarn is Ravelry, however, I do use Facebook regularly. Mostly I interact with WEBS directly by browsing and shopping.

  960. Carol Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook and Ravelry. I love getting email updates and always check out the latest WEBS offerings.

  961. Amie Says:

    I spend a lot of time on Ravelry and Pinterest, favoriting & pinning future projects. I also keep up with friends and family on Facebook, but rarely use it for anything to do with knitting and yarn. My interactions with WEBS are usually directly through the website, browsing and shopping.

  962. Milady Martinez Says:

    My favorite way to interact with WEBS is going to their website and exploring in the yarn, patterns, accessories, needles and more. I also go onto Ravelry and Facebook a lot. Thank you webs for all of these years. Happy 40th Anniversary.

  963. Annie Says:

    My favorite social media site is Ravelry and that’s how I interact with WEBS — I’m in the WEBS group. And, of course, I spend time with the WEBs website!

  964. Sandra Kosinski Says:

    Love the. Mad Tosh

  965. Jaime Shure Says:

    My favorite social media for yarn crafts is Ravelry, but I spend quite a bit of time on yarn.com as well :)

  966. Jlwiemelt Says:

    I love the website, but wish I could search by color in addition to types/sizes of yarn. It can be frustrating having to look through lots of yarns for a specific color and not find what I’m looking for. I spend most time on Ravelry.

  967. OliviaRubin Says:

    I like Ravelry the best. I am able to see what yarns people used and then go thru your inventory for the same one or something even better. Just ordered deluxe circular knitting needles and special 16″ circular, all the cable lengths and lantern moon storage for my birthday. Can’t wait till next week when I get them wrapped up.

  968. Pat Says:

    I love interacting with Webs on Ravelry.

  969. Jan Says:

    At the moment my favorite social media is Facebook because other than Ravelry, it is the only one I currently am using.

  970. Kathy O'Shea Says:

    Facebook. Everyday I receive a posting about WEBS, specials, sales, new yarn, new items, new classes, etc. from the postings I can go to the website and easily place an order and receive it within a few days. Love it!

  971. Jen Riley Says:

    I prefer Ravelry but Facebook is a close second

  972. Nancy Says:

    Twitter is my bestie cuz with a click on the app I can see projects and specials at Webs.

  973. Kate Says:

    I love Ravelry and Pintrest, I love the WEBS site and check out it out often.

  974. Donna Sousa Says:

    I use Raverly to read the Webs group.

  975. kendra Says:

    I spend too much time on Ravelry, but I also enjoy Pinterest. For WEBS, I usually just go directly to the website.

  976. Nelda Says:

    love the grand prize, I use FB for family news, I go there last after looking thru Ravelry and Knitting paradise. Yarn shopping online is my guilty pleasure ;)

  977. Caroline Says:

    I love Ravelry and the WEBS group there!

  978. Sarah Says:

    Dear WEBS,

    My two closest local yarn stores in Vermont recently closed. I was visiting Boston this past weekend, and the two local yarn stores I visited while there had very little inventory, and and even fewer customers browsing. I recently became a knitter; and learning about WEBS has given me hope that my newish hobby isn’t disappearing. I am so thrilled to find a resource for beautiful yarn, books, and supplies.now that I have found you, I interact with you in every social media outlet I can access!

    That being said, Ravelry and Facebook are my favorite. :)

    Thanks for keeping knitting alive!

    <3, sarah

  979. Touran Says:

    Ravelry! For knitterly stuff, I love keeping everything in one place. It feels much more organised.

  980. justywondering Says:

    i love webs – gotten great deals on projects

  981. Gail Oliverio Says:

    My favorite social channel is Facebook! I love looking (and shopping) at Webs!

  982. ydub Says:

    I love Ravelry. I get so many ideas of what to make next and learn from people who have already made the patterns I’m considering.

  983. JD Says:

    Don’t have a favorite social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram each have their uses for me and are good at different things), but my favorite way to interact with Webs online is Ravelry, of course!

  984. Cara Badgley Says:

    I can’t tell you how many hours I spend looking at all the great yarn!

  985. Judy Says:

    Ravelry is the only site I use. I made my first visit to WEBS last month. Lucky for me that it is on my way to visit my daughters and granddaughter. (Lucky for them too)
    Guess I’ll be learning about some other social media this week!

  986. gloriaca Says:

    I use FaceBook for most on-line social interactions and Ravelry for fiber-friends. When I want/need yarn, I type http://www.yarn.com to see what’s available, but also enjoy the visibility of Webs on FaceBook

  987. Paula Morales Says:

    I guess I’m mostly on Facebook. It’s definitely how I keep up with all the comings and goings on WEBS. I do occasionally leave comments through Twitter, though. Facebook is definitely number one.

  988. BigRed Says:

    I usually get my updates on Webs from Facebook, which is also my favorite social media site.

  989. Michigan Mary Says:

    I love looking at your website, drooling too. I also check twitter and facebook. You guys rock!

  990. Dawn Tarzwell Says:

    For social media I like Facebook and Ravelry for knitting specifically. Love a good sale or deal of the day, knitting with my last WEBS purchase right now!

  991. crescent rodgers Says:

    I use facebook to follow my friends and fave store/sites.

  992. Dee Levang Says:

    WEBS is my favorite place to shop for yarn. And your customer service department is top notch! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  993. Tina Wikner Says:

    Happy 40th Anniversary WEBS! Answers to your Q’s: Pinterest is my current fave social media. For interacting with you, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to focus on knitting, so I love being on your email list and seeing what’s new and what’s on sale at a quick glance.

  994. Marsha A. Moore Says:

    I enjoy Twitter the most, but like to interact with Webs on FB since it allows more pictures of yarns and pattern ideas.

  995. Steffi Prigoff Says:

    I love reading the blog and finding out all sorts of tips and tricks. Facebook posts seem the most convenient for me since they show up in my newsfeed.

  996. Pooch Says:

    Ravelry & Facebook are the ones I frequent most often. I like to click into the WEBS blog to read about what’s happening.

  997. Rosemary Quagan Says:

    Happy anniversary to you! Thanks for being there…to visit in person or online! Rosemary

  998. Dana Says:

    Definitely Ravelry, and I hope to visit the store in person one day!

  999. Niki Curtis Says:

    I listen to the podcasts, read emails and spend a lot of time on Ravelry and Facebook (yay for a desk job!)

  1000. Wren Says:

    How is this even a question? Ravelry, Ravelry, and more Ravelry. Is it bad that Ravelry doesn’t even register as ‘social media’ to me anymore? I just call it The Internet now.

  1001. shmoodie Says:

    I am ALWAYS browsing the site, can’t wait to pop in to the store in Mass. when driving between Vermont and NY (which I do frequently). I, too, fill my cart and drool over all of the gorgeous skeins!

  1002. Ginny Says:

    I only use the blog and your website. I already spend too much time doing that so I am afraid what Ravelry would to my time. No time to knit or weave!

  1003. Nina Says:

    The best way to attract my attention is through ravelry, or through emails, but Facebook works too. I don’t tweet or do anything else on social media.

  1004. Diana P Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook and Ravelry. I like going to the Webs Blog. Great information and inspiration. Happy 40th.

  1005. surreptitiousNester Says:

    Although Rav takes up a lot of my knitting web-time, increasingly I find myself turning first to my twitter feed to see what my favorite designers and bloggers are up to. A close runner up is just going to the WEBS site to check what’s new! Happy Anniversary!

  1006. Noralie Says:

    Thank you for contributing to my addiction.

  1007. Corky Squier Says:

    I spend a lot of time of Raverly. Looking for pattern that I can use for all the beautiful yarn I have bought from Web’s.

  1008. Char Says:

    Instagram is my favorite. I spend lots of time on Ravelry and on your website checking out new patterns and yarn.

  1009. sushikette Says:

    Love the contest – my favorite social media is facebook, but I use google’s chrome to do my online shopping

  1010. Faith Salyer Says:

    Facebook and now Feedly to keep up with the blog.

  1011. Cindy Rosborough Says:

    I split between Pinterest and Ravelry with a pinch of Craftsy. WEBS does take a lot of my time when I dream of buying every time I get a sale email! Too often I give in.

  1012. Barbara Says:

    Ravelry is where I spend the most time consistantly.

  1013. Gisela Riemer Gardner Says:

    I like FB, love the Webs website, looking at pretty yarns and patterns. Always fun spending time on their site!

  1014. Sonja Loyd Says:

    I spend more time on Facebook. I interact with WEBS online through twitter,Facebook,Google plus,Ravelry seeing Projects made with your yarn,and WEBS blog!

  1015. michigandenise Says:

    I’ve been loving Instagram lately as I am doing a photo-a-day challenge there in 2014!

  1016. Laulauwanwawa Says:

    What a great way to expose your customers to all of the different medias available. I’ve been on Facebook, but everything else is very new. Thanks for the incite & wish me luck in the contest!!

  1017. Laurie Osborne Says:

    I am most likely just to visit the webpage — a lot. Though I do also spend time on Ravelry!

  1018. Carol Cohn Says:

    For knitting my favorite social media site is absolutely Ravelry. For everything else, facebook. I’m on Webs’ email list, which drives me to the website more often than is good for me. Well, it’s good for me, but not for my wallet. :-)

  1019. Jean Says:

    I split my time between Facebook and Ravelry.I love to see what new projects are out there and see what others are doing with some of my favorite yarns.

  1020. Cheryl Says:

    Probably Facebook…..with Ravelry a close second! Also subscribe to Webs blog.

  1021. Natasia Zhenin Hampton Says:

    My favorite social media site is Facebook, love seeing WEBS posts pop up on my feed – it reminds me to get off the computer and get knitting! Happy anniversary!

  1022. theflyinglizard Says:

    I use Pinterest all the time, but not really as a social thing…mostly just to organize my ideas and gather inspiration for handwork and other projects. I only interact with WEBS through the store site, though, because I am terribly old-fashioned! Maybe this week will change that.

  1023. Caroline Pomietlarz Says:

    I keep in touch with Webs on Facebook, and I also like the podcasts! I also use Ravelry to keep in touch with Webs!

  1024. Dani Says:

    yarn.com – wishlist, cart, done. <3

  1025. Mary Says:

    I’m on the Ravelry site every day!!

  1026. Littleheck Says:

    Love my #twitter feed! It’s the only way I can keep up with pop culture, and of course, knitting!!!

  1027. Barbara Desabrais Says:

    I spend a lot of time on Ravelry and Facebook. I always look for anything from Webs. I don’t want to miss anything.

  1028. Marcie Ruiz Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry – I’m on there several times a day.

  1029. Julianne Robinson Lusain Says:

    I would have to say Facebook. I love all the updates that are posted and tend to find myself on your website after reading the Facebook posts.

  1030. Karen Says:

    I keep up with Webs on Ravelry. Love the free pattern Thursday posts.

  1031. Renee Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry. Like others, I check the WEBS site when looking for yarn, and enjoy putting yarn in my cart, though I don’t have room in my house or time to stitch up all the yarn I’d like to have!

  1032. Jill Says:

    WEBS is my go to spot for yarn. I love when I have a free Saturday to take a ride up and shop in person. And I love the sales! I save several projects for the tent sale.

  1033. Ali Hughes Says:

    I follow on Facebook watching for daily deals. :)

  1034. John Stone Says:

    I spend some time on Facebook visiting with family and friends. Ravelry is another site I visit often. I really enjoy getting emails from WEBS and think you have nailed it with those emails in making me really want to purchase many of the yarns you feature. I admit, I do purchase some of them. What is there not to want? Helen Stone

  1035. Needleartsmomof2 Says:

    I also find myself choosing Ravelry over any other social media, although for a quick visual on holiday projects, say Christmas stockings, I find Pintrest is very useful. As for interacting with WEBS, I lust for the long aisles of the warehouse FILLED with boxes of yarn stacked high. I am very tactile when it comes to fiber so I find it hard to shop entirely online. I spent an entire day walking aimlessly, with my mouth hanging open, up and down the aisles, my arms miraculously filling with yarn. I though I had crossed over into the Elysian fields…

  1036. Linda Says:

    Love to see WEBS updates on Facebook.

  1037. Gina Zientara Says:

    I spend some time on Ravelry and Facebook. But most of my Webs interaction is the blog, website, and listening to the podcast.

  1038. Patricia L Sharp Says:

    Facebook, but I get very serious about yarn shopping…go right to WEBS website.

  1039. Diz Says:

    Loved Webs. Always have. Great yarn selection. Great customer service

  1040. Jennifer Lee Dicus Says:

    Facebook. Ravelry.

  1041. heather. Says:

    I just followed you on Twitter, which is my favorite social media site. I have enjoyed looking at your Ravelry page.

  1042. Gwen Says:

    I just go right to the web site. Too often for my budget, but when I need or can afford yarn, Webs is my favorite online store.

  1043. jeaniebabbage Says:

    I love yarn.com and Twitter as the ways I find out about what is happening at WEBS

  1044. Salin Low Says:

    I look forward to WEBS postings on Facebook. That way I make sure I don’t miss any specials.

  1045. Meredith Says:

    My favorite is Ravelry, but it’s much more than a social media site to me. I use it as a database. I use it to store all my projects and notes and much of my stash. I am constantly searching others’ projects to see what yarn and patterns they’ve used. And I use it to shop for new patterns, and sometimes yarns.

    In the last six months, I’ve really gotten into instagram. Ravelry is where I go for FOs and notes on projects, but Instagram is a ton of fun for sharing what I’m working on right now, and for seeing what other people are working on.

    I read Twitter mainly for news and information, but I very rarely tweet. And I hate facebook, although I’m on it. I kind of see facebook as a necessary way to kind of keep up with some people, but I rarely enjoy it.

  1046. Sue Says:

    My favorite social media is facebook. My favorite way to interact with webs is IN PERSON – I just love it when I can make a trip to the store. And I love emails too. Email is my very favorite way of on-line communication.

  1047. Donna D. Says:

    My favorite social media site is Facebook!

  1048. Sue Says:

    but then Ravelry beats Facebook!

  1049. Crystal Pelton Morel Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook but my favorite way of connecting with WEBS is twitter, I’m a newish knitter and WEBS has quickly become my favorite source for yarn- the selection, prices and service can’t be beat!

  1050. CarolMz Says:

    I’m torn, I like Facebook and Pinterest

  1051. Carolina FiberFrolic Says:

    Favorite way? By drooling on the computer screen of course!

  1052. KnittingMantra Says:

    Facebook, but it’s a love/hate relationship!

  1053. Jeanne Says:

    Here is to another 40 years!

  1054. noallatin Says:

    I prefer blogs rather than Facebook. There is just too much to wade through on FB.

  1055. sueszoo Says:

    Facebook is always fun for me — it mixes all of my favorite “newsworthy” concerns in one timeline — yarn, gaited horses, crochet, more yarn, friends’ updates, yarn…. :)

  1056. Amber Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers crossed!

  1057. Gail Says:

    I like to follow Webs on Pintrest. I also frequent the Webs website, it’s addicting. I’m luck I live close enough to Webs to “fiber fondle” in person!

  1058. Erin Says:

    The sites I spend the most time on are Facebook and Ravelry, but I get my Webs updates on Twitter. Or I go straight to the website and daydream about what I could knit…

  1059. Jeannette Says:

    It depends on what I am looking for but I use Facebook to keep up with family and friends. Twitter for hobbies and interests. Pinterest for keeping track of photos I like, patterns I want to save, or just relax. Google + is a nice alternate to Facebook sometimes as well.

  1060. Bennie-Ruth Dean Says:

    My favorite way…….I go straight to the heart of the matter and log in to the website and I am there almost everyday. I may see a pattern elsewhere, but I am always looking at Webs to see what yarn/substitute is listed there. I have purchased so many brands of yarn I would never have seen or tried if I was in a regular yarn or craft store, it has really added to my knitting experience and enjoyment…..no standing in line, every thing is easy to find!…..and Webs lets me shop during ridiculous hours, day or night. (Did I mention I’m a Fan?)

  1061. Sharon Burton Says:

    I like webs. Good selection of yarn, good service. Always start looking at webs for any yarn. My mil loved the wrap I made from a Valley yarn for Christmas. I follow on twitter and Facebook.

  1062. Joanne Glier Says:

    Fav social media site is Ravelry an several blogs inducing this one!

  1063. Scott McThompson Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social media, but live and in person is the best way to interact with WEBS.

  1064. Renee Kirker Says:

    Facebook and Ravelry is my favorite, but I use your website browsing patterns and yarn.

  1065. Lynda Ryba Says:

    Twitter. I spend WAAAAY too much time on Twitter. LOL.

  1066. Knit Wit Says:

    My favorite social media site is Google+! I like the app on my phone much better than Facebook!

  1067. janj Says:

    My favorite media channel is Twitter, but I follow so many people, it’s hard to keep up. My favorite way to keep up with and interact with WEBS is Ravelry.

  1068. Carolyn Says:

    Fantastic web site. I have never been disappointed with yarn I’ve bought from Webbs or their customer service. Enjoy the Facebook posts

  1069. Lynn Says:

    For knitting pattern ideas hands down it has to be Ravelry. But what I am on the most often is Facebook so that would be nice to see all new products and yarns.

  1070. Meg Says:

    Love Facebook for new yarns and patterns. Love twitter for asking questions.

  1071. megb Says:

    I like Facebook and Steve’s Deal of the Day. But most of my interaction with Webs is via the website. I visit 2-3 times a week to look at yarns and imagine how they would feel in my hands.

  1072. Marci Says:

    My favorite, and most dangerous, way to interact with WEBS online is Facebook. I just went off my yarn diet last week when you posted some lovely Valley Yarn that, surprise, was perfect for a spring sweater!

  1073. Kim H. Says:

    Raverly, but I spend a lot of time looking on the WEBS website too.

  1074. Martha Sloane Donley Says:

    Ravelry and facebook are the two social medias I use

  1075. wanna Says:

    ravelry and pinterest are my favorites.

  1076. ereader2012 Says:

    Aside from Ravelry my favorite social media is Google+.

    Thanks for all the lovely color yarn emails from Webs. It is has been such a cold, snowy, grey winter that each bit of color helps inspire casting again and again. Of course the online shopping helps too.

    [bfree2read on Ravelry]

  1077. Carolyn Ross Says:

    I really like Ravelry, but for all the ideas for knitting projects, I don’t think that Pinterest can be beat. There are so many people who follow people who follow people that find knitted and crocheted items that you can follow too and be informed even if you don’t know what you are looking for. So many ideas! As for Webs information…I like to see posts and comments on Facebook!

  1078. CathyA Says:

    Ravelry is my favourite social media site and my favourite way to interact with Webs is on your website.

  1079. Gloria Miller Says:

    I’m another cart filler and adjuster! Trying to decide on a weaving project to enter with all my cones from WEBS!

  1080. Sarah Shoemaker Says:

    I love keeping up with you on Facebook

  1081. Linda Sellick Says:

    Twitter, Ravelry or the WEBS site

  1082. Karen Grauman Says:

    Facebook serves to get me dreaming, but Ravelry is where I do serious research

  1083. Leann Manus Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Facebook. Its also my fave way to interact with WEBS online.

  1084. Diana C. Says:

    When it comes to social media, I always have Ravelry and Facebook open when my computer is on. I like to look at the projects on the Knitting Facebook page, but what I really like to do is look at projects on Ravelry. If I find one I like, I start looking at yarn options, and then I head over to WEBS and “window shop” online. Sometimes I add items to my cart and buy; other times, I’ll add items to my Wish List to buy later. Either way, I love to shop WEBS online. One day I hope to shop in person… and I sure wish you had a shop in Raleigh, NC!

  1085. Angela Moretti Loomis Says:


  1086. Laura Says:

    my favorite social media channel is Facebook, I am on it at least a couple of times a day.

  1087. mssmapp Says:

    Thanks for the giveaways! I consider Ravelry social media and that is how I found out about WEBS and I am always on rav…so that is my favorite!

  1088. mary ellen Says:

    I love getting my WEBS email favorites! I don’t do social media, because I always have needles in my hands or stitching something together and writing patterns. I love making road trips with friends to store, but shop mostly online. So many more color choices, roving and cones too! Just wish I lived nearer to location. thanks

  1089. Mel Smith Says:

    I love getting the Webs newsletter with all the new closeouts!

  1090. Sarah 'Schultz' Gannaway Says:


  1091. Marcea Says:

    Ravelry is my favorite way to keep up with WEBS!

  1092. Oneday Designs Says:

    Twitter, Ravelry or the WEBS site

  1093. Nana Says:

    Love Ravelry. I follow Webs on your site and your blog

  1094. Donna Says:

    I love Webs and go onto the website frequently always looking at Madelinetosh!

  1095. Lizzie Says:

    I use Facebook and Ravelry the most and love browsing the WEBS website all the time

  1096. AE Says:

    I follow WEBS on facebook and via the daily email (I know, I know . . . I’m a semi-olds). Yarn in my newsfeed or inbox makes me happy.

  1097. Donna Benson Says:

    My favorite social media site is Facebook. But I check Ravelry and Twitter at least daily, too. As for Webs online, I check the Ravelry group daily and any FB post. I also still go straight to the website if I want to buy or look for yarn for a project. Happy Anniversary!

  1098. Roberta Federici Says:

    I spend a lot of time on Ravelry and Knitters Paradise, probably too much time!

  1099. Denise F Says:

    I typically use Raverly, although I do have other social media accounts.

  1100. Erin Donahue Says:

    Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram are my must visit social media sites each day. I get the majority of my Webs news via Facebook.

  1101. Barbara A. Stenico Says:

    I use facebook and I have only been to Webs 4 or 5 times and its like being in a giant candy store. Its just amazing.

  1102. Susan Metcalf Says:

    Lots of time spent on Ravelry … my favorite! Also, love looking at WEBS yarns online and in your catalog. I always go to WEBS first to check out yarns and knitting tools.

  1103. Patricia McCleve Says:

    I didn’t realize that WEBS was connected with Ravelry—yay!!!! And thanks for the fun week ahead.

  1104. Fidele Says:

    Webs email promotions are my favorite…they often lead me to spend considerable time on yarn.com

  1105. Chilebean Says:

    My first time on the blog, though I spend hours on the WEBS site a week… ordering, drooling and planning! Happy Anniversary 40th WEBS!

  1106. Cheryl Leader Says:

    My favorite social media site is Twitter, but I love seeing all the project pictures on Ravelry. They give me inspiration for all that yarn I buy online from WEBS!

  1107. Christine Baszak Says:

    My favorite social media is Facebook, and I look forward to seeing yarn posts pop up. I do use Ravelry and have recently found a website called “Knitters Paradise” that I enjoy.

  1108. Shirley Hooper Says:

    First of all…Happy Anniversary!!! My favourite social site, by far, is Ravelry….there are so many talented people in the world! I really enjoy prowling through projects made by fellow Ravelryites and particularly, their yarn choices as well as their project notes. And of course, there is the WEBS blog with lots of interesting new things from yarns to products, and at WEBs, I can stop, drool, and shop any time, day or night. Such a fabulous time to be a knitter!

  1109. Karla Brasaemle Says:

    I most appreciate the email updates and click on yarns that interest me. I also search for specific yarns on your website. Occasionally I see an update on Facebook, but it seems like your posts are rarely in my feed.

  1110. Karen Says:

    I love to connect with WEBS via Facebook. Your postings with yarn sales has enticed me many times. I had no clue about the Ravelry group until recently so I am psyched to visit that as well. I’m only up in the hills of NH so I’m hoping to make a visit to your store soon! :-)

  1111. Kate Wise Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are equal addictions, either way i love seeing new yarns and patterns

  1112. Maureen Kilcoyne Says:

    I use Facebook and Ravelry as my primary social media. I follow Webs on both, as well as read their e-Newsletters and Blog.

  1113. Cindy Minota Says:

    I visit your website and enjoy your catalog…not so much on FB or other social media. Happy 40th!

  1114. Pam Says:

    I agree with Carol! I can blow half a day easily between the Webs site and Ravelry!

  1115. Tara Says:


  1116. smarti Says:

    My favorite is facebook.

  1117. Jamie Says:

    I spend most of my time on Facebook. Love seeing WEBS post FB updates about sales and new stock!

  1118. Liz Says:

    Ravelry is my online place for knitting inspiration. I’m old school on “interacting” with WEBS. I still enjoy the paper catalog, I rely on email for notifications, and I will also browse the WEBS website. Social media not so much.

  1119. Alex Says:


  1120. marianne Says:

    I moved to Colorado last year from Ashfield. Boy do I miss the total Webs experience – yes the yarn and the fiber, the books, tools, classes, but it’s the smiling and knowledgeable and helpful staff that truly make Webs the special place it is. I miss you guys! Now I stay in touch through the All Things Webs group on Ravelry and I always check out the goods when I get my emails!

  1121. Katie Carroll Says:

    Hands down, it is Ravelry. I think I may be a little addicted:-). I also like to see Webs pop up in my news feed on Facebook

  1122. Lynette O Says:

    Definitely Ravelry! Great community & tons of patterns. But luckily I live close enough to Webs to drop in & drool over the yarn & projects in person.

  1123. LZ Says:

    I’m a Ravelry girl — I don’t have much time left over after that for other social media . . .

  1124. Karen Wendt Says:

    I love both Ravelry and the Webs site. I spend hours on both sites. Happy Anniversary!

  1125. Noriko Says:

    I would say emails sent are the way I know what’s going on with WEBS. I don’t use other social media sites, except for ravelry, of course!! ;o)

  1126. Heather Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook

  1127. Laurel Schreiber Choate Says:

    I don’t use social media much (although I do have a google + account and twitter as well as facebook) but for knitting I almost always use Ravelry. It rocks!

  1128. Gina Shopiro Says:

    I like the Ravelry boards, the WEBS website, and best of all visiting in person to wander hither and that her through the aisles of yarn! My favorite store ever!

  1129. MistPanther Says:

    Facebook probably. I mostly read through posts more than comment.

  1130. KimW Says:

    I would say that ravelry and Facebook are my favorites, but I love following Webs on Twitter. I feel like I can keep up with posts best that way.

  1131. Christine Barnes Says:

    Overall, I prefer Instagram. Ravelry is wonderful for all things WEBS-related. Happy 40th!

  1132. Barbara McCormick Says:

    I have to say Facebook is my favorite social media site because it allows me to stay in touch with so many people. I love Steve’s deal of the day and all the other webs posts. I also like to browse on the webs site.

  1133. Ichella Says:

    Facebook! I am snooping all the time.

  1134. dani morgan Says:

    Facebook, but I also love tumblr. you can contact me at https://www.facebook.com/dani.morgan (I didn’t want to share my address book with disqus)

  1135. Patricia Creedon Says:

    I love your Facebook page!

  1136. Grace Steele Says:

    I regularly use Pinterest, Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumbler, Reddit and Imgur. I would say most of my time is spent on Pinterest and Ravelry.

  1137. Janet Easter Says:

    Facebook and ravelry are my choices. I learned about Webs from ravelry and it sure opened my eyes to all the yarn possibilities.

  1138. Lisa Says:

    Facebook is a daily habit but Ravelry is the best.

  1139. Abigail Miller Says:

    Twitter is easily my favorite social media site since it’s bite-sized. :) But for WEBS the website and blog are my favorite ways to see new things and get more ideas (and covet some yarn…)!

  1140. janegeorgeyardsailoronravelry Says:

    I will say I use Facebook to stay on top of all that is knit. I do spend about the same amount of time on Ravelry, can never get too much knitting news.

  1141. Rtmay Says:

    I spend a lot of time on Ravelry (brilliant concept!) and also Pinterest. I discovered your website through Yarn Harlot’s blog.

  1142. RRSS Says:

    Webs is the best place to shop for yarn!!!

  1143. Nancy Sinasac Drew Says:

    Facebook, but Ravelry runs a very close second!

  1144. G Pedro Kinner Says:

    I am only active on Facebook and have just set up a page for my Weaving Studio in Lake Tahoe …. E Z WEVR Check it out. Im retired just this January and can’t stop buying yarn but only closeouts or sales until I quit giving away all my projects, which is nowhere in the near future.

  1145. Sarah Says:

    Twitter is my fav (and my daily reminder for Steve’s Deals) but I love going on Ravelry to be inspired by what others are making

  1146. Jenn Says:

    Love when WEBS come up on my facebook page.!!

  1147. Caroline Says:

    Probably Ravelry! I’m on FB too, but for knitting it’s Rav all the way.

  1148. Debbie Says:

    I actually prefer the email list, with occasional reminders to check the blog. Although I do spend more time on Ravelry than any other social website, when it comes to WEBS I spend more time on your website than anywhere else you may be posting. If you want my attention, the email list or your website are the best places to get it. :)
    Thank you for a wonderful 40 years (for you) and 2 years (for me). :)

  1149. caitcreates Says:

    I love ravelry!

  1150. Dianne R. Says:

    I love twitter for everything but I prefer using facebook for knitting/yarn sites just because I prefer the expanded posts with the images and the multiple ways to interact with the site owners and like-minded customers! :) I think it’s great whenever store owners strike up online relationships with their customers!

  1151. Jennifer S. Says:

    I love Facebook, but to look at Webs, I go straight to your web site and drool over all of the wonderful yarns!

  1152. sewandquilt Says:

    I spend WAY too much time on Ravelry! No time for any others.

  1153. Kaleasfe Says:

    I like ravelry and Facebook, Facebook because you keep us inform of the best deal of the day… :0

  1154. Beverly Says:

    My favorite way to interact with WEBS is through Ravelry. I check the forum “All Things WEBS” on a daily basis (sometimes more than once a day!)

  1155. Dee Says:

    I dream up dozens of projects when I go to your Web site–and although I love the brevity of Facebook posts and tweets, I still enjoy the sharing of a good blog post.

  1156. Estella Haines Says:

    Ravelry and FB are my favorite knitting communication tools.

  1157. Pre Says:

    Definitely the WEBS blog. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I do have a Ravelry account, but I use it as more of a database – not a social media platform.

  1158. Laurie Drake Says:

    Ravelry, definitely! Don’t use the other sites at all. Guess I won’t have a bunch of entries for this.

  1159. Gale Longley Says:

    I thought I was the only one that does this to. How funny I’m glad I’m not a lone.

  1160. catladyofcalifornia42 Says:

    I have a Facebook account which I rarely use any more. Ever since I got into crocheting, I’ve been on Ravelry a lot. I also really like Tumblr, which you didn’t post as an option. The other sites mentioned aren’t ones that I go to frequently.

  1161. mistygri Says:

    Congratulations on your 40 years of stocking the best yarns in the world and helping us knitters to dream and to create. 36 years a customer, and counting.

  1162. Kathryn Andrews Says:

    It’s hard to pick. I use ravelry and facebook frequently. I like looking up yarns I see at WEBS using ravelry’s database. It helps to see projects others have made with a yarn, and how it looks knitted up!

  1163. Mary Ellen Carter Gilson Says:

    I’ve interacted with you guys on Twitter — you replied to my tweet when I was on my way to WEBS for the first time!

  1164. Aerie703 Says:

    I try to get to WEBS every time I get to western Massachusetts. Even when I don’t need something specific, it’s a great place to get ideas.

  1165. Maria Kulinski Kroth Says:

    I like Facebook and Ravelry. Facebook posts are quick and will drive me to Ravlry or your website to get more info.

  1166. Kristen Says:

    Ravelry is the social site I use the most often, by a long shot. Pinterest is also a good option, since it’s so visual and yarn is so pretty. But usually I just come straight to the WEBS website and browse the sales or the pretties.

  1167. augustb68 Says:

    Love Facebook for the latest Webs news. But the website is the best for finding the perfect fiber.

  1168. Joyce Grantham Says:

    My favorite is facebook. Love to check out new patterns new styles of yarn

  1169. Laura Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry. But my favorite way to interact with Webs is directly through the Webs website. I usually use a Webs email as the gateway.

  1170. kate price Says:

    Definitely on Rav!

  1171. Deborah Lawrence Says:

    Facebook is first, Pinterest second and Ravelry third for my most time spent places. I do not use the other choices. I would go directly to the WEBS site to shop.

  1172. Leigh Pinney Says:

    For crafting, my favorite social media site is Ravelry by far. While I love the WEBS website (WEBSite?), I live for my yearly pilgrimage to the Noho store when I head back east to visit my family. It’s my yarn Mecca, sigh… The experience is so much better when you can see the vibrant colors and touch the delicious softness in person.

  1173. lablady1978 Says:

    I just started knitting a couple months ago and had the opportunity to visit your lovely store this past weekend. I love searching the internet for free knitting patterns and tutorials. A couple of my favorite sites so far are ravelry and purlbee. I got my first WEBS catalog in the mail and really enjoyed looking at all the great projects featured.

  1174. H McCown Says:

    FaceBook is first for me, then Ravelry. I don’t use the other social media outlets.

  1175. raymic53 Says:

    I’m on Ravelry & Facebook every day, and love the inspiration! Always check WEBS first for suggested project yarn, and to consider alternatives & their potential result. CONGRATULATIONS!

  1176. Allie Says:

    My favorite (only) social media is Rav. I’m old fashioned– I check out Webs online and get emails with enticing offerings. I’m knitting my ravellenic games sweater with my most recent Webs shipment!

  1177. jo Says:

    I’ve got my skein of hand-dyed Araucania next to my computer so I can caress the colors as I [endlessly] troll through Ravelry for the perfect cowl pattern. Thank you, WEBS!

  1178. Dionne Blanchard Says:

    I use Facebook to look at the special coupon codes of the day and I also randomly search thru WEBS looking for yarn and dreaming about the different project I would like make.

  1179. Deb Says:

    I love Instagram and viewing pictures of everyone’s projects. I also love Pinterest. I like to pin things from Webs so at the moment, I guess that’s my favorite way to interact with WEBS online. Also love your Podcast if that counts!

  1180. Lindsey Says:

    While I enjoy seeing all the beautiful yarn and projects on pinterest it’s really Ravelry that gets me engaged with what’s up with WEBS. It’s so easy to store away yarn ideas for future projects when I have a bigger budget :)

  1181. Andrea Zeppuhar Says:

    My favorite social media site is Facebook. I always check out the deal of the day when it pops up on my news feed. I also spend a lot of time every now and then doing wishful shopping on the WEBS website.

  1182. Carly Says:

    The only social media site I use is Facebook. I am on Ravelry all the time, that’s not social media though, is it??? I spend hours on the Webs website looking at all the yarns!

  1183. Suzy Scragg Says:

    I interact with you mostly on Ravelry. Congratulations on 40 years in the biz!

  1184. Laura Says:

    I know the WEBS website isn’t technically social media, but that’s where I spend most of my WEBS time.

  1185. Jill Ramos Says:

    I have two favorites for social media,
    Facebook and Webs online. Facebook is my go to when I want to be
    entertained and educated by all the latest in the knitting world.
    Webs online is my destination for fiber and color inspiration for my
    next design. Lastly, let’s not forget that my stash enhancement would
    not be complete if not for Steve’s “Deal of the Day” and
    “Yarn Picks of the Week”!

  1186. Erin Says:

    My favorite social media channel is Facebook. To interact with WEBS, I constantly browse the website for new yarn releases and watch for Facebook posts.

  1187. agapeschool Says:

    My grandmother taught my sis and me how to knit many moons ago and after a 25 year hiatus, my sister pulled me back in by giving me a gift card to my LYS for my birthday. I was awestruck by the variety and quality of yarns available! Then she sent me to yarn harlot’s blog, ravelry, and WEBS! WOW! I’ve been knitting as much as possible ever since, perusing WEBS and ravelry daily, thoroughly enjoying being in the worldwide community of knitters!

  1188. Marcy Vandale Says:

    I just love feeling like I am in the know. Twitter and Facebook are the best because there is always a tidbit during the day. The other thing I secretly (well not any more) love is the email
    with recommendations Just For Me! It’s like having Kathy sneak into my kitchen to say hi and wave a carrot at me! It makes me smile every time!

  1189. Faye Says:

    I spend waaay too much time on Ravelry, but loove it!!! As for WEBS, I love its easy-to-navigate site and refer to it often when I need to plan for the next project(s). I’ve used the “Live Chat” feature and find it very helpful too!

  1190. Jennifer Kaczetow Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook! I’m always browsing the WEBS website for yarns I want/need. :)

  1191. Elizabeth Says:

    Ravelry –hands down for social media. The WEBS website for browsing yarn.

  1192. sgeorge24 Says:

    I like Facebook. I can easily see the new posts…and it reminds me to get off the computer and start knitting!

  1193. ginsey Says:

    I share a love of knitting with lots of other folks on FB, but I LOVE Ravelry, where I can find what to do with my Webs yarn.

  1194. Daphne Says:

    I only check social media once or twice a day and hit them all pretty evenly. As for interacting with WEBS? Well I spend a lot of time browsing the website and enjoy seeing the deal of the day posts on Twitter.

  1195. Irene Sharpe Leslie Says:

    My favorite way is through facebook …but I always go to the webs site to check out the lucious yarn. Love your store!!!

  1196. Sue G Says:

    for knitting? definitely Ravelry!

  1197. Sam Halbert Says:

    I am so excited that I was buying yarn tonight and thought to check my email for a possible coupon. If I hadn’t, I would have missed this. Must be extra luck!!

  1198. JBencomo Says:

    Google + Plus! Easy to use and everything is in one place! Webs Website.

  1199. Nidhi Says:

    I spend time on facebook, ravelry. I’ve also spent hours on WEBS online browsing through diferent yarn weights and bases.

  1200. Carole S Deeter Says:

    Instagram!! Love drooling over the pictures!!

  1201. Mary Enright Says:

    Love shopping at WEBS! The website is laid out well, the colors are accurate, the reviews are helpful!

  1202. crewse Says:

    I read your posts on Twitter but also go on Ravelry. I still go to your website though! crewse

  1203. peggylarner Says:

    Like others here, I don’t want to think of the hours I’ve spent browsing the yarns on WEBS! Love this site. ETA: Favorite social media is probably facebook–instagram is pretty, too, though.

  1204. westonmom Says:

    Webs is my go to my ideas.

  1205. E Chak Says:

    I’m on twitter! Love getting the quick updates, but not the repeated reminders. Keep up the good work.

  1206. Rebecca Walton Chirak Says:

    If you don’t count Ravelry, then it’s a tie between Pinterest and Facebook.

  1207. Anjela Bugher Says:

    I love the blog, but I also like the Ravelry group! It’s the first one I’ve really spent any time on. As for interacting with WEBS, I too fill my cart with dream yarn for dream projects over and over. :)

  1208. Michele Says:

    I’m so excited to experience the WEBS love. One day, I hope to one day take a trip to your store.

  1209. Cynthia Smith Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social media channel. I check the Webs posts daily but also browse the Webs online store, as well.

  1210. Marianne W Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry. My favorite way to interact with Webs is straight through the website and I do enjoy the podcast and blog.

  1211. AlisonFashion Says:

    Ravelry definitely. Love the site.

  1212. Frankie Easter Says:

    I spend SO MUCH time on Ravelry — it’s by far my favorite “social” site. Congratulations on 40 wonderful years!

  1213. Purplemoonmom Says:

    Favorite SM is Facebook. Ravelry a close second.

  1214. Debbie Says:

    Favorite social media is Facebook…I love the WEBS posts. Also love purchasing items from WEBS , great prices and amazing products <3

  1215. Leah Says:

    I like Facebook. But usually for Webs I just get e-mail updates and then end up on the website from there. I’m a little strange probably in that I like the paper catalog too. I prefer everything else I get to be electronic, but there’s something about getting my Webs catalog in the mail that makes my day.

  1216. Cheryl Carlson Says:

    Facebook and Ravelryprimarily Facebook though. I used to spend hours filling that dreamcart, now I just make the 2 plus hour drive and fill a real cart. It is yarn nirvana

  1217. California Girl Says:

    My favorite social media channel? That would be Ravelry, no contest. And my favorite way to interact with WEBS online is from my home office computer – either reading WEBS emails and linking to featured yarns and patterns, or going directly to the site to see what’s new. I particularly enjoy checking out the WEBS site early in the morning with my first cup of coffee before I head off to work. Of course it’s not the same as going there in person, but when you live on the left coast…….

  1218. Liisa Says:

    I use Ravelry nearly everyday, never Tweet, rarely look at Facebook, don’t have a Google Plus account and instawhat…….I do follow a couple of blogs regularly.

  1219. Ronni Says:

    You have been my favorite yarn source since I discovered you, and your prices and selection are great. My favorite part of your blog are all the handy tips, ie. the dry erase marker!!!

  1220. Karen G. Says:

    I use Ravelry most, but just recently started using Pinterest too.

  1221. Victoria Says:

    Definitely a cart filler with all the yarns I dream of getting. I like the Facebook posts which I then follow to the website where I do spend alot of time learning about all the incredible fibers available. Ravelry is my go to site for patterns

  1222. stefanie g-r Says:

    I really love the Webs Facebook page! A close second is Pinterest.

  1223. Debbie L Says:

    I get a lot of ideas on Facebook as I have a lot of knitting pages I follow there. I always seem to find some project some site has posted that looks interesting or something I would make. Then I log onto WEBS to see if they have the yarn, or sometimes I am wondering what weight a yarn is. WEBS almost always has it. I just started listening to Kathy Elkins’ pod casts recently. Very informative.

  1224. Marisa Sprinklepuff Says:

    My favorite is definitely Pinterest :) It’s magnetic, I’ve lost so much time to drooling over pretty pictures.

  1225. Laura Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are my favorites for social media, but my favorite WEBS interaction would really be the e-mails!

  1226. Inga Says:

    Twitter is the only social media site I use. As for my interactions with Webs, I like receiving the targeted emails.

  1227. Amanda Says:

    Ravelry first, but I love seeing the WEBS updates on my Facebook feed!

  1228. Christina Says:

    I love Ravelry. Not a big fan of other social media but I always read the blog!

  1229. Shari Says:

    I love Facebook – seeing the daily yarn sale is always tempting!

  1230. Patricia McAdams Says:

    Patricia McAdams. Anytime Webs appears on Facebook or Google I stop everything else and start dreaming.Then I look at the useful informaion before going back to the yarns on closeout then check the tutorials, videos, etc. Then I check in with ravelry to see what is of interest. What was meant to be a coffee break browse ended up lasting all morning.

  1231. Layla Young Says:

    My favorite social media channel is ravelry, but facebook is a close second. I do love the emails and perusing the site. I also love the hard copy catalog when it comes in the mail. Now only if my husband would get the hint when I leave them lying around the house! :) Happy Anniversary!

  1232. Sharon Says:

    Facebook because more people are on it but I actually prefer G+.

  1233. grae Says:

    My favorite way to interact with Webs is to spend time browsing the website which is attractive and well organized. Something that would make the experience better (save time, be more efficient) would be if you could type in the weight, color and fiber that a you might be looking for for a specific project and have all your options presented to you. My biggest frustration shopping from the website is not knowing what a color is really going to look like when it arrives.

  1234. Ashley W Says:

    I’m still a big fan of the blog because it drops neatly into my RSS reader and I don’t have to go hunting!

  1235. Becky Says:

    I hope I am not too late to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks for being a great yarn store!

  1236. Stephanie W. Says:

    Definitely Raverly.com, love finding patterns, ideas and information on yarn

  1237. elchra Says:

    Rachel Roberts
    I use FB the most – it’s just easiest as I’m on it everyday.
    I guess I use Pinterest and Ravelry the next – but neither very often. If I’m looking for a pattern for something specific, Ravelry is great. If I’m looking for random inspiration I go to Pinterest. Hopefully, I’ll remember to enter on those. I haven’t gotten into Instagram or Twitter – to much instant noise and gratification – I need my space from technology, too. I only use my Google+ for the Dropbox.

  1238. Beth Evans Says:

    My favorite way to keep up with WEBS is via Ravelry, next up would be Facebook. :)

  1239. Karen H Says:

    I would also say Raverly.com.

  1240. AW Says:

    I love Ravelry and I also enjoy putting yarn in my cart on the website.

  1241. Verbalburns Says:

    I follow on twitter and like webs on Facebook. But I really enjoy the blog the most

  1242. Ellen Gaynor Says:

    Favorite social media site is Facebook. I love drooling at all the lovely yarns on Webs.

  1243. Audrey Says:

    Webs is a wooly wonderland!

  1244. Elaine in NYC Says:

    I generally use email for contact due to fewer privacy issues; although I am a Ravelry member and find it very useful on many levels, I’m not really into joining groups.

  1245. Erika S Says:

    I love Pinterest. It’s my fav social media channel. I’m always finding interesting new knitting and crochet patterns.

  1246. Laura Says:

    Ravelry. But email me pretty pictures of yarn, and I’m putty in your hands! :)

  1247. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I think my favourite way to interact is here on the blog, though I also use Facebook and Ravelry a lot. The blog though is guaranteed to come up on my feed so I see it more often.

  1248. Frances Lunney Says:

    For me, both Ravelry and Facebook are ways I interact with Webs via social media.

  1249. Jeanette Says:

    Favorite social media is Instagram – close 2nd: Twitter (where I follow WEBS)

  1250. Tina Hollands Says:

    My favorite way to interact with webs is through twitter or yarn.com!

  1251. Caren Says:

    Love WEBS and follow over Ravelry and Facebook. I practically wake up to Steve’s deal of the days and read all the customer comments to expand my knowledge of the vast fiber choices and helpful hints offered on webs group pages. Happy 40th and here’s to 40 more!

  1252. Goldengourd Says:

    Although I’m relatively new at using Raverly groups and posts, really finding it a fav! And Im another that fills a cart, dreaming and wishing funds matched.

  1253. marybeth kress Says:

    I may not fall off the wagon often, but when I do, my cart usually points to Webs!

  1254. Karen Says:

    WEBS is my favorite site to purchase yarns. I check the website several times a week and add to my cart on a regular basis. I have always been 100%satisfied with my purchases! Sometimes I’m so satisfied that I now have a stockpile of different yarns. It is always a major decision as one project is completed, what to work on next. Currently I have a lot in my cart and am itchy to purchase!!!

  1255. Robin Barnett Says:

    I like seeing the specials on Facebook so that is the way I interact most often. Facebook to the website.

  1256. Teresa Says:

    Can’t wait every year for this sale. Makes my stash large so I can go to shows and focus on impulse buys! Love Pintrest ideas.

  1257. curlytoot Says:

    I love Ravelry, but Pinterest is also pretty cool its great for food ideas too :)
    My fav way to browse webs is through the sales links and also Steve’s deal of the day on twitter :D got some great bargains that way!

  1258. Marianne Miles Says:

    I was blest to have been born in Northampton, Massachusetts, present home of the amazing Webs warehouse but I remember way back when I visited the shop on Boltwood Walk in Amherst. I am currently living in Upstate New York but because most of my family is still in Western Mass. (including my ninety-one year-old mother who still knits every day) I go back to visit regularly. So, I am able to fill an actual, real shopping cart as I stroll the warehouse aisles!! The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Thanks you guys!!

  1259. DK Says:

    Favorite way to stay in touch with Web’s is through Ravelry and the Web’s group. I also enjoy browsing and reading on the Web’s website.

  1260. conpol Says:

    Love Facebook. Also web page, also ravely….all great way to dream of endless yarn love!!!

  1261. Kathy West Says:

    My favorite way to interact is with Facebook, I also love getting your Webs emails, then I head over to your site and window shop. So many choices of yarn, just sends me into daydreams of what I could make!

  1262. Louise Says:

    love this company!

  1263. Dianne Says:

    I spend a good deal of time on Ravelry along with various knitting podcasts on Itunes. Have been a customer of Webs for more years than I want to acknowledge, way back when the elder Elkins would send yarn samples in the mail. Webs has always been my first choice when I am beginning a new project. Every May , my friends and I drive the 2 hours for their annual tent sale.

  1264. Francese Says:

    Hello. Have viewed the Feb 11 Tweeter. Not sure how to send the Tweet message.Nothing works for sm Project I am working on is beaded beanie with Rosette flower. Materials bought at Webs. Love that yarn shop

  1265. Tammy_4 Says:

    Ravelry for the win! I check in there daily.

  1266. Mary Anna Says:

    I love Webs; it’s my go-to site whenever I need new yarn. I follow Webs on facebook and check the blog and Ravelry group now and then, too.

  1267. Claudia Says:

    I love to use facebook to look at all the information about knitting in WEBS and other networks.

  1268. Margaret Hulbert Clark Says:

    Just love Cascade 220 superwash. Have some left after making my favorite afghan.

  1269. Gisela Riemer Gardner Says:

    I bought 5 Skeins Southwick Valley Yarns, 52% Pima Cotton, 48% Bamboo Viscose for a Tahki Stacy Charles pattern: Corn Silk Shell, designed by Rosemary Drysdale. It looks very pretty and the yarn is so soft!

  1270. darlene Says:

    two of my must have open tabs- ravelry and webs. webs is where my stash lives!

  1271. Alison Routley Says:

    I first saw Webs pop up as a side ad on Facebook and am I glad it came up! I love the inspiration, Steve’s Deal of the Day and looking at all the luscious yarns and dreaming of what I could make with them.

  1272. Sharon Says:

    Always lot of yarn to wish for

  1273. sylvie Says:

    I like Ravelry and Facebook. I save photos and patterns on my phone. It gives me many moments of enjoyment to look at the photos at random times of the day.

  1274. Lynda Gallagher Says:

    I can’t really remember how I heard of Webs but I’m sure glad I did. They have the most amazing selection of years and fabulous prices. Thanks Webs

  1275. Cristy Pressley Russell Says:

    As a newbie to knitting I love webs colors and can’t wait to place my first order n

  1276. Debby Says:

    I saw it about Year ago on the net while looking for patterns and yarn. I was drooling over everything.

  1277. Monday knitter Says:

    I live in a nearby town to Northampton and for years and years I had heard about a knitting store named Webs but had never visited it. I heard about the annual sale and thought “Why not!” and from then on I can’t stay away. Beautiful yarns to buy and feel!!!!

  1278. Robin Crittenden Says:

    I found your store from an ad on a search page. You have beautiful stuff

  1279. Stephanie Smietanka Risotto Says:


  1280. June Says:

    I first found WEBS at Stitches West quite a few years ago now. I was amazed at the variety and quality of yarn on offer and always look forward to seeing them there.

  1281. Sarah Severns Says:

    I discovered Webs when I began weaving. My lovely mentor whipped out a color card and said “pick, call and weave.” It’s been love ever since, My beautiful loom, a surprise gift from my husband came form Webs. Bless Barbara for coaching me how to assemble a countermarche loom over the phone!

  1282. mharrig2 Says:

    I first heard of webs when I saw the sign on I91 through Northampton while visiting family in western MA. We live in mid-Altlantic states but it almost feels like a local yarn shop. (Not quite– it is hard to feel the yarn through the internet!)

  1283. cheryl Says:

    <3 WEBS …troll the website often usually linked from ravelry, and am actually not too far away that I have been able to get there for classes and YARN!

  1284. Christine Sloat Says:

    I first heard of Webs on one of the podcasts I listen to. It is SO much a favorite of mine that I always have a tab open to Webs on my browser, even at work (shhh!). I “stalk” Webs for yarn, and when I find something irresistable I search Ravelry for a pattern to use it with!!

  1285. JemezMama Says:

    Love WEBS.

  1286. Susan Schelkun Says:

    I was looking for baby blanket yarn and than goodness for GOOGLE. It brought me right to WEBS. Now my knitting group all shop on the site.

  1287. Teresa Says:

    I love yarn.. I make so many things every day for friend and loved ones.. There is always an occasion along with just because…

  1288. Anna Virtue Says:

    My granddaughter let me know about yr site. Wonderful wonderful wonderful selections. I am 70yrs old and still teaching grandchildren to knit and crochet.

  1289. Carol Says:

    Honestly don’t remember how I learned about WEBS, but am glad that I did!

  1290. Janis Graham Says:

    Love a number of the yarns I’m seeing – it’s a dilemma – so many pretty yarns, so little time to knit …

  1291. Shari Rogers Mendonca Says:

    Yippeeeee! I am so excited to be one of the winners! My hubby was out of town for valentines day, so this totally warmed my heart! Thank you, WEBS.

  1292. Heather Nyack Says:

    I love the wide variety of yarns and needles available through Webs. I also love their customer service! I have pinned your awesome yarn love heart on my board.

  1293. hART Sense Design Says:

    Just re-pinned the ‘WEBS loves you’ pin on my Webs & Webbing Pinterest board.
    I love WEBS because it makes weaving our “tangled webs’ so much easier with a great selection of yarn at affordable prices.

  1294. KathleenofCT Says:

    Yay! I’m super excited to be the grand prize winner!!

  1295. danna217 Says:

    Just got my catalog today! Yum!

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