February 10th, 2014

WEBS <3s You!

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WEBS <3s You!

It is amazing to us that we’ve reached 40 years in this business and we wanted to take a week to say thanks. Thank you to all our amazing customers, you are the reason we’re here!

Over the course of the next week we’ll be giving away one $40 WEBS gift card each day on a different social media site.

Winners will be randomly drawn and may only win once, though you can enter to win on each site.

At the end of the week we’ll be giving away a Della Q bag stuffed with 5 skeins of our Limited Edition Madelinetosh dyed Valley Superwash DK in our 40th Anniversary Ruby colorway to one random winner selected from everyone who entered.

Participation is open between 12:00am(midnight) and 11:59pm EST on the day indicated. Any entries posted before or after that time period will be disqualified from entry.

Here’s the schedule:
2/10 WEBS Blog – And our winner is Michele, who commented, “I connect with Webs mostly via Facebook but also check the blog and Ravelry group.” Congratulations!
2/11 Twitter – And our winner is Kristen, who tweeted, “Love Color by Kristin! #WEBS40th ” Congratulations!
2/12 Google+ – And our winner is Heather, who said, “I love Tonia Barry’s designs. From sweaters and wraps to shawlettes and scarves her patterns are always an enjoyable knit, clearly written, flattering and have a great attention to detail. Doesn’t hurt that she is a super-wonderful person as well! There always seems to be at least a few of her patterns in my favorites or my queue.” Congratulations!
2/13 Ravelry – And our winner is jchant, who said, “Last year at the WEBS booth Stitches West I purchased a skein of Kangaroo Dyer BFL Fingering Hand Dyed specifically to knit Kirsten Hipsky’s Burning Branch Shawl. I am knitting the shawl now (I’m on the last leaf) and I’m really enjoying both the pattern and the yarn.” Congratulations!
2/14 Facebook  – And our winner is Shari, who said, “About three years ago my local knitting group became yarn enablers and recommended WEBS. I also found links to WEBS – America’s Yarn Store on Ravelry.com” Congratulations!
2/15 Pinterest – And our winner is Tracie, who said, “I love webs – so nice to have such a variety available and to hear them on their podcast.” Congratulations!
2/16 Instagram – And the winner is thepesin, who said, “#WEBS40th berrocco zazanna, almost done.” Congratulations!

Photo by Amy Stephens

And our Grand Prize winner is Kathleen who entered on Pinterest on Saturday and said, “I love WEBS discounts and the fact that I can find ANYTHING I need there! #contest #WEBS40th” Congratulations!

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Marketing Manager at WEBS - America's Yarn Store
Mary has worked at WEBS since 2005. She has been knitting since 2000 and also knows how to crochet, spin, and use a rigid heddle loom.
Her favorite color: bright pink
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1,295 Responses to “WEBS <3s You!”

  1. Mary Enright Says:

    Love shopping at WEBS! The website is laid out well, the colors are accurate, the reviews are helpful!

  2. crewse Says:

    I read your posts on Twitter but also go on Ravelry. I still go to your website though! crewse

  3. peggylarner Says:

    Like others here, I don’t want to think of the hours I’ve spent browsing the yarns on WEBS! Love this site. ETA: Favorite social media is probably facebook–instagram is pretty, too, though.

  4. westonmom Says:

    Webs is my go to my ideas.

  5. Rebecca Walton Chirak Says:

    If you don’t count Ravelry, then it’s a tie between Pinterest and Facebook.

  6. E Chak Says:

    I’m on twitter! Love getting the quick updates, but not the repeated reminders. Keep up the good work.

  7. Anjela Bugher Says:

    I love the blog, but I also like the Ravelry group! It’s the first one I’ve really spent any time on. As for interacting with WEBS, I too fill my cart with dream yarn for dream projects over and over. 🙂

  8. Michele Says:

    I’m so excited to experience the WEBS love. One day, I hope to one day take a trip to your store.

  9. Cynthia Smith Says:

    Facebook is my favorite social media channel. I check the Webs posts daily but also browse the Webs online store, as well.

  10. Marianne W Says:

    My favorite social media is Ravelry. My favorite way to interact with Webs is straight through the website and I do enjoy the podcast and blog.

  11. AlisonFashion Says:

    Ravelry definitely. Love the site.

  12. Frankie Easter Says:

    I spend SO MUCH time on Ravelry — it’s by far my favorite “social” site. Congratulations on 40 wonderful years!

  13. Purplemoonmom Says:

    Favorite SM is Facebook. Ravelry a close second.

  14. Leah Says:

    I like Facebook. But usually for Webs I just get e-mail updates and then end up on the website from there. I’m a little strange probably in that I like the paper catalog too. I prefer everything else I get to be electronic, but there’s something about getting my Webs catalog in the mail that makes my day.

  15. Debbie Says:

    Favorite social media is Facebook…I love the WEBS posts. Also love purchasing items from WEBS , great prices and amazing products <3

  16. Cheryl Carlson Says:

    Facebook and Ravelryprimarily Facebook though. I used to spend hours filling that dreamcart, now I just make the 2 plus hour drive and fill a real cart. It is yarn nirvana

  17. California Girl Says:

    My favorite social media channel? That would be Ravelry, no contest. And my favorite way to interact with WEBS online is from my home office computer – either reading WEBS emails and linking to featured yarns and patterns, or going directly to the site to see what’s new. I particularly enjoy checking out the WEBS site early in the morning with my first cup of coffee before I head off to work. Of course it’s not the same as going there in person, but when you live on the left coast…….

  18. Liisa Says:

    I use Ravelry nearly everyday, never Tweet, rarely look at Facebook, don’t have a Google Plus account and instawhat…….I do follow a couple of blogs regularly.

  19. Ronni Says:

    You have been my favorite yarn source since I discovered you, and your prices and selection are great. My favorite part of your blog are all the handy tips, ie. the dry erase marker!!!

  20. Karen G. Says:

    I use Ravelry most, but just recently started using Pinterest too.

  21. Victoria Says:

    Definitely a cart filler with all the yarns I dream of getting. I like the Facebook posts which I then follow to the website where I do spend alot of time learning about all the incredible fibers available. Ravelry is my go to site for patterns

  22. stefanie g-r Says:

    I really love the Webs Facebook page! A close second is Pinterest.

  23. Debbie L Says:

    I get a lot of ideas on Facebook as I have a lot of knitting pages I follow there. I always seem to find some project some site has posted that looks interesting or something I would make. Then I log onto WEBS to see if they have the yarn, or sometimes I am wondering what weight a yarn is. WEBS almost always has it. I just started listening to Kathy Elkins’ pod casts recently. Very informative.

  24. Marisa Sprinklepuff Says:

    My favorite is definitely Pinterest 🙂 It’s magnetic, I’ve lost so much time to drooling over pretty pictures.

  25. Laura Says:

    Ravelry and Facebook are my favorites for social media, but my favorite WEBS interaction would really be the e-mails!

  26. Inga Says:

    Twitter is the only social media site I use. As for my interactions with Webs, I like receiving the targeted emails.

  27. Amanda Says:

    Ravelry first, but I love seeing the WEBS updates on my Facebook feed!

  28. Christina Says:

    I love Ravelry. Not a big fan of other social media but I always read the blog!

  29. Shari Says:

    I love Facebook – seeing the daily yarn sale is always tempting!

  30. Layla Young Says:

    My favorite social media channel is ravelry, but facebook is a close second. I do love the emails and perusing the site. I also love the hard copy catalog when it comes in the mail. Now only if my husband would get the hint when I leave them lying around the house! 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  31. Patricia McAdams Says:

    Patricia McAdams. Anytime Webs appears on Facebook or Google I stop everything else and start dreaming.Then I look at the useful informaion before going back to the yarns on closeout then check the tutorials, videos, etc. Then I check in with ravelry to see what is of interest. What was meant to be a coffee break browse ended up lasting all morning.

  32. grae Says:

    My favorite way to interact with Webs is to spend time browsing the website which is attractive and well organized. Something that would make the experience better (save time, be more efficient) would be if you could type in the weight, color and fiber that a you might be looking for for a specific project and have all your options presented to you. My biggest frustration shopping from the website is not knowing what a color is really going to look like when it arrives.

  33. Sharon Says:

    Facebook because more people are on it but I actually prefer G+.

  34. Ashley W Says:

    I’m still a big fan of the blog because it drops neatly into my RSS reader and I don’t have to go hunting!

  35. Beth Evans Says:

    My favorite way to keep up with WEBS is via Ravelry, next up would be Facebook. 🙂

  36. Stephanie W. Says:

    Definitely Raverly.com, love finding patterns, ideas and information on yarn

  37. elchra Says:

    Rachel Roberts
    I use FB the most – it’s just easiest as I’m on it everyday.
    I guess I use Pinterest and Ravelry the next – but neither very often. If I’m looking for a pattern for something specific, Ravelry is great. If I’m looking for random inspiration I go to Pinterest. Hopefully, I’ll remember to enter on those. I haven’t gotten into Instagram or Twitter – to much instant noise and gratification – I need my space from technology, too. I only use my Google+ for the Dropbox.

  38. Becky Says:

    I hope I am not too late to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks for being a great yarn store!

  39. Karen H Says:

    I would also say Raverly.com.

  40. AW Says:

    I love Ravelry and I also enjoy putting yarn in my cart on the website.

  41. Verbalburns Says:

    I follow on twitter and like webs on Facebook. But I really enjoy the blog the most

  42. Ellen Gaynor Says:

    Favorite social media site is Facebook. I love drooling at all the lovely yarns on Webs.

  43. Audrey Says:

    Webs is a wooly wonderland!

  44. Elaine in NYC Says:

    I generally use email for contact due to fewer privacy issues; although I am a Ravelry member and find it very useful on many levels, I’m not really into joining groups.

  45. Erika S Says:

    I love Pinterest. It’s my fav social media channel. I’m always finding interesting new knitting and crochet patterns.

  46. Laura Says:

    Ravelry. But email me pretty pictures of yarn, and I’m putty in your hands! 🙂

  47. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I think my favourite way to interact is here on the blog, though I also use Facebook and Ravelry a lot. The blog though is guaranteed to come up on my feed so I see it more often.

  48. Frances Lunney Says:

    For me, both Ravelry and Facebook are ways I interact with Webs via social media.

  49. Jeanette Says:

    Favorite social media is Instagram – close 2nd: Twitter (where I follow WEBS)

  50. Tina Hollands Says:

    My favorite way to interact with webs is through twitter or yarn.com!

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