May 6th, 2013

What Does Discountable Mean?

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We get a lot of questions about our discount, so we thought it might be handy to share some details about it.

What is WEBS’ discount?
If you spend $60 or more on yarn and books that are marked “discountable,” you receive 20% off of your order. If you spend $120 or more on yarn and books that have the “discountable” tag, you receive 25% off of your order.

Items that are marked “no further discount,” have a sale price, or not marked with the “discountable” tag are not discountable and do not count toward your discountable total. So, if you have $50 worth of yarn in your cart and you find a closeout that would bring your total up to $62, you would not receive the discount because that extra $12 is “no further discount.”

Often times, it is worth it to throw an extra skein in you cart because you’ll get some big savings. Let’s take a customer favorite – Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. This yarn sells for $20.99 per skein. If you buy two skeins, the total is $41.98. If you throw another skein into your cart, your total would be $62.97, so you would receive 20% off bringing your total down to $50.38. Not only are you saving over $12, that third skein only costs $8.40.

The discount is also a great thing to think about when buying yarn to create gifts. I get a little giddy thinking about giving the people I love gifts made out of Jade Sapphire Cashmere 2-Ply, especially since one is enough to make a lovely gift. Two skeins would cost $94, so you would get the 20% discount, which is a great deal, but if you throw that third skein in there, your total would be $141, but after the 25% discount, it would only be $105.75, so you save $35.25 and can create three gifts!

Free Shipping vs. Our Discount
A lot of people ask about free shipping, but in most cases, our discount will save you more than free shipping does! Let’s use the examples above and say that you live in UPS zone 8, since it’s the farthest from us. The shipping, at most, would cost $6.50. So, without the discount and with free shipping, those three skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light would cost you $62.97. With the discount, however, your total is $56.88, so you’re still saving $6.09 on the three skeins!

We hope that this helps you understand our discount a little better!

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  1. Kleigh Says:

    Thanks so much for clarifying:) I sent a message yesterday about discounts and memberships. You go above and beyond customer service!

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