June 5th, 2015

What’s your mashup?

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I’ve told you all before that my favorite thing ever is Pinterest. I can lose a good hour here and there searching for recipes, home decor ideas, and fun workouts that don’t feel like a workout. What I’ve been doing lately is a search mashup, as in, searching “whatever” + “whatever.” This morning, I searched “Yoga” and “Knitting” and I found the best stuff…mostly the comfiest-looking wraps and shrugs and throws. But then…

I also found the most ridiculous, and yet beautiful, pair of knitted yoga pants. Who would knit yoga pants? You could never actually do yoga in them because as soon as you bend your knee, or sit down, the yoga pants would retain that shape forever. But they’re gorgeous.

Would you knit yoga pants? Knitting mash-ups on the WEBS Blog -  blog.yarn.com

The most useful thing I found in my search was handknit yoga socks. Now that’s a good idea! Sometimes you feel a little chilly on the way to the studio. Sometimes you want to put something comfy on your feet while you’re in Resting Pose. Or, because you’re a knitter, sometimes you just want to knit some socks. These would look stunning in a squishy merino like Madeline Tosh, or a fun combo of fibers like HiKoo CoBaSi. Cotton, bamboo, and silk, what’s not to like?

What’s your mashup? Think of two things to search together that would yield the most interesting result. But always put “knitting” first!

Amy G.
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