February 5th, 2008

Win Some and Lose Some

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Well, our beloved Patriots did not come through for us. They were simply out played. Congrats to the Giants and all of their fans. There was much sadness here – Jackson went to bed in tears and Jonathan, who had fallen asleep during the game, got up on Monday morning, asked what the score was and when I told him, burst into tears, ran back to his room and flung himself on his bed and pulled the covers over his head. A hard lesson in losing was learned.
Not all is lost – hope springs eternal as they say and if not that, a mother’s determination to limit crying at 6:30am on Monday morning is without bounds. For one thing, spring training is nearly upon us so the boys have come to terms with the loss and are gearing up for a great season here in Red Sox Nation.
For another, we had a great celebration at WEBS on Sunday afternoon during our “pre-game” festivities:

Many thanks to our special guest, Mary Beth Temple, author of The Secret Language of Knitters. Charming as always, Mary Beth entertained a packed house with several excerpts from her book. Rumor has it there was serious snorting of water. . . . . .

I love our Super Bowl Event – everyone just comes and spends time together, working on projects, socializing and relaxing.
I am always tickled to see the spinners join in the fun too!

We were demonstrating the Schacht Flip Loom, which is a WEBS staff fave. It is a great way to dip your toe into the weaving pool. The loom is inexpensive, compact and easy to use. It’s great for using up stash yarns or venturing into some of those coned yarns we have. Tons of possibilities and if you find you love the loom but want to be able to do more, there’s our Weaving I class. We’ll be offering a class this summer featuring the Flip, so if you have any interest, come into the store for a test drive and certainly watch for our class brochure coming this April.

Thanks to Gail and Leslie Ann for getting this organized!

Thanks also go out to everyone who has sent along well wishes for new adventure into the world of beading! We’ve been working this week to get new inventory into the store and plan to open this coming Monday, Feburary 11th. We’ll be at the old location until April 1st, but we encourage everyone to come on over to the store and meet the great staff!
Finally, our next big event is this Saturday, Feburary 9th. Wenlan Chia, knitwear designer and author of Weekend Knits and Big City Knits will be at the store to discuss her yarns, her designs and all things fashion. This is an incredible opportunity to spend time with a 7th Avenue fashion designer! She just had her show at Bryant Park in NYC this past weekend as part of Fashion Week and less than a week later, she’ll be at WEBS! I had the chance to meet her at TNNA and Wenlan is lovely and friendly and really looking forward to spending time with us so I encourage you to make every effort to join us on Saturday. Please be sure to register here so that we have enough chairs and of course food and goodies! A special thanks to our friends at Classic Elite Yarns for making this event happen!


2 Responses to “Win Some and Lose Some”

  1. tina Says:

    Well that settles it. I’m leaving home with a few things (just a few) in a UHaul trailing behind me. Then I’m moving in, you don’t mind do you? I can cook and clean and am fairly low maintenance!

    As far as the loom…..drat it woman! You must have seen my blog today and heard my sniffly lamenting…… the flip looks entirely too enchanting!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Tima – if you can tolerate 8 and 7 year old boys and don’t mind hockey rinks you are in – we can probably even offer the employee discount. . . .

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