February 2nd, 2010

Winter Yumminess & Coziness

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I know my post from earlier today was a bit on the dry side, but it was a necessity.  Fortunately before I left the office this afternoon, I wandered by Mary’s desk and discovered these:

Can you say adorable?  At first they just struck me as pretty colorwork mittens.

Then I focused a bit more on them and THAT’s when the ah-hah moment happened.  That isn’t just any ordinary colorwork – that is colorwork cupcakes:

I was so smitten with these mittens.  (Sorry ’bout that – I just couldn’t resist).   I tried them on and I have to tell you – they felt magical.  It had nothing to do with the yarn and everything to do with the motif.

Supposedly this is Mary’s first colorwork project that she has seen through to the end.  That may be true but her work is exquisite.    I flipped the mittens inside out to see how things looked on the dark side and it was equally exquisite – that is the true sign of beautiful colorwork, imho.

The pattern is the aptly named Cupcake Mitten and it was designed by SpillyJane Knits and can be found on Ravelry for $6.00.  Mary used Brown Sheep Nature Spun because it had the exact colors she wanted.  Madeline Tosh Sock is also a good option as is our Valley Yarns Huntington.

Another option is to dye your yarn.  You don’t need a ton of yardage and this is a great little project to test out the process of dyeing.

Unfortunately that darn groundhog says we have 6 more weeks of winter.  These mittens will defintely make that time much more cheerful!



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2 Responses to “Winter Yumminess & Coziness”

  1. knit4girls Says:

    I have had this pattern in my ravelry shopping cart for months, but am afraid of it. (I’ve never done colorwork) After reading your post, I’m hopeful when I learn that this was a first time colorwork project.
    They’re so awesome! I’m inspired.

  2. sarah-marie Says:

    Oh my gosh! Those are ridiculously cute! I love how the cupcakeness isn’t quite clear until you zoom in on them…. kudos to Mary!

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