March 3rd, 2010

Wrap Up Wednesday

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Hi Everyone

It’s been a crazy few days with Steve being at Stitches West, Olympic Knitting, hockey, “the foot” and life.  I definitely lost control here on the blog.  I have a variety of odds and ends I’ve been wanting to share with you so in order to get myself back on schedule I”m going to lump several things into this post.

1.  Thanks to everyone who came out for our Superbowl Event.  I wasn’t able to attend but Karen our Store Manager and her team did a FABOO job!  She sent me these pics a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been behind in posting them.

It was a great afternoon of fiber fun, food and prizes!

2.  Our Launch Party for Gail Callahan’s new book “Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece” was an absolute blast on Sunday 2/21.  We had a great crowd, those Gail holds near and dear were present and I had a great time dyeing my first skein of yarn!

Gail has provided me with the supplies I need to finish dyeing my skein.  We went through the complete process but it was a little rushed and a little stressful following Gail’s instructions in front of a crowd of people!  My skein currently has many “white” or “bare” areas which some folks love.  Me?  Not so much.  I want my skein solid, so I need to do a little more work on it.  The spots are visible in the last picture above.

3.  Well?  How did you all do on your Olympic Knitting?  Inquiring minds want to  know so PLEASE leave a comment!  Me?  Well – I certainly didn’t win a medal but made a respectable showing.  The two hats that were on my list were finished and given that they are belated Christmas gifts I am thrilled I got them done.  Here’s the first one finished, which I had previously posted:

And here’s the second:

Same pattern, this time using Misti Alpaca Chunky and our basic Hat from Measurements pattern.  It only took one skein which was great – especially since I didn’t swatch and therefore didn’t get gauge and therefore was freaking out it would be too small. . . . In the end it all worked out.  I even had J2 model it to reassure myself the size would be okay for the recipient:

I also got past the halfway point on the never-ending Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted scarf.

The chicken and the crochet scarf?  Well. . . . . .not so much.  I knew the crochet scarf was a stretch so I’m actually okay with the fact it didn’t come to fruition.  The chicken bums me out.  I don’t know why I have such a mental/knitters block on this project.  I did get side tracked with some super secret swatching and I did lose some time obsessing over the gauge issue with the 2nd hat but in the end they are simply excuses.  The chicken parts and pieces and the crochet scarf will be coming on vacation with me so there is still hope.

4.  Last week’s free pattern – Buckland knit in either Rowan Cotton Jeans or Natural Silk Aran.

It’s a great cardi and both yarns are currently on closeout at WEBS so it’s now a very affordable project as well!

5.  Our thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth at Stitches West.  Although I stayed home this year, I know the entire crew was thrilled to see so many familiar faces and make so many new friends.  I’ve been hearing snippets of the antics of Sunday night but as Della of Della Q reminded me today “What happens at West, stays at West” so I guess that’s all I’ve got.

6. The main reaon I stayed home and more important than my annoying foot injury was the fact that it was the last week of winter term at our boys’ school and that always means special activities, performances, etc.  For J1, it meant the end of his term in drama and that means a play:

It’s not a classic, it was a quirky ensemble piece that they performed beautifully.  Having watched this crew in plays since kindergarten it’s amazing to see them as 5th graders and how far they’ve come.  It’s also really cool to see how comfortable they are on stage and with each other.  Job well done.

The end of winter term in 3rd grade means only one thing – the Biography Fair.  Two years ago, J1 wrote his report and presented himself as Tom Brady.  Although I had hoped J2 would step up and channel some amazing historical individual, the sports gene runs long and deep in this family so I wasn’t surprised when he decided to study a famous hockey player.  What was surprising was his choice:

Yes, just days before the USA played Canada for gold, J2 profiled and channeled Marty Brodeur.  Now remember, J1 is the goalie, not J2.  If you want my professional “mom” opinion on all of this, I think that J2 just wanted and excuse to wear all the gear:

I was pleasantly surprised when he opted to wear our goalie pads from street hockey vs. J1’s ice hockey pads.

The street hockey pads are MUCH lighter and easier to transport.  On my own and with an injured hoof, I was grateful for the lightened load.

7.  While we’re talking hockey. . . . . I would be remiss if I didn’t share my thoughts on the USA/Canada gold medal game.  First and foremost – what a great game!  My heartfelt congratulations to the Canadian team and fans.  Job well done.  Ryan Miller, the USA goalie rocked the games and reminded our young goalie that things don’t always work out.  Even the best of the best let in goals.  It was a good, although painful lesson all around.  To John Quick – 3rd goalie on the US team and former goalie at UMass right here in Amherst – congratulations.  We were all thrilled when our hometown hero made the team and although he only had limited playing time (another good lesson quite honestly) it was exciting to know he was a part of  the Olympics.

So now we turn to 2018.  Why not 2014 you ask?  Well, those games will be fun to watch, but as J1 and J2 see it, 2018 is the first year they will be eligible to participate.  It’s unlikely but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and trying.  I’m certainly not about to discourage them 🙂

I”m sure there are a few other loose ends I’m forgetting, but I’ve covered a lot of ground.  Please leave a comment and let me know how your Olympic knitting turned out!



3 Responses to “Wrap Up Wednesday”

  1. iknitalone Says:

    too funny on your boys’ perspective on the next winter games. At Sunday’s ski race it was heard said by more than one 7/8/9 year old that they “were glad that they could watch one more olympics before they were in them.”

  2. caroline Says:

    hey kathy
    olympic knitting went very well, got the gold and finished in record time! i chose to do the ‘leftovers vest’ from and used some stash yarn that has been waiting forever to be made into a garment. i’m always on the look out for a great vest pattern and happily this turned out to be the one for me. fits great with minimal shaping, covers the shoulders well and super easy to knit. i’m inspired to move on to the next project while my inner flame is still glowing!

  3. Amy Greeman Says:

    First of all…J2. Too old. Go back in time to when I could barely see him over the counter.
    Second…J1…Was Steve actually involved? Looks completely like you.

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