January 21st, 2010

Yarn Bouquet

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Hi Everyone

I’m sure some of you might remember the crocheted flower I did back in December:

At the time, I mentioned we were all working on flowers for a long-time team member who is battling a very difficult illness.  We thought rather than send her flowers that would only last a week or so, we would create a boquet for her that could go with her as she transitioned from the hospital to rehab and eventually (hopefully) home.  Here is our finished creation:

Didn’t it turn out beautifully?  I know Miss Barbara was very touched and it makes all of us happy to know that at least a little part of all of us and WEBS is with her each day.


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13 Responses to “Yarn Bouquet”

  1. stoneybrooke Says:

    Kathy, What a great idea. Even if you didn’t have many friends to make a bouquet a single rose is a thoughtful gift to a knitting friend who needs encouragement.

  2. ccrinma Says:

    Wow! Lovely job.

    I thought my little pot of knit tulips for Grandma was nice, but those are amazing.

  3. knitventures Says:

    That is a fabulous gift in every way. I’m sure it will warm her heart whenever she looks at it.

  4. lsgknits Says:

    That is beautiful and so thoughtful!

  5. Marci Says:

    Can you PLEASE (pretty please) share the patterns for all those beautiful flowers?

  6. Sara Says:

    So lovely & what an incredibly thoughtful gesture! I love that it was a group project! I think what I love about it is that Miss Barbara will always have this to cherish until a bouquet of real flowers.

  7. susanakapaintermom Says:

    These are lovely! Will you share the various patterns used?

  8. Deirdre Says:

    Oh, how beautiful! What a wonderful idea!!

  9. Ruth Says:

    Oh, that’s gorgeous! I’m sure it makes Miss Barbara smile every time she looks at it.

  10. jennsquared Says:

    It is gorgeous!!!

  11. margie Says:

    What a thoughtful gift! Who wouldn’t be cheered by such a beautiful bouquet?!?

  12. Mary Ellen Says:

    LOVE it Kathy!! It’s a mini version of the Atlanta Knitting Guild Alice in Wonderland flowers. 🙂

  13. Katie Says:

    WOW. That is GORGOEUS, and very touching.

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