August 10th, 2011

Yarn Bombing in Western Massachusetts

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“Yarn Bombings” seem to be dropping all over WEBS hometown in Western Massachusetts since International Yarn Bombing Day passed on June 11. If you’ve taken a trip to our neck of the woods since then you may have noticed some of the parking meters, railings, and other concrete fixtures in downtown Northampton to be wrapped in beautiful knit fabric.

Our multimedia coordinator, Lindsey Palatino, was fortunate enough to catch wind of some guerilla knitting at a local library and put together this video to share some of the fun!

Find more inspiration on taking your knitting out into the world in books such as Yarn Bombing, Knitting for Peace, Knitting for Good, and Knitting Art.

How have you taken your knitting beyond the practical?

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One Response to “Yarn Bombing in Western Massachusetts”

  1. marcy Says:

    Funny you should mention that!  I happened by a cozy parking meter yesterday in Northampton!  I chuckled to myself!

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