September 16th, 2007

You Know It’s Been A Long Time Since Your Last Post When. . . .

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you have to stop and “think” about your password. Ugh.

Well, it’s not like it hasn’t been busy, I will at least take comfort in that. Let’s see, so where to start.
Last I left you we were on vacation, which was lovely and all too short. Isn’t that true for all vacations?
When we came home there were two weeks until school started, so in the eyes of the boys, lots of summer fun to still be had. Jonathan made the most of his time, finally mastering this:

Then one morning, I arrived at the store and our quirky Fedex delivery guy was there. Guess what he brought us, that lovely day? Yarn you yell? Sorry, wrong. Needles?? I hear you, but no, wrong again. It wasn’t books or accessories or even a loom! It was this:

And two white friends. He came into the possesion of six abandoned kittens, three of which he found homes for. The other three were tooling around in his truck, which at four weeks old, is no place for a kitten. So what to do? He was smart – he brought them to the yarn store. The good news is all three have homes. “Lily” even came back for a visit and transfer of ownership. Look at how great she looks!

Thanks Melissa, Sharlene and Nancy for taking such good care of these little treasures and taking them into your homes.

Next, Steve and I got to escape for an overnight to Boston. We did a little shopping and then headed here:

For this:

Yup, we are Parrotheads in a big way and we had a BLAST! I have to share a couple of fun pics:

His cooler is motorized!


REALLY big drinks!


We’re pretty tame Parrotheads, when you come right down to it.

Then, before we knew it, it was time for this:
The first day, in the first grade and the first day in the third grade. We were jumping for joy and shedding a wee bit of a tear all at the same time.
There was some amazing knitting that has graced our presence over the past few weeks including this:

Marion works in the store and there is NOTHING she can’t knit. This masterpiece is for her husband.

My Tilted Duster is moving along. Working on the second sleeve and getting ready to assemble the fronts and backs. Got to show my work off to the designer, as we hosted this:

Our event with Norah Gaughan was so much fun. We got to spend the better part of the day with her. She was a guest “in-studio” for our weekly podcast, Ready, Set, Knit!
Our customers had fun:

Our staff worked the runway:

A good time was had by all. The garments from her pattern book were inspirational and looked so great on so many different people! Be sure to check it out as well as all of the Berroco yarns!
As a family, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year to everyone who also celebrated.
So I think that catches me up. The yarn, well, there’s so much yarn and new accessories and stuff, I can’t even begin to recreate all of it. Be sure to watch the website, check out the store and watch your mail for our Fall catalog! I think it came out quite nicely!
One quick yarn note. Our own Valley Yarns Colrain is on special through next Wednesday, 9/19. Regularly $3.99/ball, it’s being featured at $2.99/ball as part of the launch of our fall catalog and new series of Valley Yarns patterns. Be sure to check out Melissa’s Radiance Jacket that she designed for us. It’s really beautiful. The yarn is equally beautiful. We sell it well in the store and at shows, but we struggle to translate it on the web. This merino/tencel blend is really pretty. The tencel adds a lovely sheen that is just right. For those of you hand dyeing at home – order some natural and test a couple of balls. Be prepared to have your socks knocked off.
Even though I’m well along on my Tilted Duster, we have just kicked off the knitalong on the podcast, so tune in and knitalong with Pixie and I!
We’ve got a couple of super-secret projects in the works, that The Big Guy says I cannot blog about yet, but as soon as I can share, I will! (And for the record, I am not pregnant, not going to be pregnant, so just skip over that entire discussion. It’s all work stuff).
Vickie Howell will be at WEBS this Thursday, 9/20 from 6-9pm. This is one of those rare opportunities – we are so lucky that she has made time to come all the way to Northampton, so I hope we have a great turn out! We’ll be hanging out with her, we’ll offer a Yarn Tasting of her very own collection and there will be garments on hand to check out. Be sure to register so we have enough munchies for everyone!
Now that the kids are settled into their schedules, I am hoping to get back to more frequent blogging. Thanks for being patient!


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4 Responses to “You Know It’s Been A Long Time Since Your Last Post When. . . .”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I’m in Chicago visiting family and was so excited to see me. Loved sharing it with everyone at the store. Used Peruvia yarn and found it great to work with it.

  2. Dena Says:

    Marion is a machine. I can’t believe her speed.

  3. Jenny and Nicole Says:

    Hey Cathy & Pixie,

    It’s Nicole from Stash and Burn. I have been casually knitting the Tilted Duster ever since I got my yarn (from Webs with a little color assist from Cirilia). However, your KAL is inspiring me to pick up the project in earnest. I worked on the back as I listened to this week’s podcast. Thanks!


  4. Kathy Says:

    Hey Nicole!

    Thanks for posting. So glad you are enjoying the podcast. I am so in love with the duster – it’s just the rest of life that impedes my knitting 🙂

    Yeah, Cirilia is awesome. She’s got a great eye!

    Thanks for listening. Love your podcast too.


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