September 3rd, 2008

You Won’t Believe This

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Seriously. I hope you are sitting down and if you aren’t I suggest you do before you read any further. What I am about to show you is, well, going to come as a bit of a surprise, especially coming from me. So here goes. Ready? I present to you knitting:

Knitting done by ME! I know, I know, it’s pretty amazing. Owner of one of the largest yarn stores/websites in the country, who blogs about said store and yarn, is actually blogging about her very own knitting project. Shocking, isn’t it?
My Staghorn Cabled Tunic is coming along! I am quite pleased with it and have really enjoyed working on it. Look at the lovely cables:

I am just about to work the armhole shaping and such to finish up the front then onto the back. Yeah, we finished this weeks ago on the Ready, Set, Knit KAL, but I never claimed to be a speedy knitter. Little bit here, little bit there. . . . There’s even a shot I’ll have this beauty done for Stitches East!
I am using our own Valley Yarns Northampton, (which is the yarn called for) in dark grey. The store sample was knit in light grey and I almost went with black (big surprise for those who know me and see me on a regular basis). I’m glad I opted for the dark grey. I was able to get gauge using the suggested needle size, which is a rarity for me. I started out on Colonial’s Rosewood Circs (a personal fave) but the dark yarn and dark needles were not working out. I resisted the change until it was forced upon me (call it a mini-intervention). Next thing I knew I was on Skacel’s Addi-Naturas, which I had not previously used. Love them! Not too pointy, nice and smooth with a perfect join. The cord is not quite as cooperative as the Colonial’s but it’s a minor intrusion.
In other news when is a crochet hook case not just a crochet hook case? A question I am sure many of you have pondered. Here, is the Lexie Barnes Dottie in the Diablo print:

Innocent, yet very functional crochet hook case.
When interpreted by a nine-year old boy about to start fourth grade, it morphs into this:

The coolest pencil case EVER! J1 spied this at the store yesterday and asked if he could get one for school. ABSOLUTELY! He’s loaded and locked and ready for the first day tomorrow! Woohoo! J2 goes back too! Double woohoo! Truly, it’s been a most awesome summer, but folks when I say it’s time for them to be back to school, I mean it’s really time. Even they are ready! Watch for cute, first day of school brag pictures tomorrow!


4 Responses to “You Won’t Believe This”

  1. kat Says:

    cool idea with the crochet case :). Your knitting looks fabulous 😀 I love the northampton yarn

  2. cici Says:

    congratulation!!! I will looking for it at stitches east:D

  3. Jersey Shore Deb Says:

    Your Staghorn looks great! I am now on the back of mine and am looking forward to a speedy finish!
    Kirsten helped me with my question yesterday–thanks for your help and the picture.

  4. Leebot Says:

    Whoa–that is an awesome idea to use that as a pencil case! Your kids rock!

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